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ClickBank is a global e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace, founded in 1998. The company has more than six million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America

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ClickBank Review 2024:

Among all the top affiliate networks, ClickBank stands as a pioneer, having a great influence on newcomers in the industry. Passionate affiliates and sellers of all levels are highly attracted to ClickBank because of its user-friendly environment. And because of its timely and reliable payouts, it remains a top choice market platform for sellers looking for a reliable partnership. 

ClickBank is a top tier in the affiliate marketplace and is highly preferred by affiliates who want to excel in the market by earning high commissions on digital product selling. It is the best way to monetize your online presence by promoting your chosen products in the digital market. It is a great opportunity for the passionate influencers.

So, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must try ClickBank and we are sure, you won’t regret it. In this ClickBank review, we will talk about all the important aspects you need to know before heading toward the ClickBank sign-up page. 

Also, if you are a newbie to the affiliate world, this blog is absolutely for you as it walks you through the entire journey of money-making. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

ClickBank Review: What is it + How it Works?

ClickBank Overview:


  • URL: Clickbank
  • Founded In: 1998
  • Number of Merchants: 3,500+
  • Offer Types: CPA/CPS


ClickBank is an affiliate network that has been around for more than twenty years. In fact, according to the latest report generated by affiliate marketing analysts, it now ranks as the second most popular affiliate marketing network in the world. 

ClickBank differs slightly from other affiliate marketing platforms because it facilitates both the company that produces products and the affiliates that promote them.

It is intended to enable the company owners and the affiliates to work together without messing up the complex documentation or extra agreements.

In short, Clickbank acts as a middleware between the product creator and the one who promotes it i.e. affiliate marketers.

In case you are a product vendor (one who creates and sells the products), you can sell your products on ClickBank by paying a nominal processing fee (usually 7.5%) for every product sold.

Whether you are a product vendor or an affiliate, ClickBank is here for you with two functions:

ClickBank as a Product Marketplace for Affiliates:

As an affiliate, you can generate a handsome income through ClickBank. There are thousands of products available on the platform for which you can create your unique links and generate revenue. ClickBank also lets you track your earnings in real-time.

Everyone can sign up in the network. There is no extra waiting time nor do you have to do extra chores.

It is a simplified affiliate network. In case you want to try ClickBank as an affiliate, feel free to visit their homepage to get yourself registered.

ClickBank is an E-Commerce Platform for Information Product Owners:

If you are a product owner, there is a golden chance for you. You just have to put the names of the products in the database of ClickBank and it will take the responsibility of all the e-commerce parts. It also offers an appropriate affiliate program for it.

If you want to become a seller of ClickBank, there will be a fee of $49.95 for one-time activation. Because of this fee structure, the platform will be freed from low-quality product vendors. 

There is no need for any technical expertise, the only thing you need to know is the money deduction by the platform which is $1 + 7.5% of the sales.

Therefore, if you want to make a huge profit in the affiliates world, try some switching and move out of the platform to platforms like Thinkiic or Teachable. Because they do not have any considerable commission to offer you.

In addition to this deduction, there are some more charges.

For example, every time you withdraw your money, you will be charged $2.5 which will be your payment processing fee. The platform also charges its customers $1 if they apply for a refund.

Clickbank Review: Why to Choose it?

Clickbank stands out from the rest of the affiliate networks due to multiple reasons. The main difference between Clickbank and other networks is that when you apply or sign up as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to worry about any manual approvals. The approval process will take a few minutes.

The only thing that is required is your passion and interest in participating. Clickbank can be considered one of the lowest-friction ways to start earning money online, which is no doubt the biggest advantage of it.

The second reason most affiliates prefer Clickbank over other affiliate networks is that it requires no investment or resources. All you need to have an affiliate account and a product you are going to promote. Once you have them, you are technically good to go.

ClickBank Features:

ClickBank is enriched with many powerful features that affiliates and vendors can take benefit of to increase their commissions and profits. The company has upgraded the system and added several new features including:


This feature will let digital marketers and affiliates showcase the latest products to customers whenever they buy something. When a customer buys a product and pays for it, he will be redirected to a new page that doesn’t have any phishing stuff. It only includes products and ideas for the customer.

