15+ Best Pay Per Call Networks in 2024

Have you ever done Pay Per Call Marketing? If not or never heard about this type of marketing, then this article is for you. Learn about Pay Per Call Marketing and some of the Best Pay Per Call Networks.

The Internet is a “Big” “Big” opportunity for making money. 

And we’re rather confident that you’d like to use Internet marketing to its fullest extent to generate income. You must be familiar with affiliate marketing, too. Selling other people’s goods online is a common method of Internet marketing where you can earn money. However, affiliate marketing itself provides many online money-making strategies. Pay per Call is one such method.

What Is A Pay-Per-Call Affiliate?

A person who promotes pay-per-call affiliate offerings is known as a pay-per-call marketing affiliate.

Affiliates for these deals promote a phone number that was generated just for them, which is the main difference. From there, your visitors call a number, and you are paid for any phone-based sales that take place.

The fact that pay-per-call offers might pay several hundred dollars (usually, US money is offered) for a single lead is possibly the most important thing to keep in mind.

How Do Pay-Per-Call Networks Work?

You are paid per call, as the name suggests. You are given a specific phone number to promote when you join one of these networks. You get paid a commission every time someone calls that number.

Pay-per-call affiliate networks could be offered by businesses that provide services like banking, credit repair, landscaping, or the law. Even if the caller is not required to buy their products, they must spend a lot of time on the call and enquire about the services the business provides.

This time frame varies depending on the business; however, it typically falls between 1 and 5 minutes. You get paid extra for calls that go longer. However, the caller must also follow the standards of quality specified by the advertiser.

As you can see, CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing includes Pay Per Call. However, the problem with the majority of other marketing strategies is that the customer doesn’t speak with the company representative directly. All they see are advertisements and landing pages, which direct them to websites and contact us pages where a response can take several hours or days. Calls, too, provide immediate feedback.

Additionally, they are inbound calls in which a prospective customer dials the advertisement. Unlike outbound cold calls, where prospects can view you as just another “salesperson,” most of the time, they phoned because they are interested in the services.

Best Pay-Per-Call Networks in 2024:

Here is the list of Best Pay Per Call Networks in 2023 and 2024.

  1. LucraTel 
  2. Aragon Advertising 
  3. MarketCall 
  4. ClickDealer
  5. GlobalWide Media
  6. Commission Junction
  7. Ring Partner
  8. Palo Media
  9. Revimedia
  10. Astoria Company
  11. HyperTargetMarketing
  12. Paychex
  15. eFax

1. LucraTel:


LucraTel is the top pay-per-call agency if you’re looking for competitive payouts and buffers to launch your pay-per-call campaign. As budgets continue to open, buyers have trust in LucraTel to deliver. Loyalty is a vital need, and scaling is welcome.

You should be making your calls to LucraTel. They are the only Pay Per Call business that can assist you in creating original landing pages. Here, the campaigns perform better. Credit Repair, Debt, Home Security, Insurance (Auto, Life & Health), Real Estate, Solar, Tax, and several more specialties are some of the verticals they concentrate on.

Prepays, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Net 15, and Net 30 are all acceptable payment schedules. This solely depends on the caliber and quantity of your calls. LucraTel is now concentrating on US markets. They currently collaborate with more than (500+) Publishers, and this figure is rising. You should definitely direct your calls to LucraTel because they generate winners.

2. Aragon Advertising:

argona advertising

Aragon Advertising has won various honors for its outstanding performance marketing services. Businesses from all across the world have a high level of trust in this name. It helps them find their ideal customers, get in touch with them, and increase conversion rates.

They are executing PPC ads in numerous industries that have the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of calls each month. Aragon Advertising assists companies in achieving their objectives. Access to its direct and owned offers is available in many industry verticals. Additionally, you can advertise your offers to the thousands of affiliate marketers in the network.

Through its own assets and a wide network of partners, Aragon Advertising provides a straightforward and economical method for obtaining high-quality leads. Additionally, they assist businesses in developing and managing effective and innovative pay-per-call campaigns, enabling them to attract potential customers to your company.

3. MarketCall:

market call

A well-known and respected Pay per Call Affiliate Network is MarketCall. The network places a strong emphasis on partnering with merchants and affiliates so that they can get the most out of their marketing investments.

