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20+ Best CPL Networks in 2024


When talking about business, one of the most important parts of an organization, you first need to let the world know what you do. The best way to strike it rich without breaking a sweat is to create the perfect plan for your business. The CPL Affiliate Network helps bring a variety of marketing materials to your business.

CPL, also known as lead unit pricing, is a model where affiliates charge for lead generation.  Prospect Registration, Payment where the Payouts range from $1 to $5, which is low compared to other marketing models but joining a reputable CPL affiliate network gives you more opportunities to earn passive income.

Fundamentally, affiliate marketers must assure visitors submit evidence through an online procedure. Therefore, when a user clicks on a blog or website SEO link, they are redirected to the seller’s website and decide to take action. For example, visitors are potential sellers when providing information, providing demos, or downloading applications.

Online businesses are growing and many new businesses are just getting started. Therefore, if you have a novel business besides wanting a worldwide brand promotion, you can effortlessly do that by selecting the correct power line network. For each lead generated, you will receive a fixed dollar CPL fee set by the seller. To receive commissions, users must enter basic information.

The formula for calculating cost per action (CPL) is as follows:

Prospect Cost (CPL) = (Ad Cost or Total Ad Spend / Total Leads Attributed)

In this model, pricing is set by the advertiser and requires lead generation.

Best CPL Networks in 2024:

The top CPL/PPL networks for the year 2023 and 2024 are as under:

  1. ClickDealer– Can be used in multiple industries
  2. Partners.House– Cost per lead Ad network
  3. CJ Affiliate – suitable for novices
  4. Dynu in media– High-paying network
  5. MaxBounty – Universal Reach.
  6. TradeDoubler– Finest Global Service.
  7. AdCombo – Top Exclusive Offers.
  8. Admitad – Monetize the top Site Website Traffic.
  9.– Very Reasonable Price.
  10. MyLead – Best CPL Network.
  11. CityAds – The Leading Affiliate Networks.
  12. SwiftAds – Automate your Ads.
  13. PaySale – Exclusive and Evolving Offer.
  14. TopOffers– Top CPL Offers.
  15. Lemonads – Great Global Offers.
  16. Adsterra – Worthwhile Campaigns.
  17. Perform[cb]– Low Expense Threshold.
  18. CrakRevenue – Top Value Services.
  19. Affilight – Best Monetization of Traffic.
  20. Leadbit– Premier CPL Rates.

1. Clickdealer – Can Be Used In Multiple Industries

click dealer

Since 2012, ClickDealer which is an affiliate network is pleasing our customers. They offer the best CPL package on the market. The best thing about ClickDealer is that it offers multiple categories, such as gaming, mobile, and dating, not just one. This is a great opportunity for businesses because ClickDealer can be used for various purposes.

The services provided by them will be wide-ranging on social media platforms, sweepstakes, and more. Click Dealer is known for offering the best party deals. It is therefore a very versatile network that can increase your presence on several platforms at the same time.

Please note that ClickDealer only offers monthly payments after reaching the $100 threshold. Weekly payments are also available, but only after large advances. All in all, it’s a good network that I can sincerely recommend.


  • The payment threshold is $100
  • The frequency of payment is monthly at the start then it becomes weekly

2. Partners.House- Cost Per Lead Network

Partners. House founded in 2019 is a dedicated push notification ad network that helps you better monetize your website through push notifications. Partners. House is one of the fastest growing push notification ad networks serving push notification ads to advertisers. Partners. House monetizes above 180 GEOs and offers subscribers 100% of their advertising. It consists of a multilingual login page with a common push code for subscription and new login page requirements.

They claim to have over 30 million active users in 180 countries, paying website affiliates over $320,000 per month in affiliate revenue and 85 million clicks. This number continues to grow each month. They are constantly developing new features that help advertisers grow their business faster by increasing traffic, leads, and sales. In this article, we will show you how to monetize your website more effectively with a reputable push notification advertising network.

With an advanced system of sending personalized push notifications and related ads to your customers, your conversion rates will be higher and your revenue streams will be bigger. You want to be a leader in the market and offer marketers a quality target group. It is also one of the best powerline ad networks to register in 2021.


  • The minimum payout is $50
  • The method for payment is Web Money, Paypal, Bitcoin, MasterCard, etc.

3. CJ Affiliate – Suitable for Novices

cj Affiliate

If you are pursuing an experienced and globally accessible network, you have come to the right place for CJ Affiliates. This CPL network has 14 agencies around the world. CJ Affiliates offers the best solutions. Its strategy is to distinguish itself from other networks. Everyone wants CJ Affiliates to get the most out of their customers.