Vendors who create their products or services want them to be listed on this page. It will become really helpful for the customer as he will not have to invest his efforts in writing billing credentials again and again. Thus, the customer will be more likely to purchase or access information about other products. 

TID & VTID Tracking:

TID, (stands for Tracking I.D) consists of a set of up to 24 characters in length, which are inserted into each HopLink.

TID lets you keep track of the HopLink for each specific product. It is up to you how many TIDs you prefer to use when promoting your products or services. There is no restriction for you. 

TIDs can also be used by vendors. Next, there is VTID (which stands for Variable Tracking ID), which is attached with the payment link instead of HopLink.

The TID is a tool that helps you keep track of your marketing. This is what you need to know while doing better in sales campaigns and earning more profit. For example, if you want to keep track of your Instagram ads, you can add the TID “Instagram” to the HopLink. Then, go to your ClickBank account in the reporting section where you will gain access to lots of information (including sales, refunds, and more).

Joint Venture:

This feature enables digital marketers to promote products as upsells, and share earnings, and vendors can offer second-tier commissions. A joint venture is also good for affiliates who team up and share commissions that they earn through their websites. This feature allows users to create contracts that enlighten the legal agreements between business partners.

Using partnerships can be a great way to make money on Clickbank.

ClickBank Review: Strengths and Weaknesses:

A huge number of experienced affiliates reviewed Clickbank and said that they think it is a fabulous platform for marketers especially for newbies who want to pursue their careers in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, there are surprisingly 90% of such offers available at the platform which do not require any approval. You can start selling and promoting products straight away. But there are also some shortcomings in comparison to the market. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Clickbank:



  • It has attractive compensation packages (usually featuring a 75% commission).
  • It has lots of low-quality products and sales pages which makes it difficult to find the right product.
  • There are several countries available on the platform in which you can sell your products.
  • There is a huge competition for trendy products.
  • A lot of repeat opportunities for selling which ensures a steady stream of continuous income.
  • You have to invest in traffic to track what does well for you
  • It genuinely simplifies the tech experience.
  • High costs associated with the e-commerce platform.


Getting Started with ClickBank:

A simple formula to become a successful affiliate is, “Follow the good routine!”.

There are two ways through which you can earn money on ClickBank:

  1. Affiliate Marketer
  2. Seller

Once we find out how to sign up on Clickbank as an affiliate. 

How to Join Clickbank as an Affiliate:

Go to Clickbank’s official website and click on the “Promote” option. Don’t get confused between two “Promote buttons, both will direct you to the affiliate sign-up page.

The sign-up process as an affiliate is free of cost. Try to sign up from the country that is available in the approved countries list (some countries are not approved yet).

If you live in the US, you will need to provide little details about the payment method and tax ID.

Once the Clickbank account is created, you can surf now as an affiliate in the Clickbank Marketplace. Here you can find your desired products for promotion and use your affiliate links. There is also an option for advanced search to find the products based on keywords.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing:

There is no rocket science in promoting affiliate products on Clickbank. There will be a unique affiliate ID assigned to every affiliate once he has signed up. You are now able to promote other people’s products using this ID. Your referral links will automatically contain this ID. 

The commission on each of the sales you make will be from 1% to 90% or even 100% in some cases whenever you promote a product.

Selecting Your Target Audience:

Being aware of your target audience to whom you serve as an affiliate is the first step towards your success. Is there any special category of people you want to assist? Your passion for helping others and having a strong grip on it might motivate you and clarify your goals.

According to experts, the best target audiences include entrepreneurs, especially those in wellness, health, and marketing. Because of them, you will be able to promote digital products and it does make sense. Having the skill to identify your target audience will help you generate more sales much more easily.

Choosing a ClickBank Niche:

After identifying your target audience, the next step is asking yourself how you are going to serve them. For instance, many entrepreneurs will need help to get started with video marketing despite knowing the fact that it will help their brand grow. 

Choosing the Best ClickBank Products:

Once you have picked a high-paying affiliate program, try to find out the top post-trendy products that will generate more sales and commissions in return. Then refine this list to more precise products and services and start working on them.

Generating More Sales:

Most of the affiliate commissions are generated by content marketing. According to the latest reports over 80% of the total affiliate commissions are generated by promotional blogs for the average digital products.

