15+ Best Affiliate Networks For Advertisers in 2024

Advertising is the art of convincing people to buy a product or use a service, but with affiliate marketing you don’t need to convince anyone to do anything. You just need to point people in the right direction and they’ll do all the work for you. They eliminate the requirement for interaction with potential salesmen, these affiliate networks simplify life for the designers (the affiliates).

The establishment of procedures for data collection and ensuring that the right individuals are compensated for the sales they encourage is not required of the companies. Affiliate marketers that wish to promote various items can do so through affiliate networks without having to deal with individual merchants directly.

The top affiliate programmes simplify the process of generating passive income and simplify affiliates’ lives (many of whom are influencers).In addition to the affiliate marketing networks we discussed in our article on the Leading Influencer Affiliate Marketing Networks for 2022, we also cover them here.

What does it entail for bloggers, publishers, and those who create material for social media? more chances to earn money online.You may learn more about affiliate networks and how they differ from standalone programmes by reading this tutorial. Then you may investigate the most well-known affiliate networks and select the one that is appropriate for you.

What Is An Affiliate Network And How Does It Work?

A service that links publishers (or affiliate marketers) with brands is known as an affiliate network. The network serves as a “middleman” to make it simple for publications and companies delivering programmes to connect with one another. Brands may quickly locate and hire affiliates to advertise their products and create new sales channels.

When brands use Affiliate Networks

  • lack sufficient outbound sales support
  • Invest little in advertising
  • Want to connect with new people?

Parties Involved:

  • The seller. The vendor may be a large corporation like Nike, a smaller retailer, or an independent businessperson. They produce commodities including consumer products, services, and even digital goods before listing them on the affiliate network.
  • The affiliate. The affiliate, sometimes referred to as the publisher, is you. This individual is in charge of advertising goods and persuading potential customers to make purchases. Affiliates frequently market to and serve the interests of a target market. For each sale, affiliates are paid a one-time or recurring commission.
  • The client . The customer is the most significant party in the connection. Through profit sharing, when a customer buys something or service from an affiliate, both the seller and the affiliate benefit.

Best Affiliate Networks For Advertisers in 2024:

Here are the Best Affiliate Networks For Advertisers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. ShareASale
  2. AWIN
  3. CJ Affiliate
  4. ClickBank
  5. FlexOffers
  6. Avangate Affiliate Network
  7. Rakuten Advertising
  8. Impact
  9. AffiliaXe
  10. GiddyUp 
  11. Amazon Associates
  12. Walmart Affiliates
  13. eBay Partner Network
  14. Refersion
  15. JVZoo

1. ShareASale:


One of the most well-known affiliate networks is ShareASale.ShareASale hosts affiliate programmes for more than 4,500 merchants, large and small, as opposed to Amazon Associates, which is solely focused on Amazon items.

You may register with all of these merchants, create connections, and see your data from the ShareASale dashboard. In general, ShareASale is a fantastic choice for both digital and tangible goods.


  • There are thousands of retailers selling physical and digital goods, many of them well-known ones.
  • Dependable – They have been operating for a while and collaborate with several well-known companies.
  • A lot of upscale retailers. The majority of the 1,000+ merchants at ShareASale only use ShareASale.
  • Has a bookmarklet that makes it simple to create personalised affiliate links.

2. Awin:


Another well-known affiliate network that allows you access to over 13,000 other businesses is Awin, a condensed version of the original Affiliate Window.Awin actually bought ShareASale in 2017, but the two continue to operate independently and use different merchants.

Awin offers a wide variety of possibilities for both physical and digital goods thanks to its 13,000+ merchants.Awin was created in Germany, hence the merchant list has a slight European lean, even if there are numerous US/international businesses.You will have to submit individual applications to each merchant in the network, much with ShareASale and CJ. After that, you may create your connections and begin collecting data.


  • Numerous options for retailers.
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to facilitate product import
  • Low ($20) minimum payment

3. CJ Affiliate:

cj Affiliate

Another affiliate network that unites hundreds of various merchants under one roof is CJ, formerly known by the longer name of Commission Junction (a lot like ShareASale). 

You may connect with numbers of major and small businesses with CJ, which ranks as one of the largest affiliate networks alongside ShareASale. At this time, there are 2,696 various merchants.


  • A vast selection of both large and local retailers is available.
  • You may manage your affiliate marketing activities with the use of a great back-end dashboard.
  • Has a deep link generator bookmarklet that makes creating links really simple.

