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20+ Best Video Ad Networks in 2024

Before we discuss the best video ad networks, let’s explain what a network is. Fundamentally, video ad networks are exchanges that publishers and advertisers use to buy and sell ad inventory. Publishers use the video ad network to sell ad space, and advertisers use it to seek proper ad space to purchase.

Video ad networks also discuss negotiations with potential buyers, target audiences, cost-per-thousand-impressions, and other important issues. After contracting, the video ad network also handles campaign data management and reporting.

Therefore, the advertising industry needs a good ad network to connect publishers interested in video ads with advertisers who want to deliver their video creative. So while it’s subjective which video ad network works best, as many factors come into play, networks that frequently receive positive reviews from users include in each explanation given below:

Best Video Ad Networks in 2024:

Here is the list of 20+ Best Video Ad Networks in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Push.House
  2. Primis
  3. SelectMedia
  4. Google AdSense
  5. OpenX
  6. Adsterra
  7. Unruly
  8. Taboola
  9. Facebook audience network
  10. Chocolate Platform
  11. Admedia
  12. Verizon Media
  13. Viewdeos
  14. Teads
  15. Fyber
  16. Pro
  17. Magnite
  18. Undertone
  19. Xander (AppNexus)
  20. Propellerads

1. Push.House:

If you’re seeking for the best video ad networks, Push.House is undoubtedly one of the best. The best thing about this network is its huge network that can take your business to another level. With a variety of ad formats to choose from, you can use the format that best suits your needs. We generate 14 billion impressions and 30 million clicks per day. It’s really great for small business owners looking to grow their businesses. The best part is that this platform is extremely easy to use.

If you’re working in a specific niche, you can also target your ads to a specific niche audience. Campaign creation actually happens in Push.House via the Moderation Queue feature. This allows you to create campaigns one by one and run them as needed. You can also target specific countries to reach this audience.

2. Primis:


Primis is a great video search platform that permits its publishers to monetize their content through video ads and increase their revenue. The platform offers high-quality videos related to monetized content, but in a short timeframe that helps publishers gain more engagement and ultimately earn more money.

Hundreds of publishers around the world are now using this high-quality ad network, delivering over 4.5 billion unique impressions, often using only the ad formats their audiences love. I’m here. It can also automatically skip content that the relevant audience doesn’t like.

Moreover, it has over 4.8 billion suggestions and over 4.5 billion impressions across nearly 3.4 million pieces of content, including up to 30 top categories. Primis, like any platform that operates responsibly and efficiently, is committed to being part of IPG and Universal McCann. Advertisements can be carefully selected to ensure that only the right ads reach the right audiences and ultimately generate more revenue.

3. Select Media:

select media

Media Choice is the premier choice for monetizing your content by delivering video ads to every screen, desktop and mobile device in the world. However, keep in mind that publishers have high web approval requirements. The company’s state-of-the-art, high-tech platform provides advertisers around the world with affordable and widespread access to high-quality, secure and fraud-free viewing video media.

Today’s high performance video requires a high degree of expertise and a robust and efficient infrastructure to reach its goals. SelectMedia understands these factors and manages pitches accordingly. The company currently works with over 650 premium websites in 55 countries around the world.

Use advanced technology to access big data beyond RTB to improve overall video performance and efficiency. Most companies work with top advertisers and publishers, and most organizations trust their networks to deliver reliable and effective video.

4. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

If you’re looking for a free and fun video ad network, this is the place. Ads are more likely to be clicked, resulting in more sales. Google AdSense is the first and most advanced marketing network in this advanced advertising world. It has one of the largest monetization methods and systems.

It supports you establish a connection without any hassle. We offer a variety of ad formats. Video ads are just one of them. Some are skyscrapers, banners, and rectangles. You can also use one of them if one fits your needs. It is one of the best ad networks, and although it has some limitations, it is beneficial to advertisers and publishers alike.

Although the registration process is easy and traffic is minimal, not everyone can sign up for AdSense. Approval requires strict approval criteria. We provide high-quality ads that generate up to 68% of publisher revenue.

