15+ Best Ad Networks For Advertisers in 2024

Although Google and Facebook are free for all users to access, many people are curious about how they make money.

All of this is due to the word “advertisements,” specifically. In this rapidly expanding world, there are numerous established enterprises and emerging startups. Most of them set aside a sizable chunk of money for marketing.

These businessmen and entrepreneurs in the early 20th century had flyers, magazines, and newspapers as possibilities. Other than these, there wasn’t much room for television advertisements, but since there weren’t many viewers, there wasn’t a big market for advertisers.

Interestingly, the business models of Google and Facebook (Meta) at the start of the twenty-first century changed things, and advertisers now have options for displaying their products in the form of digital media.

The Definition Of Ad Network:

The purpose of ad networks is to match demand sources looking for ad slots with supply sources that aggregate ad inventories. Apps from publishers and app developers often make up the supply sources in a mobile ad network. Advertisers wishing to have their ad run in another app make up demand sources.

While some mobile ad networks specialize in particular formats, like video, others support a broad range of formats, from banners to native ads.

Some ad networks provide a platform for advertisers to sign in and control their campaigns on the demand side. Others provide a managed service where account managers use their experience to ensure that a campaign is running as smoothly as possible while taking a consultative approach.

Why Are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks are a core part of the mobile advertising ecosystem’s profitability. They provide a commercial and technical bridge between publishers and advertisements.

On a technological level, integrations are frequently offered so that the demand side can launch and track campaigns while the supply side can sell its inventory. Ad networks facilitate payments and business activities. Publishers would have to negotiate contracts with each advertiser if ad network services weren’t available to pull demand.

Top 3 Benefits of Ad Network:

Greater Options:

When publishers and advertisers decide whether to sell or buy inventory, they have access to a wide range of options. The auction mechanism makes sure that advertisers connect to premium content based on their goods or services and that publishers choose the highest-paying advertisers to optimize their revenue.

Automatically Aligned With Premium Impressions:

Finding inventory that is appropriate for an advertiser’s goods and services is a time-consuming and difficult task. Ad networks, on the other hand, can handle these tasks on behalf of advertisers and get premium inventory from the best publishers. Similar to this, ad networks can assist publishers in finding advertisers who are a good fit for their content as well as a higher CPM to maximize revenue.

Quick Revenue And Expanded Ad Reach:

These are two benefits that ad networks provide to both publishers and advertisers. By placing the ads on websites with high-quality and pertinent content, ad networks ensure a higher return on investment for advertisers. On the other side, the publisher can sell its inventories through ad networks to maximize revenue right away.

What To Consider While Selecting An Ad Network To Market Your Products?

In this emerging world, internet advertising has increased significantly. As a result, during the past 20 years, the number of ad networks has increased like never before. The decision of which ad network is most suited for an advertiser’s commercial success and capable of identifying the ideal target market relevant to the company’s business proves to be extremely difficult.

The following are some considerations to make when selecting an ad network company for your product:

Marketing Strategy:

Each business has a unique marketing strategy because it is based on its budget and product. While certain products are manufactured for a specific group of people by some businesses, others are produced for everyone without distinction.

Companies like Lamborghini and Dior, for instance, should develop their marketing plans with billionaires and millionaires in mind. Contrarily, since the products of businesses like Colgate and Pepsi are intended for everyone, they must be distributed to a wide range of demographics. Because each ad network has a distinct community of publishers, you must select an ad agency that can support your marketing strategy.

Metric Methodologies:

You need to choose the measuring metric that is ideal for your campaign before looking for an ad network for your marketing. Some ad networks perform well for CPM, while others are better for CPA or CPC.

  • Cost per mile, or CPM:  It is also known as Cost per thousand, or CPT, which means we want to pay the price for every 1000 impressions. For example, if the CPM is $10, 1000 impressions will cost $10.
  • Cost Per Action, or CPA: It is the cost associated with clicks and conversions. For example, your advertising generated 1000 clicks at a cost of $100 and resulted in 100 conversions. Therefore, at this moment, your CPA is $10. The assumption is that the conversion rate is higher the lower the CPA number.
  • Cost per click, or CPC: CPC is another measurement used in internet advertising that is similar to CPM. They are only different in that this fee is determined by clicks rather than impressions. Since the cost is exclusively based on clicks, there won’t be any fee if any user sees the advertisement but doesn’t click on it. For instance, if CPC is $3, each click will cost you $3, totaling $60 if you get 20 clicks.

