The money spent on mobile advertising is predicted to go from zero to hero. The skyrocketing number of people migrating to smartphones, who are swiftly becoming more familiar with mobile apps, is a big factor in this forecast. Advertisers are clamoring for their attention as they spend more time on their portable apps, and the easiest method is with smartphone ad networks.

Mobile has created a new host of large firms, including InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media, Tapjoy, and others, similar to the advertising heavyweights on the web, such as Yahoo Network, Real Media, AdBrite, and Google Ad Network. Of course, we’ve seen the major guns join the fray, such as Google, which bought AdMob, and Microsoft, which launched Microsoft Mobile Advertising.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that mobile advertising is still in its infancy, yet no one knows where it’ll go.

What is an ad network?

A mobile ad network links publishers and advertisers looking to sell or buy ad space. Mobile Ad Networks make it easy for publishers to sell their ad inventory to advertisers interested in marketing their applications. On the other hand, Mobile Ad Networks assist marketers in locating the best available slot to show their advertising. Mobile Ad Networks, also known as Advertising Networks, play a significant part in delivering high-quality outcomes from portable game advertising.

Finding the right ad network:

What sort of traffic you’re searching for is the most significant aspect in selecting whether or not to collaborate with any ad network, mobile or otherwise. At present, each ad network has its own set of strengths and drawbacks, but you can categorize the majority of them into a few groups.

Blind network:

Typically, these networks have access to a huge number of smaller publisher sites and services. They don’t provide you with information on all of the publishers with whom you’re dealing. Blind networks may be a great way to get some quantity going, based on how skilled your new customers need to be.

Premium blind network:

Some networks cater to medium-sized and larger publications, but they don’t reveal what it is you’re interacting with. These networks function incredibly well if it doesn’t matter which sites bring you traffic as long as they are premium sites. Pay per click (CPC) and pay per install (CPI) options are common on these networks.

Premium networks:

Mobile ad networks that only operate with a select, top-tier publication. These are frequently large destination sites or even mobile carriers, and you will frequently be required to pay in the same way you would for a display network (CPM).

Incentivized networks:

Users are enticed to download a phone app or finish an affiliate marketer activity in return for virtual currency through incentive ad networks. These networks’ output could be blind or visible. This sort of advertising generally costs per install or cost per action, dependent on results (CPA).

Working of ad network:

That when an ad call goes, a Mobile Ad Network handles various advertisers to display the correct ad there at the right moment. Only if a publisher generates an ad request does the Mobile Ad Network become active. The device type, possible ad formats, ad slot formats, and other insertion data are included in an ad request.

The Ad Network then matches this demand with inventory levels. Once a matched ad is found, it is presented in real-time in the publisher’s mobile game or app’s prepared and mixed slot. This is how an Ad Network makes in-app advertising possible for mobile application and software profitability.

A publishing company must connect an SDK to fully operational an Ad Network and categorize their mobile advertising game. Publishers may assign ad locations and choose ad types this way. As a result, game publishers will need to include an SDK for each Ad Network they wish to collaborate with.

What to Check Before Choosing an Ad Network?

Once it refers to selecting the best Ad Network, thorough research is essential. When several measurements and features are combined, the result is an excellent Ad Network that does not let you down.

The network must make optimization simple:

For both users and advertisers, an ad network must make optimization simple. A decent Ad Network should include a complete dashboard with in-depth statistics to help with this. Reporting must be controlled instantaneously so that an ad or publication may make necessary modifications. Likewise, the Ad Network must provide help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that no ad or publisher has a problem.

Fill rate:

Fill rate is an important effectiveness statistic that should be considered when selecting an ad network. An effective ad network can generate and sustain a fill rate to increase income and campaign performance.Once an ad call is made, the fill rate indicates how quickly an Ad Network responds and distributes advertising. As a result, it is always vital and profitable for marketers and publishers to analyze this in advance.

Ad relevance:

An Ad Network could have complete control over advertising depending on a user’s preferences. This is when the importance of ad relevancy comes into play. As a publisher, the Ad Network you select must display ads relevant to users. As an advertiser, you must target your original target using different demographics and data through the Ad Network.

Multiple ad formats:

The landscape of mobile gaming and monetization and the platforms that support it are changing. Multiple ad formats and trends are emerging, necessitating the update of these tools and platforms. As a result, it’s critical to select an Ad Network that keeps up with the competition by upgrading its capabilities and modules.

Reconnecting with established publishers might be a valuable element of your study before deciding on an Ad Network. Based on their experiences, game companies or publishers that already use Ad Networks can better assist you. You may rely on publicity while also learning from the errors and experiences of other publishers.

Last words:

In-app advertising is made easier with the help of mobile ad networks. Unless you’re a game publisher or an advertiser, you’ll need a thorough understanding of Ad Networks. This will allow you to evaluate how things are going and improve performance critically.

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