An important quality about CJ Affiliates is that they have a global reach and work with some of the biggest brands. It provides the latest tracking and analysis tools not found in other networks. With these tools, you can easily monitor performance and get the best results every time. All in all, for beginners this is a great affiliate network.


  • Payment is done on time
  • Payment is transferred through Wire Transfer, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, etc

4. Dynu In Media- High-Paying Network

dynu in media

The platform supports CPS, CPA, and CPL activities primarily through display, search, and social media. Finding the highest quality publishers for online advertisers helps them drive user growth. The AM platform also allows publishers to earn money by offering referral commissions.

This forum is a leader in digital marketing with over 7 years of experience. We offer ultimate reliability by constantly adapting our approach to the technical requirements of the market. Dynu in Media is an affiliate marketing platform primarily affiliated with CPA, CPL, and CPS models and a subordinate division of Interate Corporation.

By filling out a few simple forms and providing all the information you need, you can increase revenue for hundreds of high-quality referral and advertising campaigns in just a few simple steps.

The best part is making sure that the Affiliate Marketer appointed by Dynau In Media will lead you to success and that you are happy with their service and have the longest possible partnership.

Your business creates and supports CPS, CPC, CPA, CPV, CPI, and CPL players through social media, navigation, and checklists. Guided by a proven peer and solid foundation, it is one of the most respected and powerful affiliate networking platforms in the industry.

5. MaxBounty – Universal Reach

Max Boutny

When it comes to networks of CPL, Max Bounty is arguably one of the oldest and best networks. A highly rated affiliate network for advertisers worldwide. The best thing about MaxBounty is that it offers around 2000 events.

With worldwide access, it’s easy to reach viewers in a particular region. MaxBounty has a global advertising network. We also offer performance bonuses and weekly payments. If you need a dedicated admin, Max Bounty can do that too. They provide all the information and have a very intuitive dashboard.

If you want to track your performance and that of your competitors, you can easily track them from your dashboard. Therefore, MaxBounty is also a great affiliate network with great features and great dashboards.


  • The Minimum Payment is $100
  • The frequency of payment is weekly

6. TradeDoubler– Finest Global Service


If you are seeking the most experienced affiliate network ever, TradeDoubler is your best bet. They have been working since 1999 and have rich experience. They have partnerships with some of the biggest brands. About 180,000 publishers make money with TradeDoubler.

This network is a very large network with over 260 employees. They are distributed in more than 80 countries around the world. If you need quality traffic, Trade Doubler is for you. We also offer other marketing solutions. You can register for TradeDoubler for free. All in all, It is great to network for starting a new business and earning a lot of money.

7. AdCombo – Top Exclusive Offers


The AdCombo website is also beautifully designed and attractive. AdCombo is the best affiliate network if you are finding out a very exclusive and inaccessible offer. It offers web-only events and also offers 12 different categories.

One of the advantages of AdCombo is that it can be used by people all over the world. A total of 40 languages ​​are supported. They don’t use other networks because their networks have their own settings. Therefore, you can easily maintain a high speed. If you are seeking out gaming offers, antivirus, betting, and forex AdCombo can help you.

They have a postpaid system which is also transparent in nature. The registration process is also very simple. They also offer an enthusiastic and committed manager to meet your needs. In short, it can be said that this is a very good network with great appeal and amazing features.


  • The payment threshold is $50
  • The payment frequency is Bi-Weekly

8. Admitad – Monetize the top Site Website Traffic


Admitad is a very large CPL network with over 1300 affiliate programs. Well-known brands that work with Admitad include Lenovo and Samsung. We are currently affiliated with over 1700 advertising brands. There are also over 500,000 publishers. If you are a publisher trying to monetize your website, Admitad is one of the best options.

Publishers can easily monetize website traffic with Admitad. If you are a beginner, Admitad’s full support will help you earn money. We also have a variety of tools to help you travel. There are graphical reports to help you analyze your performance.

The registration process is simple and easy. I have a minute. Very good payment threshold of $20. They also offer weekly payouts. Inclusively, Admitad is a great network for anyone trying to monetize website traffic.


  • The payment Threshold is $20
  • The frequency of payment is Weekly.

9.– Very Reasonable Price


Most brands today are focused on making more money because of this it becomes hard to find out reasonable prices nowadays. is not in that category because it currently offers the highest prices on the market. It is a leading PLC network that provides true premium services to its customers. One of the unique features of this network is the ability to set personal terms that you won’t find anywhere else.

