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20+ Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners in 2024

Affiliate networks associate publishers, such as influencers and blog owners, with businesses that want to promote their products and services. The most common example of an affiliate network is Amazon, where publishers and influencers promote thousands of products, and readers or subscribers earn a commission on each purchase.

The best affiliate programs facilitate the passive income process and make life easier for members (mainly influencers). One of the key concepts of effective affiliate marketing is promoting products that are easy to use or recommend to your audience.

While many brands work directly with affiliate marketers, some brands choose to work with a professional affiliate marketing network. It aggregates multiple products from different creators into a massive database and allows affiliates to choose which products to promote. These affiliate networks do not have to interact with potential sellers (affiliates), so creators make life easier.

Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners in 2024:

The following mentioned are the best affiliate networks for beginners in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Refersion
  2. ShareASale
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. ClickBank
  5. Awin
  6. eBay Partner Network (EPN)
  7. GiddyUp
  8. FlexOffers
  9. CJAfilaite/Commission Junction
  10. JVZoo
  11. LeadDyno
  12. Avangate
  13. MaxBounty
  14. Walmart Affiliates
  15. Impact
  16. AffiliaXe
  17. Pepperjam
  18. Rakuten Marketing
  19.  LinkConnector
  20. Markethealth

1. Refersion:


After setting up your eCommerce integration, the first thing you do is to enter any existing affiliates into the app. You can also integrate with influencer platforms Upfluence, #paid, and Cohley if you need influencer/affiliate discovery assistance.

You can set up your offers to ensure that affiliates meet specific requirements before they qualify for payment. Any sales that don’t meet these requirements are considered Unqualified. Refersion then uses links and codes to track sales and check that your affiliate’s sales qualify for payment. You can make payments via PayPal or integrate with Payment Rails for ACH payments.

References is the perfect affiliate marketing network for e-commerce brands. One of the first things you need to do is integrate your e-commerce solution with out-of-the-box apps that integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Stripe, Magento, and Chargebee.

Other e-commerce platforms require custom integration with benchmarking APIs. With the Professional App, you can get your benchmark up and running in minutes, but it will take longer if you have to use an API solution.

After setting up your integration with e-commerce, the first thing you need to do is enter your existing partners into the app. If you need help finding influencers/members, we can also integrate #paid, Upfluence, and Cohley influencer platforms. Offers can be configured to meet specific requirements before members pay.

Any sale that does not meet these requirements will be considered ineligible. The referrer then uses the link and code to track sales and ensure that the affiliate’s sales are eligible for payout. You can pay via PayPal Payment Rails for ACH payments.

2. ShareASale:


ShareASale is a well-known affiliate networks. While Amazon Associates focuses exclusively on Amazon products, ShareASale offers affiliate programs to over 4,500 merchants large and small. Overall, ShareASale is suitable for both digital and physical products. For instance, on the digital side, you can find many WordPress themes and plugin shops, web hosts, and more.

On the physical side, you can find many large and small traders. Examples include Reebok, Warby Parker, Wayfair, Sun Basket, NFL Shop, and thousands of other small businesses. Basically, no matter what niche your website or blog belongs to, you can find offers worth promoting—everything including physical and digital products.

Average commission rates vary depending on the specific merchant you sign up with. Minimum payout is $50. The duration of cookies depends on the subscribed merchant.

3. Amazon Associates:

amazon associate

Technically speaking, Amazon Associates is just an affiliate marketing program for retailers. Their ads say they have the best product selection in the world. Potential affiliates go through an application review process to become Amazon affiliates. According to their website, “If you’re an avid reviewer, stylist, content creator, or curator looking to recommend Amazon products to your audience, you’ve probably come to the right place.  It takes at least 180 days to make three sales.

Additionally, Amazon requires websites that promote their products to include strong original content. Their rule of thumb is to have at least 10 posts. However, it is not limited to managing existing blogs and websites. Amazon is happy to sell through our mobile apps and social media pages as long as there is sufficient content and engagement. Amazon sells a wide variety of products, and staff can sell anything they have in stock.

4. ClickBank:


ClickBank is a marketplace where members can find products to promote and sell. We combine the power of our Digital Marketing Partners (Affiliates) with our vast library of over 6 million unique products to reach 200 million customers worldwide. One of the main benefits of being an affiliate with Clickbank is that they offer commissions of up to 75% on some of their products. Affiliates can select digital products and offers they want to encourage from an online catalog.