In Eastern Europe and the USA, MarketCall offers both real estate and auto dealerships. MarketCall also runs promotions in the insurance, along with travel, moving, and tech support industries. Even new verticals like the sale of homes, apartments, and cars have been developed.

Its top-notch services assist marketers and business owners in optimizing their targeted calls and minimizing their advertising expenses.

For each deal, they have developed high-quality landing pages. Up to $350 can be earned with Pay per Call. Merchants should aspire for easy integration and speedy launch. They receive landing pages and marketing materials. The account dashboard contains thorough analytics and statistics. Payouts are also restricted to eligible calls.

4. ClickDealer:

click dealer

Another strong and well-known Pay Per Call Network is ClickDealer. Indeed, one of the greatest CPA networks, ClickDealer, offers Pay Per Call in addition to a wide variety of Pay Per Call offerings.

Therefore, ClickDealer gives you the chance to work with the best in the industry if you’re seeking the top Pay per Call Networks. The greatest partners are necessary if you want to thrive in online marketing, and ClickDealer gives you every chance to get the most out of your pay-per-click campaigns. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies, have a lot to offer.

Publishers receive the most exposure for their campaigns from large, high-quality, and targeted audiences, which boosts their returns on investment. To help publishers grow their business, they provide publishers with attractive verticals, exclusive offers, competitive rewards, and much more.

5. GlobalWide Media:

Global Wide Media

Pay per Call Network GlobalWide Media, formerly known as NeverBlue, is quite popular. Which affiliates are unaware of Neverblue, now known as GlobalWide Media? Although NeverBlue is regarded as one of the top CPA networks, they also provide Pay Per Call offerings. This is one of my other favorite Pay Per Call Networks, and their platform has tons of offers.

They rely on a data-driven strategy that will help you use their premium media solutions to achieve better outcomes. Today, they serve as a partner to the top brands and agencies around the globe, assisting them in achieving superior outcomes with the aid of their powerful and goal-oriented pay-per-call campaigns.

Utilizing information from over 900 million global audience profiles, each with over 100 distinct traits, its cutting-edge technology, and real-time optimization engine is designed to provide you with unmatched results.

6. Commission Junction:


One of the best Pay per Call Networks in the world is Commission Junction. Pay per Call Marketing is made simple and highly profitable for you due to it. By efficiently deploying Pay per Call Campaigns, Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies may look forward to having them as their preferred partner in monetizing their online marketing efforts.

By using specific, trackable, toll-free numbers, their result-oriented Pay per Call Solutions enable publishers to easily market advertiser products and services across a range of distribution channels.

The best Cost Per Sale network is CJ. To deliver a large volume of high-quality targeted traffic that helps to enhance conversion rates for pay-per-call marketing campaigns, CJ uses cutting-edge technology and an extensive database. It offers you the chance to produce more commissions for your affiliate business.

7. Ring Partner:

ring partner

Ring Partner Pay-per-Call Network can undoubtedly be the end of your search for a reputable and lucrative pay-per-call network. Ring Partner is a market-leading pay-per-call network that was created with the requirements and goals of advertisers and publishers in mind. Numerous advertising and distribution partners use its best services, which are offered all over the world.

Their professionalism is unmatched, guaranteeing that you never stray from your course and consistently achieve your objectives of turning your website into a highly effective monetizing channel. They use the most recent technology to offer the high caliber that you will undoubtedly treasure.

They are dedicated to and focused on making your Pay Per Call marketing effort a huge success, and they have a formidable team of online marketing professionals on their side. Ring Partner makes certain that advertisers get a lot of calls that are both high-quality and specifically geared toward their needs as a company.

8. Palo Media:


A well-known expert on pay-per-call is Palo Media. Their campaigns are specifically designed to satisfy the success requirements of both publishers and advertisers.

Palo was established in 2007 and has a history of making high-quality phone conversations. It fills a critical void in the field of performance call marketing. In fact, Palo is the most dependable and considerate site in the industry to conduct business as a publisher or as an advertiser.

It provides all of its clients with real-time reporting. Your brand’s reputation is enhanced by working with Palo. It provides quick responses to your questions. Dedicated account managers are provided.

9. Revimedia:


It’s been a while, but Revimedia is still a well-liked Pay per Call Network for publishers. For the past ten years, it has been engaged in the pay-per-call marketing industry. Therefore, Revimedia has the most expertise, making it a Pay per Call Network that you can completely rely on. Over 2000 affiliates consider them to be the best option due to their extensive worldwide reach and expertise.

