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20+ Best CPM Ad Networks in 2024 – AdNetwork Magazine

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, or cost per 1,000 impressions. The cost of placing an ad on your website and displaying it more than 1,000 times, is used to monitor ad performance. CPM ad network systems are growing exponentially in modern programming environments.

Traditionally, ad network companies such as Google AdSense have had a near monopoly. But the longtime industry leader now faces stiff competition from companies that compete through innovation and develop technology solutions packed with real data, targeting methods, and smartphone advertising capabilities.

In the media group’s early days, publisher ad networks implemented relatively uncommon real-time bidding technology. Small businesses have grown to offer advertisers an accessible CPM monetization business model when working with advertisers as effectively as executives. Take a look at current and new ad network features to evaluate and find out which ones will help your business grow the most.

Best CPM Ad Networks in 2024:

Here is the list of Best CPM Ad networks in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Publift
  2. Criteo
  3. Google AdSense
  4. Adsterra
  5. Adcash
  6. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)
  7. BuySellAds
  8. Propeller Ads
  9. Xandr
  10. RevContent
  11. Adtelligent
  12. Undertone
  13. UberCPM
  14. Conversant Media
  15. Adbuffs
  17. AdMaven
  18. HillTopAds
  19. AdPushup
  20. SmartyAds

1. Publift:

publiftPublift is a leading provider of programmatic advertising technology. Titled one of Australia’s quick Starters in 2020 by financial review in Statista and Australia Financial, the company works with over 250 publishers and app developers around the world.

Adsense and GAM is a platform designed for independent publishers and app publishers to increase advertising revenue by improving user experience. The Google Certified Publishing Partner GCPP is offering ad revenue growth and ad technology.

Furthermore, their clients typically observe a 55% growth in ad revenue. Publift, a Google Certified Publisher Partner, is a great choice for publishers looking to deliver high-quality ads with minimal impact on monetization, business growth and user experience.

There are no minimum flow requirements. The approval process is easy. For Net30 plan payments, the minimum payment is $50. Perfect for GCPP certification. Referral services include blackout contracts, customer support, premium advertising, and more.

2. Criteo:


Criteo is a proprietary ad network that offers direct header bidding. This means you can get the most out of your ad inventory by removing middlemen from your supply chain. In fact, the platform allows you to set a lower price limit (default price).

They have a high-quality demand of 22,000 brand customers and global retail. Criteo serves ads to website owners with high CPM and high conversion rates. Bring more revenue to advertisers and customers. This means more revenue for publishers as well.

Moreover, it offers very competitive CPM rates. They have a higher threshold payment than other ad networks, but for just $150 you can connect Criteo to Adsense or any other ad network to maximize your earnings.

One of the fastest growing CPM ad networks. With the passage of time, the company has become a leader in digital performance advertising. It serves over 740 billion ads and has a remarkable list of advertisers worldwide.

3. Google AdSense:

google adsence

Google AdSense allows publishers to use cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns and CPM ads for free. AdSense offers many profitable ads, but its approval system is strict. Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. We offer a variety of ad formats including display ads, mobile ads, search results ads, and mobile ads. The minimum payout is $100 which is quite high. There are no requirements for publisher traffic.

Google Adsense is the world’s top and largest advertising network. It is popular due to its high cost per impression. However, be careful when authorizing your AdSense account. Publisher approval requires strict adherence to AdSense policies and webmaster quality guidelines.

The biggest drawback is that AdSense accounts require approval and are not easy to obtain. Still one of the best CPM ad networks in the world. The platform offers an extensive range of options for publishers to control payments, campaigns, and more.

4. Adsterra:


One of the fastest growing CPM ad networks is Adsterra, offering publishers a variety of monetization options. In addition to desktop, Adsterra also offers mobile monetization. Display pop-ups, banners, mobile display banners, sliders, and other options not available to publishers.

It’s also a great option for advertisers, as it allows them to run targeted ads, ROI-based campaigns, and other features for advertisers. Pay Net15 payment terms to high-margin long-term partners and publishers.

Since 2013, Adsterra has been connecting advertisers and publishers. Moreover, it gives you the tools to grow your online business and monetize 100% of your traffic. Its partner care approach and 30 billion monthly ad impressions worldwide have earned it the reputation and trust of over 12,000 direct publishers.

The minimum payment is $5 (Webmoney, Paxum) and $100 for PayPal, Bitcoin. Threads are also $1000. Ad formats are Basic Ad, Popunder, Banner, Push, Direct Link, Social Bar, Extensive (Video) and Interstitial.

5. Adcash:


Adcash spends billions of dollars a month for advertising and has over 200 million daily viewers. They claim to fill 100% of their inventory and allow publishers to monetize their web traffic with least struggle.

The platform prides itself on offering user experience and dynamic CPM monetization, but you can also opt for manual processes. Numerous ad formats available include basic, banner, interstitial, and pop-up ads. Additionally, there are no requirements of minimum traffic for publishers.