This is achieved by publishing relevant content on your blog posts or YouTube and including the relevant affiliate links strategically throughout the content. It will be a good practice to include strong CTAs to encourage more people to follow those links and in return make a purchase.

ClickBank Payouts:

Recently there have been three payment methods used by the platform which are direct bank deposit, paper checks sent via snail mail, and wire transfer.

People are more satisfied with the bank deposit method, but if you are facing any difficulty in waiting too long, you can try the check method too. If in case you are earning a huge commission, or you are living in a certain country, the wire transfer method will suit you.

There is a certain limit that payouts are made automatically when you hit your payment threshold, which can be set as low as $10. Most affiliates prefer to set it at $100, which might be a good point to initiate if you are promoting a digital product.

How to Join ClickBank as a Seller:

You have to sign up as a vendor to Clickbank if you are the owner of a product and want to sell it in the market. The reason why most of the affiliates prefer it is because of the wide range of tools it offers and it also comes with access to some of the best marketers around. 

Getting Started as a ClickBank Vendor:

It is a myth spread around that affiliate marketing is all about promoting other vendor’s products, but it’s more than that. You can be an affiliate marketer for your products too.

You have to recruit, reward, and motivate your affiliate army to be a successful vendor. If you don’t prepare your affiliates well, there will be better programs and networks to market your products than Clickbank.

Pricing and Choices on ClickBank:

The Clickbank affiliate marketplace is a platform that hosts over 100,000 digital marketers. Also, joining Clickbank as an affiliate marketer is free of cost. Affiliates have the option to choose from more than 4,000 digital products and physical products to promote across more than two dozen categories.

There are two ways in which affiliates can earn a commission:

Cost Per Action (CPA):

There is a flat fee for each conversion offered by CPA. But unfortunately, only the first sale in the seller’s funnel will win this commission. All other sales after that will not pay a commission. 

Revenue Share:

It is also called rev-share. It is based on the percentage of the sale. Revenue share is the most popular commission on Clickbank as it is the one offered by the seller itself.

Explore ClickBank’s Range of Affiliate Programs:

Clickbank is for everyone, whether it be a newbie who wants to pursue as an affiliate marketer or a product owner who wants to sell and promote his product in the marketplace. 

There are plenty of affiliate programs, products, and a wide range of categories available on Clickbank:

  • As Seen on TV
  • Business/Investing
  • Cooking, Food, & Wine
  • E-Business & E-Marketing (Internet Marketing)
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness
  • Languages
  • Parenting & Families
  • Reference
  • Software & Services
  • Sports
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting Systems
  • Computers/Internet
  • Education 
  • Fiction
  • Green Products
  • Home & Garden 
  • Mobile
  • Politics/Current Events
  • Self-Help
  • New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Travel

Is Clickbank Legit?

ClickBank affiliate marketing is completely real. That’s the simple truth, but we have collected all the facts and figures that will clear all the doubts in your mind. So, let’s dive in.

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate networks, working as a top-choice marketing platform for more than twenty years. According to the latest report, more than 100,000 affiliate marketers (from digital content creators to bloggers and influencers) are members of this huge network. 

ClickBank ranks as the second most popular affiliate network after Amazon according to the latest stats. ClickBank functions in more than 200 countries and over $4 billion in commission has been earned by people through this network. And they cherish it which is proven from the 4.5-star rating on the website from over 2300 reviews.

Sellers who promote their products also love it. The ClickBank marketplace still has more than 4,000 products available for affiliate marketing. 

Through these facts and figures, there’s just no way ClickBank is a scam. If it were, someone would have figured it out by now!

Wrapping Things Up:

As you might have guessed, this plan is bigger than just using ClickBank. ClickBank is a good and simple starting point, especially if you want to replace things like Adsense or Amazon earnings with actual sales.

If you make it work, ClickBank can bring in more money.

You can apply this strategy to other affiliate programs or use it to promote your products. Just be careful, as offers may sometimes get removed. Make sure you have a backup offer ready in case this happens (or you’re prepared to create one).

I hope this guide motivates you to move beyond the “easy” ways of making money and shows you that it’s possible to build a long-term business, provide value, and still make money with ClickBank.

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