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20+ Best CPA Networks For Affiliates in 2024

Let’s look at some significant performance marketing definitions first.

CPA is the abbreviation of “Cost Per Acquisition” or “Cost Per Ation”.

What are CPA Networks?

A CPA network is a link between an advertiser and a publisher. In general, the main goal is to find the right publishers and help advertisers find offers from publishers most likely to generate leads. Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or a complete newbie, it’s important to quickly understand the best cost-to-action (CPA) networks.

Why? This is because the best CPA networks have relatively high payouts and may miss out on thousands of CPA offers. This article introduces these CPA networks and explains why their specifications should be deployed and validated. Simply put, CPA affiliate marketing is all about generating leads.

While CPS-based affiliate programs like Amazon Associates are only interested in boosting their sales, CPA affiliate marketers pay for things like submitting forms and downloading software. Experienced CPA marketers tend to focus only on CPA programs. The high-quality traffic they generate is directed to these types of offers.

What is CPA Marketing?

Marketing through CPA is a kind of associate marketing that allows publishers to participate in various CPA networks to promote advertisers’ offers and products. A business model that rewards customer behavior including filling out forms, leaving email addresses, and downloading apps.

To select the best CPA you need to dive into the bellow mentioned list of CPA advertisers and publishers’ best performance marketing networks:

Best CPA Networks in 2024:

The below mentioned list reflects the Best CPA Networks for 2023 and 2024:

  1. Perform[cb] (previously Clickbooth)
  2. MaxBounty
  3. CrakRevenue
  4. ClickDealer
  5. CPAlead
  6. Admitad
  7. CPAMatica
  8. Toro Advertising
  9. AdWork Media
  10. Advendor
  11. MyLead
  12. Fireads
  13. Madrivo
  14. GlobalWide Media
  15. Adscend
  16. A4D
  17. Mobidea
  18. Advidi
  19. AdCombo
  20. RevenueAds

1. PerformCB:

Clickbooth, now called Perform [cb], is part of the merger of Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM. For those wondering why CPA networks like Adperio aren’t listed individually. From all looks, the people behind this affiliate network have nearly four centuries of experience in the industry.

But more importantly, there are thousands of handpicked offers in some popular online advertising categories. It covers all common areas of affiliate marketing, including finance, lifestyle, health, dating, and entertainment. Examples of client lists include HBO, McAfee, and eHarmony. It is very impressive.

Operating since 2002, this affiliate network offers a variety of promotional offers by offering a much lower payment threshold than other affiliates. CPA networks can appear and disappear overnight. Therefore, it is almost always desirable to do business with a company that has served advertisers and publishers for many years.


  • The URL is Perform[cb] affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is around US$50
  • Payment frequency is Monthly

2. MaxBounty:

Max Boutny

MaxBounty is the “OG” CPA affiliate marketing game launched in 2004. Recognized by advertisers as the best CPA network at the 2019 BlueBook Awards. It’s also popular with CPA affiliates, with over 2,000 active campaigns for advertisers around the world to choose from. No matter where your audience is (for whatever reason), MaxBounty can find the right affiliate program.

This global affiliate network offers weekly payouts as well as performance bonuses for top affiliate marketers and regular performance-based bonuses. Once approved, a dedicated affiliate manager will be assigned to drive higher-quality traffic. There is also a feature-rich dashboard that allows members to track their earnings and easily view the latest and most popular member activity.


  • The URL is MaxBounty affiliate network
  • The average minimum payment is US$100
  • The frequency of payment is weekly

3. CrakRevenue:

ceack revenue

This network is different from a typical CPA network. Moreover, this award-winning affiliate network is not at the forefront of Tyrone Biggums. This is because Crack Revenue only offers benefits to adult members. Well, it’s worth noting that it’s not for everyone, but you can make a lot of money with these offers.

Think realistically about the SEO issues you might face in this area of ​​online marketing. Link building. Therefore, this affiliate network is ready to participate in more than 1000 offers. This CPA network focuses on optimizing affiliate spending based on what’s best for you. A bonus is that you can earn 5% on all sub-affiliate/referral sales.


  • The URLs: CrakRevenue affiliate network
  • For wire transfer, the payment threshold is US$100
  • The frequency of payment is either weekly or bi-monthly

4. ClickDealer:

click dealer

Founded in 2012, Click Dealer is relatively new to the CPA marketing space. However, they have received awards and accolades every year since their inception. So when it comes to CPA marketing, they know what they are trying to do. From an affiliate perspective, I have a lot to like about this international network.

