Maktapp Review 2022 – Is It Best Cloud Business Administration Software?

Maktapp Review 2022:

We live in an era of technological and entrepreneurial interventions; should not we think to upgrade our corporate management systems to meet the standards of this fast-paced tech environment?

Well, if you are considering doing so, you have hit the right button as you will be introduced to a platform named Maktapp Cloud Solutions, which will address all your requirements and concerns regarding up-gradation and E- management of your businesses. Just as their motto demonstrates:

“We make IT easy.”

What Is It?

Maktapp Cloud Solutions is a Qatar-based private entrepreneurial venture that has progressed under many renowned units’ support. It holds the goal of providing effective tools to the people to work with less effort and more precision. That is why it has successfully covered a broad range of customers and users all over the Middle East.

The vision behind the effort of Maktapp, which has made it efficient, is the development and advancement of various processes by utilizing simple, cost-effective, and smart technologies that can apply to almost all types of corporate sectors. They assure you the quality of results by implementing state-of-the-art standards and utilizing the best techniques.

A Quick Glance:

Within two years:

  •  Maktapp has been successfully operating in 10 countries with almost 1200 clients.
  • It consists of five main products along with 25+ projects and training.
  • Still, to clear your concerns, you need to know that Maktapp has been awarded as Best Tech-startup in Qatar Qitcom 2017, a great achievement for a recently developed company.

Why Should I Consider Maktapp?

There are other services available as well, but we suggest Maktapp to you because

  • It is a Qatari company with no language barrier and has the same school of thought as you.
  • Besides this, productivity and efficiency are the company’s ultimate priorities. They deliver the desired result with all the possible input and efforts.
  •  Maktapp is a kind of ONE-STOP-SHOP in terms of technology, so they have all the relevant essentials you will need.

Taskforce Behind The Success:

United and collaborative teamwork pay off a successful output. That is why we want you to introduce us to the company’s team. Following are the inventors behind the successful running of Maktapp:


Meet Saleh Al Mansoori, a Qatar-based young enthusiastic guy who manages the operations and all the company’s project-related activities.


This sector is handled by an IT expert known as Waleed Al Yafei. He molds the ideas into creative solutions brilliantly because creativity is the key to distinguishing the company, among others.


Managed by Mohammed Abdalzaher, a multi-talented sales and business developer. He is a passionate person about technology and handles the company’s business development and sales activities.

Services Maktapp Holds For You:

You must wonder what kind of services Maktapp aims to provide its customers. Let us introduce you to people with the particulars it holds for you!

ERP Cloud Solutions:

  •  Maktapp provides you full customization
  • Full ERP suite.
  • Process Optimization.

E-commerce building:

  • Facilitating by multiple payment methods
  • It provides solutions to your e-commerce related concerns as well.
  • Availability of customized versions on client needs.

Web & Mobile Apps:

  • Maktapp gives its customers IOS and Android Apps
  • Customized Web Solutions
  • CMS and other portals as well.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analysis:

  • It enables you to allocate your data from different sources.
  • Compiling the data into different dashboards.
  • Development of business intelligence dashboards.

Consultation and Training:

  • Serves you with a staff training facility.
  • Technical Consultation.
  • Arranges IT workshops as well.

 Which Type Of Products Does Maktapp Have?

Maktappbelieves in transforming creative ideas into innovative developments. The brief details of their products are as follows to give you a birds eye’s view of what they offer you to make your businesses the smarter ones:

1- TASKAT: – Task & Project Management App:

Let’s enhance your company’s Productivity!

It facilitates your teams so that they can work all together fluently. TASKAT enables you to manage your work by scheduling the allotted tasks, setting deadline reminders, and facilitating time management.

Salient Features:

  • It organizes and plans your required work and collaborates on the shared tasks.
  • To facilitate in terms of language, TASK AT offers support in Arabic and English so that there is no language barrier.
  • It allows you to set reminders along with creating tasks and sub-tasks.
  • TASK AT holds simple and user-friendly design access for your computer systems and mobile phones as well.

2- FATORA: – Invoice Sharing App:

A solution for simple and professional invoicing!

FATORA is designed to manage all your customers billing systems. You can create, send, and invoices easily and without any inconvenience. It helps you save time and avoid delayed payments with just simple clicks.

Salient Features:

  • Users can create and send billing links by email.
  • It can be integrated with any accounting system, thus making a user-friendly interface.
  • FATORA also accepts online payments for the user’s convenience.

3- TENDARY: – Tender Management System:

Providing you with all the required features regarding tender management!

It provides customers with a set of tender management features. FATORA also covers the whole working framework comprising requirement set-up, bid managers, tender invitations, an effective tender response to the meeting, and ultimately a declaration of results that which party has won the tender contract.

4- MAKPLUG: – Web-Browser Extension:

Solving your business’ language-related barriers in a moment!

If you often face issues translating your required information into your native language, then MAKPLUG is the solution to your problem. It is a browser extension that facilitates its customers’ full translations of any web-based solutions or applications in Arabic. There is no need to adjust your concerned content according to the English language, as MAKPLUG enables easy integration to the middle eastern workflows specifically.

Salient Features:

  • Applicable for Arabic and English languages
  • Provides quick translation.
  • It can auto-detect the original language of the text as well.
  • MAKPLUG can be customized to the company’s requirements.

5- QALAB: – Document Templates for your Business:

A freehub of templates for you!

It is a curated list of document templates for free that can be used for your business. QALAB consists of more than 300+ document templates waiting for you.

6- MAKSHORT: – Desktop App Shortcut:

Enhancing your proficiency!

Managing the daily chores of the company can often become hectic. Well, MAKSHORT is here for you to give you some relief. It is a business desktop shortcut aiming to help the staff so that they can reach the organization’s services easily. Its features include finding contact numbers within the department, quickening the process of daily e-mails, and tracking the attendance of staff as well.

7- BOOKS LISTING: – Book, & analysis:

Planning your book fair!

It is a web and mobile-based application that facilitates the fair visitors so that they can view the available books and trace their location inside the fair location.


You can contact Maktapp to clear all your queries and other required information. Here are the contact details you may need:

  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +974 30005665
  • Address: QSTP, Tech 2-Doha, Qatar


So, if you are convinced enough that MAKTAPP is the ultimate package for your company’s progress, then you have made the very right choice. We recommend you get benefited from this amazing tech-startup available in your region because we all should establish smart business setups in this smart world now.

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