Are you a crypto Bitmediaenthusiast? Are you an advertiser looking forward to promoting? Or a publisher looking forward to earning by displaying the ad? Is finding the right ad network your priority? 

If yes, this is for you! We are here today with an amazing team of people who have joined hands to help all crypto experts come and earn or promote. When it comes to crypto, we see how it has changed the world, not just the world but individual lives by helping people take the initiative to start their own businesses and employ more and more people. 

Every day, the number of people getting involved with crypto is growing, which is why we can see how much the need for crypto-related Ad networks has increased. 

We thought to write this today keeping in mind the increased demand of everything crypto-related. We are here with an amazing Crypto Advertising Network named Bitmedia.IO. Let’s dive into what they bring to the table;

Bitmedia.IO: Who are they?


Bitmedia was launched in 2014 by a group of highly passionate crypto experts and digital marketing and advertising experts. As mentioned before, Bitmedia came into being to help businesses and websites that have ‘Crypto’ in their roots. According to them, they have collected a huge target audience from more than 7000 websites that are related to crypto.

They have a lot of opportunities for publishers too who are willing to earn cash by monetizing their audience. 

Their huge success can be seen by the fact that they reached their first 1000 ad campaigns within a year of their launch. 

What do they offer?

To Advertisers:

Advertisers who pair with Bitmedia can have perks no other network gives, some of which are;

  • Self-serve Campaigns:

You get full control of your campaigns and you won’t see anyone else interfering. You can create and optimize your ads as you like.

  • Targeted Audience Building:

You collect and use your audience’s data to create even better retargeting strategies, which will maximize your campaigns’ results. 

  • Versatile ad creatives:

You are given text, image, responsive, and HTML5 ad formats to keep your audience busy and involved. 

  • API with amazing power:

You can access statistics and manage campaigns using a very powerful and user-friendly API feature. 

  • Conversion Tracking:

Betmedia knows how to help you stay on track by using an accurate conversion tracking feature. This feature helps you take the right steps towards growth!

  • Smart Campaign Optimization:

You can optimize your campaign for better performance and ROI.

To Publishers:

Bedmedia claims to be a transparent and secure way to monetize one’s traffic that loves crypto. 

They offer:

  • Range-topping traffic revenue:

 With Bitmedia, you get access to one of the highest-paying commissions in the market by posting Bitcoin ads.

  • Instant Payments:

An amazing thing to know about Bitmedia is that they allow withdrawal at any moment to any Bitcoin address you want. 

  • Publish ads with two clicks:

You can start earning your cash minutes after you are registered with Bitmedia.

  • Ad formats:

Their ad formats make your site look good and help you convert more. This increases your income streams. 

How to Launch Your Campaign?

Launching a campaign can’t be easier here. You simply go to their website, click on ‘Launch a Campaign’, fill up the form that appears, and you are good to go. 

How to join as a publisher? 

To join as a publisher, you simply have to go to their website. You sign up and create your Bitmedia account, fill out the publisher form, get your request approved, and Voila!

What ad formats to look forward to?

They work with the following Ad formats: Banner, Text, Responsive, HTML5, and Sticky Ads.

Pricing Models:

They use CPM and CPC as their pricing models. 

Want to join as an Affiliate?

If you want to be their affiliate, this portion is for you. Their affiliate program provides great revenues and allows you to join the industry by being related to one of the leading crypto advertising platforms. By the time this article is being written, they have made about 8936 payouts to affiliates. They currently have about 1511 affiliates and have referred 159895 advertisers so far. 

How to get started as an Affiliate?

If you want to start working as Bitmedia’s affiliate, you will follow three simple steps:

  • Sign up:

You will simply sign up to Bitmedia and have your own account. 

  • Create your affiliate link:

You will then create your affiliate link using your account. 

  • Use the link:

The major part is using the link whenever and wherever possible to earn that cash. 

Who can join the Affiliate program?

Anyone who is an advertiser or publisher can join their affiliate program if they have an audience to promote to. 


You can be an individual and a corporation to join them as an advertiser for their affiliate program. The details of the payouts are mentioned on their website. 


News websites, review websites, and community websites are eligible for joining them as affiliates whereas sites like faucets, incentivized traffic platforms, personal blogs, and free hosting websites do not qualify as their publisher referral. The payout details are clearly mentioned on their website. Their minimum audience requirement is 100,000 monthly pageviews and top website GEOs include Tier 1 and Tier 2. 

Why Choose Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is always looking to push its boundaries and then unlock your and its dreams. They have more than 1.5B impressions per month with 1.5M clicks per month. Active publishers working with them right now are more than 550 and active advertisers working with them are more than 200. And this doesn’t end here. 

They want more and are working for it. After being chosen by more than 65% of crypto advertisers, seeing how they continue to work with them tells you a lot about their services and work. So, let’s think rationally and take the right step. They help people belonging to the crypto industry earn and promote as much as they like. 

You can also join them as an affiliate which is also an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash by using the audience you have on your sites.

Final Words:

To conclude the discussion, all the details mentioned in this article are enough evidence that this leading ad network has the potential to overcome anything. Thus, being a part of it makes you like it, too. 

Being an advertiser, publisher, or affiliate simply connected to them with a purpose can help you grow financially or business-wise. In our experience, we would recommend them to any publisher or advertiser who is serious about professional growth!