5. OpenX:


Open X is another high-performance premium video ad network that connects advertisers and publishers through its platform with amazingly efficient technology and technology. With a wide selection of different ad formats and templates, you can easily earn high profits. Being globally accessible and attracting consumer traffic in 200 countries, it should be 100% effective and reach a significant number of customers.

If you select to be an ad network, you can pick your target audience and bid directly to get more revenue. It supports almost any ad server or ad player, so you can use any available ad server or ad player. It also supports all screens and web pages available worldwide.

To be approved, your website must have high traffic, unique visitors, and genuine, high-quality content. It is also compatible with over-the-top (OTA) media services such as Netflix and can serve both off-stream and in-stream video ads.

6. Adsterra:


Most individuals prefer video ads to other ad formats. So publishers need to take this more seriously. We offer a variety of ad formats, including video ads, in the best possible way. These web offers are usually short videos that appear before the main content and effectively engage the audience.

Video ads are one of the most attractive advertising options to grab your audience’s attention. Ads for various products such as gambling, games, brands, etc. One of Adsterra’s advantages is that it doesn’t require a specific player to serve these ads to your traffic. This is because Adsterra can run in any player and works with any available player. So, if your goal is to maximize your video ad engagement and your audience prefers video over other ad formats, give it a try.

7. Unruly:


Unruly is a premium platform that provides access to all major DSPs and trading platforms. In addition, 95% of the top brands are also included in the 100 quotes. Unruly may not require other publishers to understand the video content. When it comes to monetizing video ads, think of it as a platform that allows you to display a large number of ad units within your content.

However, it can optionally be used for in-stream and video content in various formats. In this sense, the main attraction is the amazing selection of integration processes. For optimal ad performance, you can also follow the IAB Tech Lab’s lean principles and standards developed by Alliance. In terms of usability, it can also offer a dedicated account management function. Customers can also view video ad content in real-time to understand how your ads are performing.

8. Taboola:


Taboola offers video ads that reach a wider audience than traditional video ads. It is another great network with quality in-feed video ad units. In general, they may reflect the opinions and sentiments of social networks or news feeds. A scrolling stream-style ad that can combine content, blogs, and ads allow you to combine ads in the direction of your viewers and readers who are constantly reading and appreciating your content.

When it comes to high-level development, let’s talk about some of the main advantages of the Taboola platform. This platform lets you manage almost everything in one report, including tools to identify your declared income and huge metrics.

Host strong traffic and content sources. Many other videos and ad formats are also being considered, sliders, including inline ads, and widgets. Now you can not only watch ads but, also tag and check ads.txt integration to support and check domain spoofing.

9. Facebook Audience Network:

facebook audeince networks

Publishers can increase their revenue by participating in Facebook’s in-stream video ad network and monetizing their original content. And since most Facebook users access it from their mobile phones, it was designed with this in mind, making it ideal for mobile video ad inventory.

We currently support in-stream and pre-roll ads, but unfortunately, Facebook Audience Network does not support post-roll ads. CPM depends on various features. Video ad formats are just one of them. However, Facebook Audience Network is a good choice for video ads and takes into account other factors such as location and bid density.

You also need to know the configuration of the SSP or ad server used to serve your video ads. Besides FAN’s excellent video quality, it has some advantages over other ad networks, such as ease of use, and almost everyone on the internet knows about FB and how to use it. With this global network, you can generate as much traffic as you need.

10. Chocolate Platform:

chocalte platform

Chocolate Platform is one of the best-growing video ad networks. When discussing the most demanding video ad networks, this list cannot be complete without considering them. We currently serve over 7,700 websites and apps, serving over 20 billion impressions each month. The world’s first digital video advertising network. It’s also a great option for monetizing mobile-based traffic. Similar to mobile apps, this ad network is designed primarily for mobile users.

Ads are ultimately designed for maximum engagement and high returns. If your target traffic is on the mobile web and you want to use the Display Video Network, this is the ad network of choice, primarily focused on mobile apps. It is also the greatest choice for publishers and advertisers as it provides an equal opportunity to progress without compromising the viewer experience. Perfect for publishers looking to monetize their mobile apps.

