10+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2024

If you are familiar with Ad networks or affiliate networking, Google Adsense is something that will come to your mind. It is one of the best and often referred to as the best advertising platform.

It is a great choice for many advertisers, publishers, and bloggers around the world. It will help you promote your business and others to increase their revenue by generating generous revenue through your website or blog content.

However, Google Adsense is not the only option available if you want to achieve these objectives. There are many other amazing networks that can work as amazing or even better than Google Adsense. We will further discuss some good alternatives to Google Adsense that you can use. 

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a world-renowned Advertising platform that is recognized as one of the best or sometimes referred to as the best digital advertising platforms powered by Google.

It was established in 2003 and has achieved tremendous success in terms of advertising and monetizing content. Google Adsense is famous among bloggers and advertisers of different brands. Many big names are working with Google Adsense as it is seen everywhere.

Google Adsense is widely used on over 10 million websites and is the best PPC website. all of the publishers will get a justified share of the revenue generated through clicks. However, Google Adsense is not the only network there are multiple options out there, some even better than Adsense. 

Why Use an Alternative?

You must be thinking if Google Adsense is so amazing then why use an alternative?

Well, even if Adsense provides many benefits and makes many things easier, on the other hand, it has some disadvantages and can make things hard as well. Some of the reasons include:

  • Google Adsense has strict eligibility requirements before being accepted on the network. 
  • It also has some strict rules in terms of maintaining the account or you can get your account banned or terminated. 
  • You can find websites that offer a greater revenue share than Adsense even though the percentage they provide is high enough as well which is 68%.
  • You would like to find a more customizable network where you can mold the ads to fit the aesthetic or theme of your website. 
  • Adsense’s minimum payment threshold is $100 so id that is hard for you to achieve it is better to look for another network. 
  • You can also use other sources to add an additional source of revenue along with Google Adsense. 

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2024:

Here is the list of Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  2. Propeller Ads
  4. Adversal
  5. Revcontent
  6. Monumetric
  7. Mediavine
  8. AdThrive
  9. Infolinks
  10. Bidvertiser

1. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

amazon associate

Amazon is one of the best eCommerce sites in the world and they have a pretty high conversion rate as compared to their competitors. You have seen bloggers and publishers using the Amazon Affiliate program to monetize their ad content however Amazon Native shopping ads are something that can be used as an additional source of income like Google Adsense and it also offers you increased amounts to monetize your website. 

As it has a similar nature to Adsense, Amazon also specializes In contextual ads which means that they display ads on the basis of relevant products on the website according to specific keywords.

You will get paid whenever a user clicks on the ads and makes a purchase regardless of whether the purchased product was different from the advertised one. If the user uses those links to visit a page it does not matter which product they choose, it will be beneficial for the bloggers and publishers. 

You can benefit from their high conversion rates for passive revenue with fewer efforts. Therefore, this platform makes a good alternative to Google Adsense. 

2. Propeller Ads:


PropellerAds is a quickly developing advertising network that gives monetization valuable open doors to both new and old blog bloggers and publishers. PropellerAds is known for popunder advertisements, which load behind the ongoing program window and seem when this window is shut.

In the event that pop unders appear to be excessively forceful for your blog, PropellerAds gives other designated and non-designated promotion choices for work areas, including local advertisements, flags, and video advertisements. PropellerAds likewise serves versatile locales and applications and even offers a message pop-up promotion type for these channels.

PropellerAds is available to lay out websites, yet is perfect for more up-to-date bloggers as well: There’s no base necessity for site traffic, your record is enacted quickly after creation, and the payout limit is only $5 through PayPal. These payouts happen month to month.

3. is a great alternative to Adsense as it also specializes in contextual ads and is run by some of the biggest search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. You will find many ad formats display ads and native ads for both desktop and mobile. With this network, you can earn almost the same revenue as Adsense. 

The main reason why can be used as an alternative to Adsense is its approval requirements. requires you to have a clean reputation which means high-quality content with clean and high-quality designs. professionalism is something never overlooked by However, the majority of their visitors are in the US, UK, and Canada. 

If you are searching for a network similar to Adsense in terms of its services, quality, and revenue generation then is a great way to begin. Their minimum payment threshold is $100. This might be the smoothest network in terms of experience and overall performance. 

4. Adversal:


Adversal is an advertising platform that gives you great freedom to get creative and have more control over your ads. This is a network where you would not be provided with any assistance but is rather a self-service platform where the publishers or bloggers purchase the ads, then choose to place them on their websites according to how they want. This is more control of organizing your ad campaigns, great for creative and controlling publishers. 

It has an easy-to-use interface and you can just simply set up your ads and have them running. You can have more control over the ads with just a few clicks and it supports various ad formats so you can select the most relevant one. 

Their minimum payment threshold is very low which is only $20 and payouts are made on a monthly basis. To be accepted by the network you must have at least 50,000 viewers per page per month and have an original domain name not being restricted by the login. So, if you are a publisher that drives high page traffic and wants more control over the ad campaigns, then this is the best network for you. 

5. Revcontent:


Revcontent is most famous for its native ads even though they provide other ads as well such as video, display, and mobile. They design their native ads to match the aesthetic of your website or page. These ads are able to generate high traffic from the targeted audience. 

Revcontent is known to partner up with premium publishers and bloggers that have a high reputation in the industry and have proved themselves through their performance. They are able to create successful ad campaigns that attract a lot of customers and advertisers that are willing to pay higher commissions. 

However, just like Google Adsense, their eligibility requirements are a bit strict. You would need traffic of 50,000 on a monthly basis. They also require you to update the content regularly. This means you can get rejected if you don’t meet the criteria however if you get selected then it is highly beneficial.