The name Revimedia is now well-known in the field of digital marketing. They are successfully handling click-to-call and transfer campaigns by staying in touch with American advertisers directly.

They have mastered premium pay-per-call offers from a variety of industries, including mortgage verticals, debt relief, insurance, home renovation, and others.

10. Astoria Company:

Astroia company

One of the top Pay-Per-Call Networks available is Astoria Company. It has achieved a position in the Inc. 5000. Even in the financial services, education, and auto verticals, it runs its own lead generation websites. Additionally, it provides call-based pay services to marketers. As a result, Astoria Company has emerged as an industry leader in performance marketing.

Industry specialists who specialize in acquiring loyal clients for reputable businesses have formed Astoria Company. As a result, its knowledgeable personnel are drawn from the heart of the advertising sector.

They are well-versed in scalable campaigns and the development of high-quality leads. They are thoroughly aware of the characteristics of both consumers and advertising that produce trustworthy and reliable new clients.

In numerous areas, Astoria Company has demonstrated its mettle. However, they continue to experiment with fresh strategies for attracting top-notch consumers to the firms they support.

11. HyperTargetMarketing:

hyper target marketing

Many pay-per-call marketing services, including call centers, public relations, SEO, and mobile optimization, are offered by HyperTargetMarketing. They have established themselves through distinct traffic and tested techniques. HyperTargetMarketing has developed a strong focus on quality inbound calls for their clients. They compensate publishers well and provide excellent support.

Because they create a situation where everyone benefits, HyperTargetMarketing has become well-known in pay-per-call marketing. They provide publishers with great conversion rates. As a result, they consistently have delighted consumers. The costs involved are quite economically efficient, which is another benefit.

Your money is never squandered because the advertising content is delivered to interest-based groups that make sure that people who could become potential customers view these adverts. Furthermore, you spend less and receive better leads with HyperTargetMarketing.

12. Paychex:


Not many businesses are large enough to warrant hiring a full-time staff to handle their payroll or HR needs. Paychex closes this gap by offering a service that allows businesses to contract out these duties to fully qualified experts.

This enables a corporation to operate with fewer overhead costs while providing a full variety of expert employee services to its personnel.

As an affiliate, you have access to practically every small business in North America, which represents a huge potential market.

13. Visiqua:


Visiqua was founded in 2015, which is not very long, but it’s enough time for them to research the market and create a thorough report on what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, it consists of a group of individuals with extensive industry experience.

Through calls, clicks, and forms, Visiqua offers a comprehensive performance marketing service. Because they have created efficient tech stacks and algorithms that work with any company strategy, Fortune 500 firms favor them.

To ensure that you have top-notch offers to promote, Visiqua has also worked with leading insurance, health, home security, beauty, and vehicle companies.

14. ShareASale:


Similar to CJ Affiliates, ShareASale assists companies with lead generation and affiliate marketing program management. You may be familiar with them from other compensation schemes, such as CPA, or from situations in which a merchant would pay you a fee for each sale you suggest to them. But the majority of people are unaware that they also provide pay-per-call services.

To execute their campaigns, affiliates can also make use of the platform’s numerous additional capabilities, including banners, landing pages, in-text links, and videos. Why, therefore, would you choose ShareASale over dealing with the business directly?

ShareASale provides support and diversity. Few businesses are capable of managing both their business and affiliate aspects.

15. eFax:


You can send and receive faxes using the eFax service even if you don’t actually own a fax machine.

Even today, organizations that require a physical signature on a document rather than just an email or electronic signature, such as the legal, law enforcement, and medical fields, still utilize fax machines.

Fax services continue to be in high demand despite the development of replacement technology.

Wrapping It Up:

There you have it, now. These are some of the top pay per call networks you can join right now if you want to get involved in the pay per call industry as an advertising or affiliate. You’ll see that, in contrast to other affiliate marketing strategies, pay per call marketing is more complicated.

There are thousands of offers for you to evaluate across dozens of other pay-per-call marketing networks. Only the major players in performance marketing and pay-per-call are listed above.

As you can see, lead-generating websites and pay-per-call affiliate programs may be well worth your time. And it’s even more true when employing organic SEO traffic rather than sponsored search. However, you’ll need to create a website that ranks well and draws a sizable number of real people to it.

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