Another advantage of this network is the payment system. looks great and raises money every day. Advertisers must use All transactions on are carried out transparently, which can increase your credibility. We also offer a free CRM system. also offers a personal manager to help you with everything. This network is also great for finding other landing pages. Overall, is suitable for power line networks.


  • The Minimum Payment is $50
  • The Frequency of payment is Daily

10. MyLead – Best CPL Network

My lead

If you are finding out the overall best CPL network, MyLead is for you. This associate network has been initiated in 2014 and offers great service. Many people want to make money from their families. If you are one of those people, My Lead is the best suitable network for you. They also have a multipurpose platform for beginners and professionals.

There are numerous other powerline networks on the market, however, this network is different from them; how is MyLead different? What you get with MyLead is a learning experience. You learn to sit at home and earn money. They also have different offers and different ways to earn money. MyLead is an equally great platform for publishers and advertisers. So, if you are looking for a powerline network to earn a lot of money, MyLead is definitely for you.

11. CityAds – The Leading Affiliate Networks


Moreover, affiliates can use a coupon feed offered by the platform to get discount coupons for certain offers. Further, it also offers a Widgets feature that can be easily incorporated into websites. With these Widgets, visitors don’t have to leave the website, and the action can be performed right on site in the Widget. CityAds provides some additional features, like an Ad recommendation system, email retargeting, tracking, analytics tools, etc.

Another best CPL network that focused on performance-based marketing is CityAds. With over seven years of experience, City Ads continues to expand its technology load and partner base. The platform serves more than 1,100 advertisers and approximately 150,000 publishers.

Affiliates can also consume the coupon feed provided by the platform to receive discount coupons for specific offers. Moreover, it also provides widget functionality for easy integration into your website. These widgets allow visitors to trade directly from the widget without having to leave the website. CityAds offers extra features such as tracking, an ad recommendation system, analytics tools, and email redirects.


  • It offers services for travel, gaming, finance, gambling, and e-commerce
  • The minimum payout threshold is $30
  • The schedule of the payment is NET 15
  • Money is transferred through bank transfer e-payment, Webmoney, etc

12. SwiftAds – Automate your Ads


SwiftAds is a worldwide advertising network that connects publishers, affiliates, influencers, and advertisers to effectively monetize and monetize your website. They have a firm immediate payment schedule and pay weekly and monthly.

They have experience with various marketing models such as CPS, CPA, CPL, and CPI. You can also use analytics tools to monitor performance and track sales. Advertisers can practice targeting and tracking tools to target exact audiences and see the popularity of their campaigns.


  • The pays are on the basis of NET 7 and NET 30
  • The minimum payout is $50
  • Payment is done through ACH, Payoneer, PayPal, and Bank Transfer
  • Additionally, the customer support service is available 24/7

13. PaySale – Exclusive and Evolving Offer


PaySale is one of the leading CPL affiliate networks that has become a famous platform in the internet industry. The platform offers a wide range of website services including travel, e-commerce, and dating.

PaySale supports agencies, media buyers, as well as publishers to achieve high campaign performance. It also offers the highest rate of return (ROI) and numerous campaign management strategies. Advertisers can securely launch campaigns and become complete governors over their creativeness. The payment by them is done through Wire Transfer, PayPal, Webmoney, Epayments, and Paxum.


  • Excellent support services are provided by them
  • They have further than 700 offers
  • They give payment 3 times in a month only for verified accounts
  • Their affiliate programs are more than 500
  • The minimum threshold is $100

14. Lemonads – Great Global Offers


At first, sight to get high-quality traffic is not easy. Indeed, many networks use bots to deliver fake traffic. So, if you are looking for a network that can deliver the highest quality traffic, Lemonads is one of them. Because their network is international, they often deal with international customers as well as with local merchants.

The topmost thing regarding their network is that it can handle traffic from all over the globe. Their registration process is very simple and the interface is intuitive and easy to understand. To provide services other companies are not used by them, however for the provision of the best services they provide their own platform to their clients. Lemonads also offers worthy tracking solutions. Overall, it is the finest marketing network for international business.


  • Good client services are provided by them
  • They provide international offers
  • Really good pay is provided by them

15. Adsterra – Worthwhile Campaigns


If a new business/brand is launched by you and you want to grow quickly, organic growth can help you do that. Adsterra is an advertising network that offers excellent service to its customers. The growth they provide is absolutely realistic as they use real users. Fake followers do not engage you, so it is very difficult to grow.

As compared to other networks Adsterra is very different as it only focuses on the provision of the best service. All Adsterra traffic is organic and instantly takes the brand to new heights. Moreover, an amazing thing regarding Adsterra is that it can also identify unwanted traffic. This exposure system eliminates all robots.