11. AdMedia:


If you want to monetize third-party videos, you should consider this unique feature offered by AdMedia. At present, this network is not very popular, but it seems to be gaining popularity as most users like its usability and efficiency, for policies such as Google Adsense. Additionally, ad networks connect to the Video Ad Exchange and only sell impressions to advertisers on the platform, rather than the generally accepted method of selling impressions to advertisers.

AdMedia’s platform often uses contextual targeting, which can lead to relevance issues. However, if video content is not available, video format content is available from partners as needed. In this way, publishers can monetize their video ads to appear on third-party content and generate revenue through this indirect monetization method.

12. Verizon Media:


Let’s say you’re developing a self-service platform that serves video ads. If so, you should consider Verizon Media, originally called Oath. Because publishers provide the ability to do this in their other services. Verizon Media can serve out-stream video ads to your website via JS. brand protection tools.

It claims to be the best and most optimized ad network for premium and medium ad networks. It is also endorsed by other publishers and advertisers. This is because it is considered one of the authoritative names in this respect.

In particular, publishers that are video ad networks rather than video ad networks can also benefit from Verizon Media’s syndication services. This feature gives most publishers a versatile and free ad network. It has efficient features and excellent customer support. It supports almost any format, has best-in-class security tools, is easy to use and efficient, and can serve ads in multiple formats.

13. Viewdeos:


When you start observing the best-performing video ad network in the future, you will find Viewdeos there. Although it is still on the market today, it still maintains a high position in the video advertising market. Optimizing and monetizing your videos can generate high revenue.

We continuously improve our monetization solutions and offer new, more efficient, and innovative solutions to achieve the best results. It claims to be a fraud-proof network as it only advertises groups of bona fide advertisers and publishers. You can enjoy a direct way of making money.

You can also use this ad network with your existing inventory to generate additional revenue streams. You can also start with Viewdeos if you already use some advertising tools. This ad network makes it easy to track your earnings and other analytics via an easy-to-use dashboard. They already have a large network of publishers and advertisers, so they use the CPC model to improve their customers.

14. Teads:


Teads is one of the largest and most popular out-stream video ad networks. This is not an old network although it was just released a few years ago, it is still a big hit and has earned the trust of customers. We are growing globally with 500 professionals and 27 offices worldwide. See the rules of your video ad network with highly advanced and effective monetization techniques and tools.

You can earn at least £100-500 a year with this excellent advertising network. Publishers can turn pennies into millions of dollars through this ad network. We are currently connected with many publishers and advertisers around the world and welcome new publishers. With, it you can create more inventory. Publishers can create more interactive, data-driven, and compelling full-screen video ads.

15. Fyber:


This is another very successful video ad network. Fyber brings a huge amount of revenue to publishers, but they can also benefit from certain approval criteria. Compatible with many major verticals, so you can monetize based on what you need (games, apps, programming skills, etc.). It also works on mobile apps and is in increasing demand among publishers in the industry as a header bidding technique for numerous mobile apps.

It provides publishers with a control center to track audience analytics, ad performance, ad revenue, traffic behavior, and more to improve performance accordingly. We support multiple ad formats including banners, squares, interstitials, and verticals.

Publishers can choose one or more ad formats that best suit their needs. Few networks offer real-time information like Fyber. A minimum of 500,000 page views per month is required to be approved.

16. AdPlayer.Pro:

AdPlayer.Pro is a Ukraine-based developer of outstream video advertising solutions, primarily the adeanabled video technology of the same name. The flagship product of AdPlayer.Pro is the company’s proprietary HTML5 video and player technology with selfserve capabilities. They also offer an inbuilt HTML5 player. As a result, they allow website publishers to monetize content even without existing videos on site.

AdPlayer.Pro, out-stream video ads solution is a Ukrainian developer, primarily the adaptive video technology of the same name. AdPlayer.Pro’s flagship product is its proprietary HTML5 video and player technology with self-service capabilities. It also provides an integrated HTML5 player. Therefore, website publishers can monetize their content even if there is no existing video on the website.

This video advertising solution is outstream that enables publishers and content creators to monetize their editorial content with or without live video inventory. The platform allows publishers to display in-app and in-page video ads.