We primarily provide deals in all popular areas such as eCommerce, Dating, Gaming, Retail, and Mobile. But I also received offers from sweepstakes, social networks, coupons, and software. ClickDealer is a network for going to parties.

They offer many great incentives to work with them. Once the $100 threshold is crossed, all new partners will be paid monthly. If you can prove that you didn’t enter a cookie or send traffic, you can turn it into a weekly payment.


  • The URL is ClickDealer affiliate network
  • For Click Dealer the payment threshold is$100
  • The frequency of payment is monthly

5. CPA lead:

As the CPA network grows, CPAlead will focus on mobile and desktop products, but the mobile trend will increase. Plus, you can promote over 300 products and services in various formats, including banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, and native ads. They do all the geo-targeting and device-specific tricks for you.

All you have to do is choose the offer that you think will translate the most and drive traffic to it. As you can see from the logo below, this marketing network is affiliated with some of the biggest and best brands in the world. That’s probably why they can pay affiliate marketers over $100 million.

CPAlead seems to be one of the most established CPA networks in this field. Payments are made by bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, and WebMoney.


  • The URL for CPAlead is CPAlead affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is $50
  • The payment frequency is weekly

6. Admitad:


The next destination is Admitad. Before writing this article, this CPA network did not exist. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a global affiliate network with nearly 2,000 individual advertisers. In addition to one-time interstitial and app installs, we also offer content-targeted advertising options that can monetize your website traffic.

This way, visitors don’t have to struggle to close pop-ups and can monetize their content with convenient CPA offers. Therefore, this assessment is somewhat unique within the CPA network. If you have an online/affiliate marketing business, there are other things you are interested in besides making money.

Cow dung roams because they talk about money. Affiliate marketers using this CPA network can earn $32,700 per day. Obviously, someone is working on traffic etc. on a large scale, but it shows what can happen when using the cost-per-acquisition proposition.


  • The URL is Admitad affiliate network
  • The threshold payment is $20
  • The frequency of payment is weekly

7. CPAmatica:


Ukraine-based affiliate network is Cpamatica which emphases on two core areas: dating and contests. The question arises why two? Advertisers and publishers will also benefit, as the expenses are usually specific. There are around 1,000 different offers in total.

While these cover the above two categories, Cpamatica also offers other popular niches such as weight loss, health, games, and cosmetology. This means you need something to drive traffic to most types of websites. As with 90% of CPA networks, program details are not publicly available. We also receive 2% of the sales from the partners mentioned in this CPA network.


  • The URL is CPAmatica affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is $50
  • The frequency of payment is Weekly

8. Toro Advertising:

toro advertising

A European CPA network titled Toro Advertising shows quite courageous claims. For instance: “…If you need advice, I can provide it.” Their portfolio includes thousands of products from popular industries such as dating, gambling, finance, apps, and mobile content.

Additionally, their network operates in 90 countries around the world. Is it one of the best CPA networks out there? If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth a look. Toro Advertising has experience working with CPA Affiliate Marketers at all stages of their careers, from beginners to high-traffic publishers.

If successful, he will be promoted to full “VIP” level privileges. I pay monthly, but only for the first month. Then you can continue to pay weekly. This is the standard for many high-profile CPA networks.


  • The URL for this network is Toro Advertising affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is US$500
  • From start the payment is monthly however, it will be bi-monthly or weekly.

9. AdWork media:

ad work media

There are many CPA networks, what is the difference with AdWork Media? Except for having a brand name that comes close to confusing Google. Now, the number of campaigns/advertisers you are managing first. After all, over 2,500. However, what sets them apart are the products that are mobile-friendly and content-locked.

Visitors unlock what they want to see by completing a free survey or trial. If so, you will receive a reward. Therefore, like most CPA networks, you can only view offer details after you sign up. However, we offer performance bonuses to serious members. You have to pay monthly to start, but you can pay weekly instead.


  • The URL is AdWork Media affiliate network
  • The payment threshold isUS$35
  • The frequency of payment is monthly

10. My lead:

My lead

MyLead is one of the best CPA networks for enthusiasts. Therefore, if you are new to CPA marketing, give it a try. There are many other great tools for publishers, such as content lockers, video on demand, deep linking, smart linking, A/B testing, SMS alerts when new leads are acquired, and more.