As part of the buying process, you can sell products that offer upsell options to your customers. Upselling can bring more value to your customers and keep more money in your pocket. Many of the products available on ClickBank are sold as subscriptions. As long as your customers continue to subscribe, you can continue to make money month after month and year after your first sale.

5. EBay Partner Network (EPN):

ebay partner network

eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces with 1.4 billion simultaneous entries. Amazingly, 80% of all items sold are brand new. We run an affiliate program to encourage people to refer potential buyers to our platform. eBay partners enable users to make purchases on eBay’s global marketplaces.

Some of these users will purchase something after being referred to the site. In this case, the referring partner receives credit for the sale. eBay operates its own affiliate network, providing partners with the reports, tools, and resources they need to be successful.

The eBay Affiliate Network works similarly to Amazon’s plans in that you pay different fees for different types of products. All of these fees are relatively low compared to more professional affiliate plans and networks. However, they make up for those lower fees for potentially more sales. eBay also offers premium plans for users who handle a lot of eBay traffic.

6. Awin:


Awin, originally short for Affiliate Window, is another popular affiliate network that gives you access to over 13,000 diverse merchants. Awin actually acquired ShareASale in 2017, but the two still operate as separate legal entities with different vendors.

With over 13,000 sellers, you can find a wide variety of physical and digital products on Awin. Notable big names include Etsy, StubHub, XE (Remittance) AliExpress, Gymshark, HP, and Under Armor. There are also many smaller retailers in numerous niche markets.

Awin was founded in Germany, so there are a lot of American/global companies as well, but there are more European trends in the vendor list. Similar to ShareASale and CJ, you need to apply separately to the sellers in the network. Then you can link and track your stats. Average commission rates vary depending on the specific merchant you sign up with. The validity period of the cookie depends on the registered retailer. The minimum payout is $20.

7. GiddyUp:

giddy up

GiddyUp is another modern affiliate platform with offices in Seattle and Ventura, dedicated to making money online through websites and social media. Since 2013, GiddyUp has salaried above $200 million in commissions to affiliate associates. As a new affiliate, GiddyUp helps you maximize your sales with innovative tools and real-time data. Affiliate Partner Managers are also available for any digital marketing questions.

You’ll have access to new creative elements to help you no matter what channel you’re getting traffic from. was characterized. So if you want to promote your real product, GiddyUp is your best option. Payment is by check, ACH, or international bank transfer. A minimum of $25 is required to withdraw on the 1st and 15th of each month.

8. FlexOffers:


FlexOffers mentions to Affiliate Sellers as Advertisers and Affiliate Sellers as Publishers. They recently launched the PublisherPro affiliate marketing network. They bring the latest products, promotions, and offers online exclusively from leading global brands and a network of niche advertisers. Affiliate marketing content can be easily integrated into any website as a banner ad or text link or as a single copy made by the publisher.

FlexOffers informs publishers of attractive advertising campaigns that can be advertised through websites, email campaigns, social media, and many other means. Publishers earn a commission each time their source traffic completes a paid task.

Make a purchase, fill out a form, or perform another task for which the advertiser wishes to pay. The network has over 12,000 promotional programs covering nearly every imaginable retail category. Advertisers typically pay a fixed amount or a percentage of the selling price as a commission.

9. JVZoo:


JVZoo claims to be an all-in-one digital commerce platform. They sell more than 9.5 million products in 22 categories. JVZoo has a vast library of digital products across over 200 niches and categories. We provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-use network with the tools and solutions you need to run a successful and profitable online business. They provide a safe haven for product manufacturers and distributors around the world.

Members have immediate access to all member tools and training. Potential affiliates can register for free and instantly access JVZoo’s marketplace to discovery the flawless product. A useful feature for affiliates is links to each product in the sales funnel.

This includes spot offers, upsells, upsells, cross-sells, etc. Affiliates may offer exclusive bonuses to entice potential customers to purchase through an Affiliate Link. You can download rewarded products that are automatically shipped with your purchase.

10. LeadDyno:


LeadDyno provides easy-to-use affiliate marketing software that gives users access to its affiliate network, Everything you need to grow your affiliate sales. Each new member has access to a personalized member dashboard.

