15+ Best Ad Networks For Bloggers in 2024

Content is king, but what if you want to monetize your blog? Well, given a lot of time to research, plan, write, and proofread content, it’d be a joke not to look into monetizing your website with an ad network. Display ads are one of the most effective and simple ways to monetize your blog, as well as the best way to earn a decent ROI!

What Is An Advertising Network Or Ad Network?

An ad network connects businesses that want to run advertisements with websites that want to host them. The primary function of an ad network is to collect ad space and match it with the needs of advertisers.

Although the term “ad network” is media neutral, it is commonly used to refer to an “online ad network” because the marketplace for aggregated bloggers, ad space, and advertisers is increasingly found on the Internet. The main difference between traditional and online ad networks is that online ad networks deliver ads to the general public through an ad server.

Ads delivered through a single central hub allow the business owner to use different techniques of targeting, tracking, and reporting that are not available with traditional media options.

Why Are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks are a core part of the digital ad ecosystem’s monetization. They serve as a commercial and technical bridge for advertisers and bloggers.

Integrations are usually implemented on a technical level for the supply-side to provide their inventory and for the demand-side to monitor and activate campaigns. Ad networks also facilitate commercial payments and transactions. Bloggers would have to negotiate deals with every individual advertiser if there were no ad network solutions to pull demand.

What Does A Blogger Do?

A blogger is responsible for creating, editing, posting, and promoting blog content. They generate content ideas and increase website traffic by utilising Search Engine Optimization keywords.

Bloggers have strong writing skills as well as a good grasp of industry trends and insights. They also analyse web analytics data to assess content performance and make minor changes to the website. Bloggers are also in charge of managing subscriptions and email newsletters, as well as creating and requesting backlinks to boost website ranking.

What Does An Ad Network Mean For Bloggers?

An ad network acts as a go-between for a blogger and an advertiser. A blogger’s goal is to provide value to their audience, and once that audience grows, they can monetize it by displaying advertisements.

Ad networks determine the value of advertising space based on availability and the number of views these sites get. The more traffic to your blog site, the higher the price per ad, and the more the blogger earns.

Best Ads Network For Bloggers in 2024:

So, we have compiled a list of the Best Ads Network For Bloggers in 2023 and 2024 that promise a wide range of features, revenue potential, and strategies to connect you with businesses that will pay top dollar for space on your website.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Media.net
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Infolinks
  5. PopAds
  6. BidVertiser
  7. Ezoic
  8. BuySellAds
  9. Earnify
  10. Nativo
  11. Newor Media
  12. Taboola
  13.  AdThrive
  14. RevenueHits
  15. Sovrn

1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the go-to and one of the top options among the best ad networks for bloggers. Google AdSense is a trustworthy option because it provides users with complete access to its advertisers. You can select and manage the ads as needed. Google AdSense works in three main steps.

Bloggers make their ad spaces available, then the highest paying ads appear on their site and finally they get paid. AdSense provides you with immediate and automatic access to a massive source of advertiser demand, which means more competition for your ad spaces, more relevant ads, and ads for all of your online content.

To assist you in integrating the most profitable ads for your niche, the platform provides the following advanced features:

  • Balance User Experience And Ad Revenue
  • A/B Test Ad Variants For Performance
  • Use Adsense Opportunities For Improvements
  • Promote Your Own Content
  • Put Link Units In Limited Spaces
  • View Analytics Data In Adsense
  • Show Ads On Login Page
  • Connect To Ad Manager

2. Media.net:


Another popular ad network for blog monetization is Media.net. Yahoo manages the platform, which is one of the most trustable places to look for contextual ads. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that media.net is affiliated with tech giants such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Forbes.

Most importantly, the website is the first ad network to incorporate a server-side bidder system, which you can use to optimize your programmatic display. Media.net is usually viewed as a viable alternative to AdSense. Bloggers, on either side, can use both Media.net and AdSense. Utilizing multiple ad networks can improve fill rate and revenue optimization.

Aside from monetizing your content, the features listed below allow you to get exclusive access to the Yahoo and Bing search pages:

  • Contextual Advertisements
  • Ad Networks That Provide Dedicated Account Managers
  • A Tidy And Organized Reporting Dashboard
  • One Account For An Unlimited Number Of Websites
  • Various Ad Unit Sizes (Create Multiple Ad Units Sizes Ads Management Panel)

3. PropellerAds:


It’s time to gather your understanding of In-Page Push ads and In-Page Push traffic. PropellerAds is currently one of the best ad networks for small bloggers. If you genuinely think you won’t be able to figure out where to place ads on your own, PropellorAds offers an automated ad optimization service.

To maximize conversions, use its AI to integrate the ads into your content. This way, you can earn a consistent income from your blogs without putting in any hard labor.