4.  ClickBank:


Although it also sells tangible goods, ClickBank is another affiliate network that features many digital products, similar to Avangate Affiliate Network.While ShareASale and Awin have a large number of well-known, large-scale merchants, ClickBank clearly has more “smaller” merchants.

However, there is a drawback as well; some of the ClickBank items are just of low quality. You should be vigilant about the merchants you select to promote, even if ClickBank has improved its vetting procedure to weed out unreliable vendors.


  • several tiny specialty offerings that aren’t available on other affiliate marketplaces
  • commissions for most retailers that are rather hefty
  • Easy to be paid with $10 minimum payment Offers periodic payments

5. FlexOffers:


With the help of the well-established, well-liked affiliate platform FlexOffers, you may access more than 12,000 different advertisers and merchants.You can constantly find fresh discounts with FlexOffers since it adds more than 50 new merchants each day and has one of the more attractive dashboards. 

Numerous deals from both large and small companies are available on FlexOffers, including offers from well-known companies like Priceline.com, Macy’s, Skechers, Lenovo, and more. If you want to check what’s available before joining up, you may browse a complete listing of all the businesses.

FlexOffers has existed for a while, much like the other major affiliate networks, so you can be sure that they won’t disappear anytime soon. Every publisher is also given a personal account manager by FlexOffers, which is a great touch.


  • There is a vast assortment (12,000+ retailers to pick from).
  • Aesthetically pleasing backend dashboard
  • You receive an attentive affiliate manager.

6. Avangate Affiliate Network:

avangate affiliate network

Software and digital items are the main areas of concentration for Avangate Affiliate Network. Without having to register, you may browse the entire marketplace for merchants.

Depending on the exact merchant you choose to deal with, Avangate claims commission rates of up to 85%, and its digital items often have greater commission rates than those of rival networks’ physical goods. 

Avangate Affiliate Network provides you access to more than 22,000 pieces of software in total, so if your website frequently advertises digital goods, you should join this one.


  • You can decide to get paid through PayPal.
  • many interesting software options available
  • The majority of retailers give rather substantial commissions. It’s usual to see commissions of 50% or more.

7. Rakuten Advertising:

rakuten advertising

A lot of major retailers are part of the well-known affiliate network Rakuten Marketing, formerly known as LinkShare. Known retailers are:Papa John’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s.Although their network (which “only” has” approximately 1,000 merchants) isn’t as big as ShareASale, CJ, or Awin’s, they do have a few smaller retailers. 

Therefore, you might be better suited with one of the other networks if you want to have access to a big selection of merchants. However, Rakuten is a solid choice for gaining access to the powerful tools, and they also provide some great features like the capacity to cycle advertisements without the requirement for an external solution.


  • enables you to shop at well-known stores like Walmart and Best Buy
  • a reputable brand (Rakuten is a billion dollar company)
  • Added amenities like simple ad rotation

8. Impact:


One of the scene’s newest networks is Impact, founded in 2008. Nevertheless, it has collaborated with an incredible variety of brands for affiliates to pick from and provides over nine million goods in that short amount of time (compared to Rakuten, for example). You may work with SEO and SaaS companies like Semrush or take advantage of chances with companies like Airbnb and Adidas.


  • A simple glance at Impact’s 400+ G2 reviews reveals how well-liked it is for its sleek and contemporary user interface, marketing capabilities, and first-rate customer service.
  • Impact also has a unique Mobile App Partner Marketplace that you won’t find anywhere else. In order to manage your collaborations, it also provides a set of automated tools.   

9. AffiliaXe:


AffiliaXe, an international affiliate marketing network with its headquarters in Israel, provides VIP service to small internet businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike. 

As an approved affiliate, you get access to a professional affiliate manager who will choose the best programmes for you and optimise your traffic in order to increase conversion rates. AffiliaXe offers the widest range of monetization options, including pay per view, pay per click, social networking, email marketing/feeds, and more.


  • Additionally, you will receive a lucrative $1,000 affiliate welcome incentive.
  •  AffiliaXe is great for existing websites or influencers because it is notoriously tough to join.  

10. GiddyUp:

giddy up

GiddyUp is a contemporary affiliate network platform with offices in Seattle and Ventura committed to assisting you in earning money online, whether through your website or social media. GiddyUp has given its affiliate partners nearly $200 million in commissions since 2013. 