Best Ad Networks For Advertisers in 2024:

Here is the list of Best Ad Networks for advertisers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Apple Search Ads
  2. Yahoo Ad Tech
  3. Amazon Ads
  4. Taboola
  5. TikTok Ads
  6. Snapchat Ads
  7. Twitter Business
  8. Spotify Ads
  9. Microsoft Ads
  10. Epom
  11. LinkedIn Ads
  12. Media.net
  13. Telegram Ads
  14. InMobi Audience Targeting
  15. AdRoll

1. Apple Search Ads:

apple search ads

An advertising network channel called Apple Search Ads (ASA) links advertisers with powerful interest groups. There are already 20 million registered iOS application developers managing 500 million weekly visits, creating fierce competition across all sectors. They are successful in bringing in $100 billion in revenue.

There are two variations of Apple Search Ads: Basic and Advanced. In comparison, the Advanced edition costs more but offers more features. It should be noted that not every user will see the same advertisement when using Apple Search Ads. There are several different kinds of advertisements, and variances include the quantity of graphics and videos.

2. Yahoo Ad Tech:


Numerous buy-side and sell-side tools are available from Yahoo Ad Tech. It has an Exchange and a multi-channel DSP (Demand Side Platforms). Yahoo provides a platform called DSP for advertisers to bid on and purchase inventory, manage their purchases, and track their ads.

The exclusive agreement that offers non-rival access to premium, brand-safe inventory with the best viewability across native, video, and the display is Yahoo Ad Tech’s key USP (User Selling Proposition).

3. Amazon Ads:

What Are Amazon Ads How Does it Work in 2022

A total of more than 300 million active accounts are available on Amazon Ads. They now have a thorough understanding of how consumers perceive the products and brands they discover, explore, and purchase online.

They provide products, brands, and display sponsorships, among other services. In addition, they provide their clients with personalized ads and audio and video advertisements. Advertisers can purchase display, video, and audio ads programmatically through Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform).

Customers can choose from eight distinct items and seven different services. Amazon Ads is currently operational in 18 different nations, including Australia, Brazil, India, and many others.

4. Taboola:


The local advertising network Taboola is situated in New York. It disperses “recommended” material across a variety of frequently frequented news sites and locations. Mid-sized businesses (51–1,000 people) and the marketing and advertising sector utilize Taboola Ads the most frequently.

Leading publishers throughout the world like USA Today, NBC, MSN, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and many others, have exclusive agreements. Taboola will make it simple for you to achieve your marketing objectives and generate worthwhile leads.

5. TikTok Ads:

tiktok for bisoness

Since September, TikTok has had over 1 billion users. TikTok advertisements can now be seen by an estimated 825 million adults (18+) worldwide. There are many different types of advertisements available on the site, including in-feed ads, picture ads, video ads, spark ads, pangle ads, slider ads, top view ads, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects (branded stickers and filters).

TikTok provides advertisers with a straightforward 4-step process to post an ad on their site. The fundamental phases are choosing your audience and your aim. You then need to input your budget. You must design your advertisement as the final step before your commercial is complete.

6. Snapchat Ads:


Advertisers who want to reach the millennial age frequently use Snapchat Ads. This younger age group uses Snapchat the most frequently. Ads can be targeted based on preferences, actions, location, and other factors. Connect with those who are promoting the new attitudes and principles that are transforming the world.

There are approximately 319 million users in the addressable market for Snapchat Ads. These users are constantly online. Besides that, Snapchat would aid in the expansion of your business among millennials and Generation Z because it reaches around 75% of them. There is no greater platform for developing a brand for young people than Snapchat. With kids, your promotions could skyrocket.

7. Twitter Business:

twitter business

On their platform, Twitter Business offers more than 20 different product possibilities to display your tailored advertisement. On Twitter, you may find some of the most important adoptions, such as Promoted Ads, Follower Ads, Twitter Amplify, Twitter Live, Polls, Twitter Takeover, Branded Hashtags, Branded Notification, and many others.

Twitter is a website with a large user base. The ideal place to advertise your goods or services if you want to establish a social media presence for your brand is on Twitter.

8. Spotify Ads:

spotify ads

A few years ago, FM radio was the sole option for advertising looking to reach a music-loving audience. However, things have changed lately. You primarily have three ways to narrow down your target audience with Spotify Ads: demographics, behavior, and contexts. Additionally, you can target a more specific audience by employing custom targeting.