The following are the top benefits of this ad network:

  • Global Reach (Monetize 100% Of Web Traffic With Its Huge Advertiser Pool From All Over The World)
  • Clean Advertisements (Monitors The Quality Of All Ads On The Website)
  • Adsense Compatible (Works With Multiple Ad Networks, Including Google Adsense, To Improve Ad Revenue Monetization)
  • Adblock Removal (A Solution To Lower Loss)
  • Onclick Popunder Ads (Provide Additional Info To Users With A Link To The Advertiser’s Website)
  • Reduced Payment Threshold

4. Infolinks:


Infolinks is one of the ideal ad networks to work with. Whether you have an established blog with a lot of organic traffic or are just getting started, Infolinks is a great way to make some extra finances. Infolinks primarily assists you in monetizing your site by putting contextual ads in your content based on specific keywords.

Infolinks simply matches an ad with all existing keywords in the content rather than creating new content. It’s not just a simple link, either; when a visitor hovers over a highlighted keyword, the ad appears.

Infolinks also provides some other kinds of ads such as:

  • Ads That Stick To The Bottom Of The Screen In The Notification Bar  
  • Interstitials Between Page Views 
  • “Standard” Contextual Advertisements
  • If You Have Unused Content, Vertical Ads Will Appear On Either Side Of Your Site (E.G. Someone Is Visiting On A Wide Screen With White Space On The Sides)

5. PopAds:


PopAds is a lucrative pop-under ad network for your blog. The platform has a simple signup process that you can complete quickly and begin monetizing your blog. It is associated with a number of trustworthy brands that provide high-quality adverts. PopAds have an interesting bidding system, which allows bloggers to set the minimum bid that they will accept from advertisers.

Even if your website is new, you can join PopAds as a blogger. You will have complete control over the advertisements that appear on your site. PopAds guarantees the safety of its blogger income and data and claims to be the safest ad network. To improve security, they have also added two-factor authentication and activity logs.

With so many options for bloggers, you can monetize your content in a variety of ways, including:

  • “Traditional” Display Ads
  • Smart Links That Automatically Take Visitors To Relevant Offers
  • Onclick Ads (AKA Popunders)
  • Interstitials
  • Browser Push Notifications (A Fairly Unique Option)

6. BidVertiser:


BidVertiser is a top ad network that provides unique monetization models for bloggers. There are many ad formats available on the platform. The best part is that you can customize the ad layouts to match the interface of your website. This means that the ads will not show up as forced or intrusive to the visitor.

For bloggers, BidVertiser has an automated approval process. Bloggers must go through the free sign-up process and provide information about their website. Bloggers can proceed using BidVertiser and placing ads if their website does not contain illegal or adult content.

Furthermore, BidVertiser allows you to keep track of your performance and earnings with the following incredible features:

  • Full Coverage For Desktop & Mobile Worldwide With Real-Time Optimization
  • JS Tags Or XML To Optimize The Traffic
  • Smartlink To Monetize Your Traffic By Sending It To The Direct Link With No Hassle
  • Monetize Everything (Websites, Toolbars, Extensions, Mobile Apps, Search, And Domains)
  • Safe Ads (All Ads Are Scanned 24×7 By The Compliance Team)
  • $10 Minimum Payment
  • Customize Ad Formats

7. Ezoic:


Ezoic is an ad network powered by artificial intelligence that can have a direct impact on your revenue, performance, and user experience. It determines the best settings for the ads you place on your website according to the user’s preferences.

You’ll also be able to test rules, preferences, and experiments, culminating in a report that shows you what works best. Ezoic is compatible with any CMS, host, or website configuration. Ezoic is coherent with the vast majority of plugins that have been approved for use with WordPress. The metrics and features provided by this ad network can help you generate more revenue with less effort:

  • Ad Optimization (This Includes Banner Ads, Native Ads, Sticky Ads, And Link Ads)
  • Website Performance (Improve Your User Experience, And Reduce Your Bounce Rate)
  • Traffic Insights (See How First-Time Visitors Interact With Your Website Compared To Returning Visitors)
  • Ad Tester (Test Different Ad Locations Using A Google Chrome Extension Drag-And-Drop Ad Tester)

8. BuySellAds:


In the online world, ad space is a most precious resource. Bloggers and websites can profit from the ads they allow on their sites, and businesses can profit by placing advertisements on the appropriate websites. However, not all advertising marketplaces meet the needs of businesses.

For those who want more control over their ad space, BuySellAds is a solution. As a blogger, you can list your website on their marketplace with stats and details, and advertisers can buy advertisement spots directly from you. When you accept an offer, the ads will start appearing on your website, and you will be paid in accordance with the agreed-upon amount.

Here are some of BuySellAds’ notable features:

  • Customizable Ads
  • Power To Reject Advertisements
  • No Beginning Fees
  • Various Prices
  • Two Ways To Pay
  • Focused On Tech And Web Design

9. Earnify:


Earnify is a self-service native ads platform that allows you to drive a high volume of traffic to your landing pages. The platform is linked to all of the big ad networks, allowing you to scale your campaigns. Earnify’s mission is to provide advertisers with reach from a single platform while earning more for bloggers.