Each referral partner is unique and includes everything you need to promote your business and branded products. LeadDyno users can join for free. It specializes in e-commerce products. Plus, multi-level marketing features make managing your paid affiliates easier.

They are keenly considering good editorial sites to add to their network. Every product in the network has an affiliate program. We currently have over 1800 affiliate programs in 21 product categories. It has grown steadily since its inception in 2014. As of 2020, the company has over 2,000 customers, over 78 million affiliate referrals, and revenue of over $200 million.

11. CJAffiliate/Commission Junction:

cj Affiliate

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ is another affiliate network that composes thousands of different sellers under a single shade. ShareASale has made CJ one of the largest affiliate networks. This means you can connect with thousands of businesses large and small.

The exact number is currently 2,696 diverse sellers. Major physical and digital businesses using CJ include GoPro, Overstock, Priceline, IHG (hospitality), Office Depot, Lowes,  and Grammarly.

You can also find many small vendors. Similar to ShareASale, apply to these sellers individually from your CJ dashboard. You can then create a link to view your stats. Similar to ShareASale, CJ covers various niche markets both physical and digital.

Average commission rates vary depending on the specific merchant you sign up with. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 for direct deposits and for checks $100.

12. Avangate:


Avangate Affiliate Network is an affiliate network concentrated on software and digital products instead of physical products. For instance, you can access popular software providers such as Kaspersky, Awario, Bitdefender, and Hide My Ass. In total, the Avangate affiliate network gives you access to over 22,000 software. So if your website promotes a lot of digital products, be sure to sign up there.

Avangate Affiliate Network focuses on software products and digital goods. You don’t need to register to browse the entire Merchant Marketplace. Avangate advertises commission rates of up to 85%, and commission rates for digital products on the Avangate affiliate network are often higher than physical products found on other networks.

The minimum threshold is $100. You can choose to pay via PayPal. Most merchants offer fairly high commissions. Claims of 50% or more are not uncommon. The downside is that the $100 minimum payout is higher than most other affiliate networks.

13. MaxBounty:


In 2021, MaxBounty has been named the top CPA network by OfferVault, and clients include popular brands such as Microsoft, Apple, and American Express. With access to a global network of marketing channels, you can increase sales, leads, signups, app installs, or any other activity you deem essential to building your brand.

It also provides affiliates with the opportunity to promote their customers’ products. Affiliates can promote their high-converting CPA campaigns to hundreds of advertisers seeking expertise in social media, blogging, buying, media, and email marketing.

The platform offers an ad tracking interface where you can access detailed tracking reports to track progress and optimize campaign performance. Affiliates can choose the industry and specialization in which to promote their products. We have over 2000 active events.

The advantage of affiliates is the short payout period. MaxBounty offers weekly payouts. We also provide additional income to our top affiliates through numerous performance-based incentives.

14. Walmart Affiliates:

wal mark affiliate link

This network is technically a portion of Rakuten Marketing, however, offers its own section as it is considered to be in contrast to Amazon’s Affiliate. Amazon Associates is arguably at the top of the affiliate game when it comes to selling actual products.

Yes, there is a reason for that. Amazon has almost 50% of the US e-commerce market. By comparison, Walmart has only 3.7% of the online retail market (in fact, eBay is second with 6.6%).

However, as Amazon Associates moved from the old pricing structure to a new category-based approach, Walmart’s affiliate program became more attractive because it offered higher rates than Amazon’s in certain categories.

For example, Walmart offers a 4% commission on toys, while Amazon offers only 3%. Also, Walmart’s tracking cookie lasts for 3 days, while Amazon’s tracking cookie only lasts for 1 day (24 hours). Because if you sell a lot of real products, you should test this.

15. Impact:


Impact is one of the newer networks founded in 2008. But in that short period of time (compared to Rakuten, for example), the affiliate has partnered with an impressive array of brands with over 9 million products. You can find partnership opportunities with SaaS and SEO brands like Semrush, or with brands similar to Adidas and Airbnb.

A quick read of G2’s 400+ reviews reveals that Impact is popular for its clean, modern interface, marketing tools, and excellent customer support. Another great thing about Impact is the one-of-a-kind Mobile App Partner Marketplace.