Spotify offers flexible options for advertising. Therefore, no matter how big your financial plan is, there is something for you. The self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio, allows advertisers to launch anything for just $250.

9. Microsoft Ads:


With 400 million monthly searches on Microsoft and partner websites, Microsoft Ads can reach up to 41 million customers. It includes 15 different advertising tools that might be quite useful in enhancing the advertising strategy.

If you’re already working hard on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you may extend that work to Microsoft Advertising by delegating the difficult tasks to the import tools. As a result, you may spend less time and attention on routine social media marketing methods and concentrate on business outcomes.

10. Epom:

epom market

Epom offers a 14-day free trial so you may evaluate the platform. They offer a variety of ad server options, including powerful RTB bidders, white-label DSPs, and many others, to help any firm expand significantly. Through Epom, you can create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to connect with your audience. Additionally, there are several ad formats like display, mobile, in-app, and video available.

Epom’s Ad Server pricing ranges from $212 (Basic Plan) to $2125 per month (Advanced Plan). Furthermore, the Enterprise mode allows you to further personalize your plan.

11. LinkedIn Ads:

linkedin Ads

With conversational, interactive, and video ad formats available, LinkedIn Ads can accommodate any demand. It raises awareness of your business by promoting your company’s advertisements to niche markets on many platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Your product is featured in the most popular professional news feed on the planet.

The LinkedIn marketing platform’s Campaign Manager streamlines all of your advertising processes. Your missions are created, evaluated, and streamlined across all platforms. Additionally, their platform is used by approximately 65 million decision-makers. Your company may see a paradigm change as a result of this.

12. Media.net:


Media.net is a prominent international marketing company with one of the most comprehensive plans for promoting innovation across all media.

By constructing top-level things across various portions of any advertisement technology, the platform creates web-based ads. As a result, each client’s needs are satisfied without the need to work with many suppliers. The management of the ads is made simpler by combining the solutions from various providers on a single platform.

13. Telegram Ads:

telegram ads

Any public Telegram channel with more than a thousand users can be targeted by advertisers using Telegram Ads. Every month, telegram users create 500 billion views over many channels, with over 500 million active users worldwide.

Currently, sponsored messages are just being tested. They will start offering promotion income to the owner of that public channel where messages are shown after they are fully operational and have let Telegram take care of its essential costs.

14. AdRoll:


Adroll is an advertising platform with more than ten years’ worth of data from millions of brands and many billions of consumers. This will eventually assist in identifying the right market for your goods. Additionally, they offer marketing plans that are ideal for your company. You will achieve successful outcomes after you put these tactics into practice.

AdRoll not only produces effective advertisements but also sends automated emails to a specific audience, and a combination of both increases traffic to your website. Additionally, they have a unique selling proposition in that they target the audience based on changes in consumer preferences over time.

15. Mobi Audience Targeting:

A significant clientele for the Indian startup InMobi includes fashionistas, quick-serve restaurant devotees, college students, fitness buffs, vehicle consumers, and affluent urbanites. It has a variety of services for advertisers, including Exchange, Audiences, DSP, and Pulse, a platform for customer and market data.

Publishers provide beneficial services such as game monetization, header bidding platform service, unifID- identification solution, mobile app monetization, a range of ad formats, and more.


There has never been a better opportunity for advertisers to become involved with all the recent developments in ad-serving technology. Additionally, as new technology continues to advance, things will only become better.

Ad networks are becoming a crucial resource for affiliates due to their control over pricing, capacity to apply cost-effective bidding strategies for their ads, and segmentation that is laser-focused. The advantages of using ad networks exceed the drawbacks of approaching publishers directly.

All you need to do is deposit your money, decide on your campaign’s goals and target audience, load up your creatives, and watch the cash flow! Okay, getting a successful campaign might not be as easy as it seems, but the procedure itself is simple enough for beginners to understand.

Additionally, because there are so many ad networks in direct competition, you’ll frequently encounter ad networks that focus on a single field, like an adult, pops, or push notifications. As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to use the ad network’s advantages to determine which ones will result in campaigns that perform well for your offers.

Most of the networks on this list allow you to sign up and evaluate the traffic quality for a reasonably small deposit fee. Scale things up as you gain more experience, consider other traffic sources, and evaluate the performance metrics of each campaign.

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