Revcontent ensures a high engagement rate and their minimum payment threshold is only $50. Therefore, if you are looking for a network that is concerned with highly engaging content to generate higher traffic and specializes in native ads, then this is the right network for you. 

6. Monumetric:


Monumetric (previously The Blogger Organization) is a blogger-driven publicizing network that really focuses on its substance designers and guarantees the promotions displayed on your webpage are great and suitable for your users. They do this to some degree by talking straightforwardly to their clients and are accessible for help when you really want it.

Monumetric runs an expense for each impression model rather than an expense for every snap model, meaning you’re paid when guests see promotions on your pages, not when they click them. While profit from impressions is lower than clicks, Monumetric compensates for this with profoundly designated promotions.

Monumetric is additionally remarkable for its four adaptation programs, which are layered by month-to-month site hits — these increment your degree of help as your blog scales.

While there are at least 10,000 month-to-month site visits to be supported, this limit is lower than a few different organizations on this rundown and can be accomplished by medium-sized websites. Likewise, note that sites under 80,000 monthly online visits pay a $99 expense forthright for arrangement.

Monumetric’s base payout is only $10 which is usually paid through PayPal or the direct deposit whichever option is more convenient to you. 

7. Mediavine:

media vine

With Mediavine you will be able to tailor your ads and their placement according to your choice. They are similar to AdThrive but it requires half the number of users or viewers per month to get accepted on the network which is 50,000. This platform is also more concerned with lifestyle categories so if you are a lifestyle blogger or publisher this network might be one of the best options for you. 

There is a high sense of empathy in Mediavine and its workers. You will get great support and it ensures you only the best results. Their concern is with putting out the best ads with high transparency, and giving more importance to fast loading because as beginners or professionals these things matter a lot. They provide full support and will guide you if you have any kind of questions regarding their platform and the procedures. 

Their minimum payment threshold depends on whether it is a national or international payment. For direct deposit, it is only $25, whereas for international direct deposit it’s $100. 

So, if you are a lifestyle blogger or publisher that gets a good amount of traffic on their website, this network is a great choice for you. 

8. AdThrive:


AdThrive is a great advertising platform and a good alternative to Adsense. They take good care of their bloggers and excel in performance to attract the best advertisers and bloggers. They work in close relation with their advertisers and bloggers and not only do they show ads for premium products but for premium brands as well.

They will help you with a monetization strategy that works wonders for businesses and will give you their full support to form the strategy. This will help you to place the ads in the most effective spots to make sure they are successful. 

The best thing about AdThrive and the thing that differentiates it from Adsense, making it better from them is its 75% payout. Adsense pays 68% so you are definitely getting a higher amount with AdThrive. They also ensure timely payments even if the advertisers do not pay them on time. 

However, the downside to this is that AdThrive is not for beginners. With such features and benefits, it is obvious that they need professionals for their work. If you want to work with AdThrive you must have a monthly 100,000 traffic on your website and it should mostly be in the US. Their minimum payment threshold is $25 which is paid through a direct deposit of PayPal. 

So, if you are a publisher or blogger that is looking for a network with higher payouts than Adsense, and someone that can build a monetization strategy with them, then this is the right network for you. 

9. Infolinks:


Infolinks is most famous for display ads and they specialize in-text advertising to attract as many customers as you would like. Infolinks finds relevant keywords in the already present content on your websites. This means that they match the advertisements with relevant keywords on the blog content.

Then paste the links of those ads on those keywords. Whenever the user is reading the blog and comes across that keyword, they will see the related ad being displayed over the text. If the viewer clicks on that keyword with the link, it will lead them to that ad. In-text ads are an effective method because blog content always has some high traffic generating keywords relevant to the ads and creating many opportunities. 

Infolinks has no minimum traffic requirements or setup fees so once you sign up you can start working with them and monetize your ads through in-text ads. Their dashboard is highly effective as it gives insights into the performance of the campaign and you will get timely reports. 

Whether your blog is old or updated, Infolinks can monetize any content for you. Their minimum payment threshold is $50 and the payment is made every 45 days through PayPal or Western Union. 

So, if you are a publisher looking for an Adsense alternative that specializes in in-text ads and is accessible to new websites, Infolinks is a great choice. 

10. Bidvertiser:


As the name suggests, Bidvertiser is based on a bidding system. They do not place the ads automatically but rather connect you with advertisers that are ready to pay a high price for your ad inventory or ad space. The person that is ready to pay the highest amount wins the bidding. 

This type of network can have both advantages and disadvantages. If your website gets enough traffic then the bidders or advertisers will have a competitive auction to get your ad space. But if you do not get enough traffic on your blog or publishing website then it is hard to get any advertisers to buy your ad inventory and you will not receive any bids. 

Prior to attempting Bidvertiser, contemplate which of these classes your blog falls into. In the event that the offering framework works for you, you’ll profit from Bidvertiser’s simple promotion customization device, zero endorsement limitations, and installment for the two ticks and transformations. Bidvertiser clients are paid month to month, and the base payout is $10 through PayPal.

Therefore, if you have a website that prefers a bidding system and wants a more standard ad placement then this is the perfect network for you. 


Google Adsense is the best in the industry and can be difficult to alternate or replace. However, with thousands of networks out there in the industry and some of them excelling in performance than Adsense, it has become possible. We stated few of the many amazing alternatives in the industry, all providing various benefits and features enabling you to alternate Adsense with them. However, you must always focus on what benefits and features you need from a network and choose an advertising platform according to your needs and requirements. 

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