Video monetization strategies allow networks to generate additional ad revenue without disrupting their current ad stack. Audience targeting of video content to platform users provides a better user experience than most ad server networks, so your ads are shown only to the highest quality audiences.

17. Magnite:


Magnite (previously known as Rubicon Project & Telaria prior to the merger) is a trusted source for advertisers, helping over 65% of comScore 300 publishers worldwide, including ESPN, CNN, The Economist and Bloomberg. Source of information. Known as the world’s biggest independent sell-side advertising platform and curated programmatic advertising marketplace, the network has a global demand for video advertising. Few video ad networks have the reputation and recognition that Rubicon Video Ad Network has.

The merger associations Telaria’s strong connected TV and video management business with Rubicon’s large-scale programmatic video advertising for desktop and mobile. Unlike other options, this option is useful for a wide variety of users, including desktop and mobile users.

You can find a wide variety of ad formats in this network. It also provides real-time insights. This is a good option if you want to monitor your campaign performance at a glance. The network also uses the latest video advertising technology, including artificial intelligence, to progress rich media delivery.

18. Undertone:


The publishers who have an existing video library Undertone work with them. This platform doesn’t have many video ad formats. Though, it is still valuable due to its high CPM. It primarily endorses full-screen grab ads and offers limited customization options for ads and rich media. With the right video campaigns, you can create ads that exceed your business targets. The company offers video ads for pre-rolls and banners. We cover high-impact ad formats and IAB standard formats.

They offer 100% to 1500% higher CPM ratios than traditional ads, but are very demanding when it comes to traffic. Undertone uses ScreenShift to provide a multi-screen solution that leverages mobile traffic and clear, mobile-friendly advertising.

We provide premium publishers with effective video ad formats such as banners and pre-rolls. We also offer a higher CPM ratio than other publishers, but with a monthly traffic requirement of 500,000, it is difficult to meet our traffic needs.We offer a multi-screen solution powered by mobile advertising.

19. Xandr (Previously AppNexus):


Xandr is a prominent company of Ad Tech promoting an extensive collection of solutions for publishers. The Xandr Publisher Suite is a comprehensive platform that provides publishers with analytics, SSP, AdServer technology, and more. Xandr gives publishers access to one of the industry’s leading Ad Exchanges with over 10 million impressions per day, enabling publishers to monetize their content and maximize revenue per impression. We offer out-stream, in-stream, and in-banner video ads for video-focused publishers.

An American multinational technology company that operates a cloud-based software platform that enables and optimizes online programmatic advertising. Headquartered in New York’s Flatiron District, the company has 23 offices in several countries.

Since 2015, AppNexus (a subsidiary of Xandr) has been providing video monetization services. SSPs for publishers are highly regarded in the industry. Online auction infrastructure and technology that provides data management, financial compensation, optimization, and support for direct deal advertising campaigns. It has the capabilities of both a demand-side platform (DSP) and a supply-side platform (SSP).

20. Propellerads:


Propeller Ads is one of the most effective and successful video ad networks. Offers higher payouts than other major ad networks. A variety of ad formats are supported, so you can choose one or more ad formats that work best for you.

The ads they offer include video ads, native ads, push ads, and pop ads. When you advertise on this advertising network, you are targeting traffic that is in high demand for your products and services. This process leads to more sales and ultimately more revenue in less time.

Propeller ads are a smart choice when publishers want high fill rates and high CPM ratios due to high traffic on websites and blogs. It allows you to monetize every visitor you get. This way you can earn money from every click that is made on your website. Ad networks ensure that only clean and safe ads are the original traffic. Moreover, it ensures you are targeting real traffic.

Final Words:

In conclusion, I would like to say that videos are known to get more attention, and if you prefer a video ad network, you’ll get the most engagement as a publisher. The more ad engagement you get, the more revenue you can generate. I can do it. With these facts in mind, this article provides a list of the best video ad networks to help you find the best of the best ad networks that will give you the results you want. We know it’s not easy.

I hope you can make a better decision after reading this article. Each network has its strengths and weaknesses, but they all combine with an unparalleled ability to drive ad impressions without significantly interfering with the viewer’s browsing experience.

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