But arguably the best thing about Adsterra is its low-cost campaign. This campaign works well on mobile and desktop. With Adstera’s service, you can easily attract a lot of attention. Generally, this is a great powerline network with low-cost campaigns and organic followers.

16. Perform[cb]– Low Expense Threshold

perform cb

Perform [cb] is perfect if you are seeking a high-value network across different industries. This all-rounder network is an affiliate network needs by advertisers/publishers, so you can think of it as a universal tool. Perform [cb] offers thousands of transactions related to entertainment, health, finance, dating, and more.

Furthermore, another significant thing regarding Perform [cb] is that they have worked with the biggest brands worldwide. These brands include HBO and McAfee. An additional advantage of Perform [cb] is that it does not have a high payout for beginnings as compared to some other competitors. Therefore, lowering the threshold will encourage more people to use the network.

If you want to take your brand to the world, all the great things Perform [cb] has to offer are great. As this is a very old affiliate network, we have extensive experience to provide the best possible service. Overall, Perform [cb] is a great affiliate network to help your business grow.


  • The payment threshold is $50
  • The frequency of the payment is monthly

17. CrakRevenue – Top Value Services

ceack revenue

The usage of adult offers is one of the best ways through which online money can be made. It’s not for everyone, however, it’s the one that makes the most money. Crak Revenue is for you, if and only if you are finding out this type of marketing. They have some of the finest adult deals that can make you big bucks. Anyway, the offers are limited and you can get a lot of stuff.

Crak Revenue currently offers more than 1000 transactions. The payouts provided by Crak Revenue are also excellent. Good payouts make Crak Revenue more attractive to advertisers and publishers. One of the benefits of CrakRevenue is that it offers a 5% commission when sub-affiliates sell.

CrakRevenue is also provided by the administrator, so there is no problem. The manager is at your disposal and will do everything in his power to help you. CrakRevenue also offers exclusive trading, which is one of the best CPL networks.


  • The Payment for Wire Transfer is $100
  • The frequency of pay is Bi-Monthly or Weekly

18. Affilight – Best Monetization of Traffic


Affilight is a traffic monetization platform for websites that serve over 190 countries. Easily monetization of your traffic can be done with in-app ads and mobile apps. Plus, if you introduce someone to the network, you’ll get a 5% bonus. It’s a great way to really make a lot of money.

The greatest thing about Affilight is that it uses fraud detection tools to protect your entire environment. Thanks to this tool, you are always safe from any type of scam. Affilight is committed to providing affiliates with the best possible returns with the best marketing strategies. On-time payment is also offered by them.

Affilight is a great platform for anyone who is interested to monetize their website traffic and earn more money. Referral bonuses are also a big plus for Affilight. Overall, it is a very good network with smart features.

19. Leadbit– Premier CPL Rates


Leadbit must be at the top in case you are looking for a multi-vertical affiliate network. A very popular CPL network with 50 offices around the world. One of Leadbit’s greatest strengths is that it offers some of the highest rates in the industry. Thousands of team members are with them who help them to get the most out of their profits.

Leadbit has deals in categories like finance, dating, adult, gambling, etc. Leadbit has over 500 offers. It also provides a variety of tools to measure and improve performance. Real-time analytics reports let you focus on performance.

Customer support is also highly appreciated. Overall, Leadbit offers a lot of extra features that are easy to recommend at the best prices in the market.

20. TopOffers– Top CPL Offers

In the market, TopOffers is one of the top powerline networks. How does it differ from other competitors by the number of offers offered? Choose from over 2000 different offers. They cover all common areas such as gambling, betting, dating and gaming. Top Offers traffic is also important all over the world.

Moreover, another advantage of the best deals for novices is that you get a $1,000 addition for every $10,000 you sell. This addition in the form of a bonus is for those who select a dating proposal. They use great in-house solutions and can easily see the best conversion suggestions. TopOffers has extensive experience working and supporting the world’s top brands. Their delivery system is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. All in all, TopOffers offers the best CPL trading.


  • It provides international offers.
  • The minimum payment for wire transfers is $500 and $3000.
  • The frequency of payment is weekly or monthly

Which CPL Network Is The Best For You?

All the above-mentioned CPL networks are best in the market or the other way. It depends on the user which one suits them. By the selection of the correct CPL network, a lot of money can be earned.  These networks are very popular and offer the highest rates. Beginners will also find it easy to use these networks.

The best quality of each network is also mentioned under each heading. It also outlines the best options for each network, making it easy to find the one that meets your needs. Ultimately, choosing only the PPL network that meets your needs is important.

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