It also provides a set of automated tools for managing partner relationships. So if you want to become an affiliate partner of a popular mobile app, is the right choice for you. We also offer BACS as a payment option, making it a great option for UK branches as well.

16. AffiliaXe:


AffiliaXe is a global affiliate marketing network (based in Israel) that offers VIP services to everyone from small online businesses to entrepreneurs or freelancers. Approved affiliates have access to a dedicated affiliate manager to help them choose the best plan, optimize traffic and increase conversions.

When it is about monetization opportunities, AffiliaXe offers the widest range of options: email marketing/feeds, pay-per-view, social media, pay-per-click, and more.

Affiliax is a top network because of its wide variety of offers to select from as well as its support for affiliate marketing associates. This offer includes a wide range of software and online services. This includes big brands like McAfee,  Norton, and Truthfinder.

You can also take advantage of our $1,000 welcome bonus. Thus, AffiliaX is notoriously difficult to register, making it ideal for sites and influencers with established platforms. $100 minimum every 2 weeks, every 15 days and at the end of the month.

17. Pepperjam:

pepper jam

Pepperjam is another well-known affiliate network with nearly 1,000 other merchants and thousands of offers for publishers. Our vision is to create a seamless affiliate marketing platform that makes building relationships and connections easy. They built a platform called Ascend that aims to give businesses everything they need to handle affiliate marketing.

Its age, physical product quality, and popular user interface make it one of the best affiliate programs. Its age makes it one of the most durable and stable programs. Newer networks can experience unexpected outages, but these networks are more reliable than most others.

We also run our own affiliate network using Ascend as our core technology. Successful marketers can apply to become Pepperjam’s partners. However, they are more selective than many of these networks and won’t choose anyone without a verified record.

18. Rakuten Marketing:

rakuten advertising

Rakuten Marketing, one of the most recognized affiliate networks. They are continuously seeking for loyal social media followers or regular website visitors to become publishers in affiliate marketing. Publishers can partner with thousands of leading and emerging brands across industries to provide visitors with a more personalized and curated advertising experience by linking to the products their visitors are interested in.

We provide educational tools and training to help you develop, improve, and operationalize your affiliate program. Platinum-rated publishers receive guidance and early access to new technology. Publishers can easily register as members from the Rakuten site. They set up a process based on two steps for the use of affiliate marketing.

  1. Link with Rakuten Marketing Network.
  2. Apply to link/connect with a specific advertiser’s affiliate program.

A key criterion is that the website content is also relevant to the advertiser’s products and complies with brand guidelines

19. LinkConnector:


LinkConnector (LC) allows brands to partner with the best affiliate talent. This gives affiliates the chance to get commissions on website traffic.Affiliates agree to display advertisements and merchant links on their websites in order to earn commissions.

LC provides a dedicated team to help our partners manage and develop their promotions. One of the useful features we offer our affiliates is the ability to apply them to any campaign that automatically meets the criteria you set, such as: Campaigns with coupons or with product feeds.

LinkConnector’s network offers merchants an array of technologies, tracking and recruitment solutions, as well as managed services and program optimization. The ability to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that is the essence of affiliate marketing.

Only work with ethical and loyal partners. Since 2004, quality over quantity has been our top priority. Merchants can focus on effectively growing their campaigns instead of just stopping fraud by working with reputable partners.

20. Market Health:

market heaalth

It is one of the leading affiliate networks specializing in health and beauty products, producing over 200 products in-house. If you sell health and wellness products and operate outside the US, this is a friendly affiliate network. There are also several makeup affiliate programs that are perfect for people in the beauty business.

Moreover, one of the reasons for good earnings from this network is to reward good affiliates with better prices. If you sell more than 20 pieces a day, it’s easy to negotiate a price increase.

Through this network one can cover more than 100 countries around the world, and many affiliate plans come with localized languages ​​and payment processing. Receive many premium perks, including free inventory like landers and banners.


Affiliate networks allow you to connect with hundreds or even thousands of brands. This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog or earn passive income. If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing, it’s a good idea to start by understanding the best programs.

Start earning money and get them rolling. Your goal is to create a brand that is firmly rooted in your niche and becomes an authority in its field. I would recommend you to select affiliate network based on the following qualities:

  • Simple registration
  • user friendly
  • Pay on time
  • Number of resellers
  • Promoting various services and niche markets

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