GiddyUp can assist you as a new affiliate by providing cutting-edge tools and real-time statistics to help you increase your revenue. An affiliate partner manager will also answer your inquiries about digital marketing. No matter the channel you choose to drive traffic, you’ll have access to new innovative resources to aid you.


  • GiddyUp also emphasises how it has access to more than 150 direct-to-consumer and e-commerce retailers in a range of industries.    

11. Amazon Associates:

amazon associate

Amazon Associates is a wonderful choice if you want to advertise tangible goods on your website.You may get a cut of everything sold on Amazon.com by using Amazon Associates.This programme is even more useful because you are paid a commission on every new item a referral buys, even if it’s not the one you connected to.

Previously, the compensation rate you received from Amazon Associates depended on the amount of revenue/sales you generated. The flat-rate commission system, which Amazon switched to January 2017, pays you a fixed based on percentage on the sector that each commodity is in: This adjustment makes Amazon Associates even more appealing for smaller sites because you no longer have to worry about reaching a particular threshold of sales volume to get a bigger commission, which may have upset some high-volume affiliates.


  • a vast array of items
  • You receive credit for every item consumers purchase while the cookie is active thanks to the universal cookie.
  • The largest name in eCommerce is by far Amazon.
  • Only $10 is the very low payment threshold.

12. Walmart Affiliates:

walmart affiliates

Although the affiliate programme for Walmart is officially a part of Rakuten Marketing, I’m providing it its own area since I believe it offers a useful counterpoint to Amazon Associates. Additionally, Amazon’s monitoring cookie only lasts one day, compared to Walmart’s three-day duration (24 hours). 

If you sell a lot of tangible goods, you really only need to try this out once.


  • large assortment of products
  • Amazon offers higher commissions in specific areas.
  • a reputable and well-known brand
  • greater cookie length than Amazon

13. eBay Partner Network:

ebay partner network

eBay Partner Network is, as its name implies, eBay’s own affiliate network. With it, you may promote eBay items and receive a commission.Yes, you may buy anything advertised on eBay, giving you access to a wide variety. 

The main drawback is that many of eBay’s items are temporary because of its auction-based business model (though you can also find plenty of permanent listings). 


  • large selection of goods since eBay allows you to advertise anything
  • can sell second-hand goods, which is unusual
  • Payout was meager—just $10

14. Refersion:


Refersion is a network for influencer and affiliate marketing, making it the perfect choice for eCommerce firms. Integrating it with your e-commerce platform should be one of your first responsibilities. 

The ready-made applications integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, and Chargebee. The Refersions API must be specially integrated with other eCommerce systems. Refersion can be set up and operating in a matter of minutes with the use of specialised programs, but setting up the API solution will require more time.


  • In the Refersion marketplace, where you build Offers, you specify your precise needs.
  • You may include trackable URLs, discount coupons, email addresses, and even the SKUs of the products.
  • Refersion gives you a great deal of options when establishing payment information in your offer.   

15. JVZoo:


JVZoo bills itself as an all-in-one digital commerce platform. They provide more than 9.5 million goods in 22 different categories. The enormous Digital Product Library of JVZoo contains more than 200 areas and categories. JVZoo offers a user-friendly network with the resources and options required to manage a successful and lucrative online company. They provide a secure setting for global product designers and marketers to interact and collaborate.

All of the tools and training available to affiliates are instantly accessible. To locate the ideal items to market to their audiences, prospective affiliates may sign up for a free account and get immediate access to JVZoo’s Marketplace.


  • Affiliates receive commissions directly from vendors using a defined PayPal account.
  • The fact that affiliates have a single link for all the goods in a sales funnel is a helpful feature. This includes one-time offers, cross-sells, upsells, and downsells, among others. 
  • By providing special advantages, affiliates may persuade customers to utilise their affiliate links to make purchases. 
  • They can submit a bonus item that will be sent instantly together with the purchased item. 


You may begin using affiliate networks for yourself now that you are aware of the many types available and who stands to gain the most from them. Although affiliate marketing has the potential to be a significant source of income, in order to increase your chances of success, you should consider using both the finest affiliate marketing programmes and affiliate networks of your choosing. One of the main reasons people go into affiliate marketing is to make money online.

But before considering other aspects, don’t be overawed by a possibly high commission rate. Determining your specialty and the reason you want to become an affiliate can help you choose the best affiliate programme. Finding a lucrative niche may take some time, but if you do, you may easily broaden your audience once you’ve narrowed it down.

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