The network currently has over 800 active advertisers, over 9000 active campaigns, and serves hundreds of billions of bid requests per month across its network of publisher sites. This is an excellent Demand Side Platform that connects you with all of the major native advertising networks, allowing you to increase the reach of your campaigns faster than ever before.

To assist you in integrating the most profitable ads for your niche, the platform provides the following advanced features:

  • Superior Targeting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Transparent In-Depth Analytics

10. Nativo:


Check out Nativo if you’re searching for a native advertising platform. It’s a cloud-based platform that caters to both bloggers and advertisers. It gives you the tools you need to have the most impact on the customer journey. Nativo’s goal is to boost meaningful engagement, which results in clicks.

Nativo’s platform is extremely simple to use, from campaign setup to generating comprehensive data and insightful campaign wrap reports. Their ability to deliver native campaigns across their publisher network is unparalleled, and our clients are consistently pleased with their results.

It supports all native ad units and provides all native formats that are ready to use right away. Here are some of its best features for bloggers:

  • A Complete Native Advertising Platform
  • Monitor Native Monetization
  • Compatible With Multiple Websites
  • Leverage The Power Of Programmatic
  • Support With Native Articles

11. Newor Media:

newor media

This advertising network is a phenomenal and profitable alternative to low-paying advertising networks. It uses algorithmic real-time bidding and machine learning to provide you with one of the industry’s best rates.

They’re linked to a number of ad networks, including AdSense, so you can expect ads from any of these networks to show up once you sign up and start using their ad units.

Furthermore, Newor Media allows you to keep track of your performance with the following outstanding features:

  • Algorithmic Real-Time Bidding
    • Quality Ads
    • Types Of Ads
    • Minimal Ads And Full Control Over Placement
  • Simple Signup Process And Requirements
  • Handy Earnings Calculator
  • Easy Payments

12. Taboola:


Taboola is an ad network that uses content suggestions to monetize your blog or website. These suggestions appear as ads following your site’s content. To become a publisher on this network, you must have a minimum of 500,000 monthly visitors.

Your first payment is made 45 days after the end of your first month by the network. It help thousands of advertisers reach their audiences with compelling native ads in a brand-safe environment by leveraging the massive scale, unique content consumption data, and world-class AI technology.

Taboola’s top features include:

  • Build New Audiences
  • Actionable Editorial Insights
  • Optimized Paid Acquisition 
  • Audience Exchange
  • Engage Users And Ensure That They Keep Coming Back
  • Monetize Different Platforms 

13. AdThrive:


AdThrive is yet another well-known ad network that monitors its bloggers. This pay-per-impression network collaborates with both consumers and advertisers to ensure that advertisements for high-quality products from remarkable firms appear on your blog.

The payment guarantee is unquestionably dread the most compelling reason to join AdThrive. You will always be paid in full and on time, even if AdThrive’s advertisers do not pay on time.

Here are the most appealing components of AdThrive:

  • High Rpms
  • Quick Approval And Onboarding
  • Great Customer Service
  • Custom Ad Format And Ad Placement For Maximum Revenue Potential
  • Video Ad Hosting
  • User-Friendly Dashboard And Analytics
  • Access To The Best Brands And Campaigns

14. RevenueHits:

revenue Hts

RevenueHits is another ad network because it uses a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model, which means you are purchased for every action or conversion rather than just click-through rates. Because you don’t need a lot of traffic to make a lot of money, it’s one of the best ad networks for bloggers with low traffic.

RevenueHits also provides a variety of ads, such as contextual ads, Footer Sticky, Pop-Unders, banners, and the ability to detect AdBlocks.

The following are the top reasons for picking this ad network:

  • Relevant And Profitable Ads
  • Access To Optimal Ad Types
  • Track Ad Performance And Plan Ahead
  • Block Dishonest Advertising

15. Sovrn:


Sovrn is the ultimate advertising platform for bloggers and small publishers, ranking last on our list of the best ad networks for bloggers. They provide a number of ad formats, such as onScroll ads, video ads, header ads, and banners.

Aside from that, they have unique monetization tools that assist you in selecting the best ads for your blog. These tools assist in creating demand for your content among relevant advertisers, allowing you to obtain the best price for your advertising space.

Sovrn also provides the following additional services:

  • Ad Exchangeturn Your Content Into High-Quality Returns
  • Ad Managementpartner With Us And Maximize Your Ad Revenue
  • Commerceaffiliate Marketing Made Easy
  • Commerce Comparisonsprice And Merchant Comparisons
  • Commerce Galleriescreate Unique Shopping Content


Signup in any one of them and start earning NOW!

That brings us to the end of our list of the best ad networks for bloggers. Ad networks can also be a superb way to generate income without investing time. Whatever ad network you prefer, make sure it meets your needs and contributes to the overall quality of your blog. Pages crammed with irrelevant ads will turn off your readers.

So, ensure that your platform offers content-based ads with an effective automatic placement system so you don’t have to fuss too much with the layout and settings.

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