Moreover, MyLead has over 2,000 deals covering almost every conceivable area, including fashion, food, gambling, dating, health, jewelry, home and garden, electronics, business, lottery, travel, and sports. The affiliate network promises to pay affiliate merchants within 14 business days of a payment request, but most payments will be processed within 48 hours.

MyLead’s payout threshold is as low as $20 for all payment methods except Bitcoin. If you don’t earn $20 per month, your commission will roll over to the next month.


  • The URL is: MyLead affiliate network
  • The threshold of payment is US$20
  • The frequency of payment is that within 14 business days (after the request is made regarding payment)

11. Fireads:


Fireads is a Polish CPA network that has been around for almost 10 years. They are now one of many networks in the European Union that are beginning to gain international recognition. In terms of work, they focus on CPA transactions, but they also have pay-per-install, CPS, and CPL campaigns that can monetize traffic.

The network operates in several popular areas such as adult, dating, gaming, and cryptocurrencies. These are highly competitive markets, but the payouts are often worth more. The CPA Network claims to pay up to $350 per sale, which is attractive to most affiliate marketers.

However, please understand that this is an exception and not a rule. The same goes for the best CPA networks. Withdrawals by PayPal or bank transfer are possible within hours of confirmation of the sale.


  • The URL is Fireads affiliate network
  • The beginning of payment is US$20
  • The frequency of payment isBi-monthly

12. Madrivo:


Earning money as an affiliate marketer comes under one simple calculation. Legitimate traffic + offers = enviable revenue. The Maddivo team understood this well. Especially if you don’t make money because they don’t make money. Therefore, we provide access to membership benefits from some of the biggest brands in the world.

It covers a very wide range of industries, from online dating to car insurance and pet subscription boxes. The amount you get depends, of course, on the offers you are promoting. However, for Madrivo, payment thresholds may vary by activity. If you earn more than $1,000 per week in the first 60 days, we’ll give you a performance bonus of $2,000.


  • The URL is Madrivo affiliate network
  • The threshold of payment depends on the campaign
  • The frequency of payment is weekly or monthly

13. Global wide media:

global wide

GlobalWide Media is an affiliate network that has been around for over 10 years. Even if you haven’t heard of it, that doesn’t stop it from providing high-quality multimedia solutions to some celebrities around the world. Examples include Jumia, AliExpress, Groupon, MindSpark, and

Here are the benefits of brand quality and CPA that partners can access when using Globalwide Media: How well do they do what they do? They generate around $3 billion a year for advertisers. It’s a result that only the best CPA networks can generate.

By default, this network has a minimum payout of $100 and is paid monthly. You will also receive a 5% bonus on all sales from anyone who quotes this CPA network.


  • The URL is Globalwide Median affiliate network
  • The beginning of payment is US$100
  • The frequency of payment is monthly

14. Adsend:


Adscend started as a two-person business and it was a great idea. Since then, they have developed itself into a network of over 35,000 publishers and affiliates. Good ideas and a strong work ethic prove effective in all markets. So, what types of offers and activities are offered to members? They were silent about it. You must register to find out.

However, each activity can be integrated into a website via an iFrame or an API, or into a mobile application via an SDK. The CPA network can give you the world, but if you don’t get paid on time, everything else is meaningless. Adscend never misses a publisher’s payment cycle. Getting paid is an important consideration when choosing the best CPA network to join.


  • The URL is Adscend affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is US$50
  • The frequency of payment is weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly

15. 4AD:


A4D is an abbreviation for “Ads 4 Dough”. So aside from a few unknown names, what do you get from them as a CPA Affiliate Network? It took me a while to understand. They decided to use a mobile UI for the whole site… weird and unnecessary.

This can lead to poor user experience even on the best CPA networks. Like most CPA networks, all offer information is hidden in the member’s area. However, publishers carefully review each advertiser and ensure that they only address offers with high conversion rates.


  • URL for A4D is A4D affiliate network
  • Threshold of payment is US$50
  • The payment frequency is weekly or monthly or weekly

16. Mobidea:


Unsurprisingly, Mobidea is an affiliate network motivated by mobile products. Because… it’s in the name of the brand. There are many offers to choose from and choose from the best promotions available. However, you can also use the SmartLink function. This allows visitors to make the best deals based on geography and more automatically.

Movideo Academy can also take CPA affiliate marketing to the next level. On and Charles Ngo seem to enjoy mobile affiliate networks. He ranks it as one of the best CPA networks for new members. It is one of the few CPA networks where you can check out the offers before signing up. As for the earning potential, their offer to pay up to $36 per sale is very impressive.


  • The URL of this brand is Mobidea affiliate network
  • The threshold of the payment is €50
  • The frequency of the payment is monthly

17. Advidi:


This is another European Union network, Advidi. Their website looks more like a digital marketing agency than an affiliate network. Or just me? Either way, you should do some research to find information about the types of offers you can advertise.

Advidi runs several campaigns that look like a fairly static list of major CPA categories, such as dating, sweepstakes, nutrition, gaming, and finance. However, these offers cover everything from meal plans to casinos. Anyway, after some research, I found that they had enough good deals in niche markets to satisfy most affiliates. You’ll get all the usual stuff like health, fitness, and beauty, but there are also offers and events for finance, e-commerce, and business opportunities.

Information is difficult to find because Advidi commits the same crimes as many of these networks. But, as you know, to get paid weekly, you need to earn $1,000 a week in sales commissions. However, to achieve this, you need to be one of the affiliates that can capture a lot of traffic.


  • The URL for this type of network is Advidi affiliate network
  • The threshold of payment is US$1,000
  • The frequency of payment is weekly as well as monthly

18. Adcombo:


In this survey, Adcombo has the finest websites on the web. But they’re not just about looks. It also claims to offer exclusive events in 12 industries that other CPA affiliate networks do not have. These include the niche markets listed below. With support for over 40 languages, you can get a true regional landing page. Each is powered by the server’s international network for optimal load times.

However, there are also services such as games, forex, games, antivirus, wallpapers, and video on demand (VOD). Affiliates are paid weekly and there are no built-in lags or artificial bets. With new changes on other networks, payments may be delayed for several weeks.

Activation is also easy. Log in, confirm your registration by email and wait for a few questions about your experience from your member manager.


  • The URL is Adcombo affiliate network
  • The payment edge is US$50
  • Bi-weekly is the frequency of payment

19. Revenue ads:

revenue ads

Different technique is used to approach the publishers to sign up for the RevenueAds. It is in contrast to what you receive from most CPA affiliate networks. This means that you can explore the different activities on offer without having to create an account. And the offer is quite good.

They launched a catalog listing campaign with a cost-per-action (CPA) effort of up to $350 per “sale.” I haven’t seen such payments since 2005, which was a good day for credit card companies. It is probably one of the best networks in this survey. As you can see, they are affiliated with some of the biggest and best brands in some lucrative industries.

Online dating. More than some of the biggest networks we’ve come across. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for savvy affiliates who can deliver qualified traffic here.


  • The URL for this network is RevenueAds affiliate network
  • The payment threshold is US$50
  • The frequency of payment is Bi-monthly

20. Advendor:

Have you heard of ad sellers? Things are going well. They are completely new to the market and are a bonus for advertisers and publishers. They will be happy to do business with you. The downside here is that these details are very thin. Based on the client list, we can infer that the cryptocurrency industry is getting a lot of attention.

However, the upside is that the affiliate approval process should be quite tolerant, especially for novice CPA marketers. Yes, there are calculated risks when using a brand new CPA network. The network has a payout threshold of $50 which is paid weekly. We will update this blog post as more information about Adendor becomes available.


  • The URL is AdVendor affiliate network
  • The threshold of payment is US$50
  • The frequency of payment is weekly.

Selection of Best CPA for yourself:

In a nutshell, there is a need to select and understand the network which suits you best. For this reason, the best and most important thing for selecting a CPA network is ‘never rush’. Then see which vertical you want to work with by comparing their payouts. There are some reliable resources that you can trust for instance affiliate forums and reviews where individuals share their experiences with different networks.

Big brands are often highlighted and presented at major industry events such as exhibitions and conferences. For the best selection for yourself, you must always check the member calendar for the next big event to see if the CPA Network is participating or if you were the sponsor of the last big event.

You should also check financial details such as available payment methods and minimum withdrawal amount. Ease of approval is a good indicator of network quality. If the platform is too loose, it may not be as good as you think. Cybercrime has increased steadily over the past decade, so it’s important to partner with a network that protects your money and information.

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