Adcash also accepts has an intelligent network and smartphone ads for personalized targeting. There are no requirements of minimum traffic to approve and various payment systems are available. They offer a strong support system and a personal account manager.

One can also get dynamic CPM monetization and user experience, but you can also manually set them. With a high quality of ads with the provision of an overall positive experience for publishers.

6. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion):


Exponential (formerly Tribal Fusion) is one of the highest categorized ad networks on the internet, offering a wide variety of ads. This platform offers publishers and advertisers personalized monetization plans. High CPM ratios and targeted advertising offer great monetization opportunities.

If you have over 500,000 unique monthly users, you can apply for the Exponential for Publisher plan. This ad network has a high demand for highly personalized and relevant content.

They are one of the best ad networks online. Exponential has many quality advertisers. It also offers a high CPM ratio. We offer a variety of ad formats. The only drawback is the high demand for unique users per month.

You also want to be targeted relevant, and regularly updated content. We use the Net45 payment program to process payments with a minimum threshold of $50. Payment methods are via PayPal and checks.

7. BuySellAds:


BuySellAds is a beginner’s option as there is no minimum traffic threshold, allowing website owners to get started quickly. Ad networks help publishers deal directly with advertisers. You can also use ad blockers to monetize your traffic. For instance, if you blog about women’s lifestyles, you can choose advertisers that sell products of women’s usage.

Furthermore, Ad payment requests are received semi-monthly and reviewed within 2-3 days. The minimum payout amount is $20. You can send money via PayPal. There is a minimum payment limit of $50 and a maximum payment limit of $500 by check or wire transfer. A charge of 25% commission is slightly higher than the industry standard which is 20%. Some systems are compatible with Google AdSense and for maximum effect can be combined with AdSense ads.

8. Propeller Ads:


Propeller Ads is a great eCPM ad network with great eCPM rates. It’s easy to try a service that can monetize your website or smartphone traffic in 5 minutes. Add and verify domain ownership in a few easy steps and you’re good to go. It can offer a higher CPM ratio than Google Adsense, especially if you have website traffic from the western continent, making it a great option for maximizing your earnings.

Propeller ads support a variety of ad types, including web ads, on-click pop-under ads, layered ads banner ads, etc. PropellerAds is a great alternative to one of the strongest CPM ad networks. The Net30 payment policy and the $100 minimum requirement are two great features. Propeller also provides reports in real-time. There are also several methods for payment.

9. Xandr:


Xander (former AppNexus) can function as an ad exchange allowing publishers to form their ad networks. Xandr offers publishers a high level of control over their inventory and access to global marketplaces. Xandr is suitable for advanced publishers with deep knowledge of the programmatic market. It supports many video formats like instream, outstream, and video header bidding. It requires a minimum of 350 million ad impressions per month

Xander (formerly AppNexus) acts as an ad exchange, allowing publishers to configure their ad networks. Xandr gives publishers advanced control over their inventory and access to global markets. Xandr is for advanced publishers who understand the programmatic market well. It supports multiple video formats including in-stream, out-stream and video header bidding. Requires at least 350 million ad impressions per month.

Xandr (an open end-to-end platform) that provides advertisers and media companies with a range of effective solutions including Investment Xandr Curate, Xandr, Xandr Monetization and Marketplace. It offers AT&T’s powerful consumer advanced TV formats, insights, global inventory management, organized markets, differentiated buyer demand, competitive advantage creation and more. The minimum required of traffic for a given inventory is at least 1,000 impressions. The minimum payment amount is $50. Header bidding integration with prebid.js (client and server side)

10. RevContent:


RevContent is one of the most expensive and highest CPM ad networks for publishers, however,  its minimum payment is 50,000 monthly website visitors.

Getting approved as a RevContent publisher can be difficult, but once you’re approved, you’ll get high-quality content recommendations, accurate and smart dashboards, real-time reports to organize all your activity, and a dedicated account manager. Become.

We offer several ad formats including display, push, video, native, and mobile. One of the best ad networks for premium ads. A content marketing platform focused on connecting advertisers with their target audience.

It primarily acts as a demand-side platform, but it also offers some services to vendors. On the positive side, it offers high CPM rates through a real-time reporting dashboard. The downside is that it is difficult to get approvals and not suitable for beginner publishers.

11. Adtelligent:


Adtelligent is a global programmatic advertising marketplace that enables publishers to sell their display, native and premium video inventory, including the latest trends in CTV, OTT, and programmatic audio advertising.

We also work with leading programmatic solutions and ad tech partners to provide the best monetization opportunities and meet all your campaign needs. Additionally, the CPM rate ranges from $0.25 to $15.

Compatible with Server-to-Server Auctions, Google Public Auctions and Amazon’s Transparent Advertising Market (TAM). Here are some additional features: Formats: audio, display, native, video, and rich media ad formats for desktop, mobile and OTT/CTV platforms; additional guarantees for the highest quality traffic; multiple ad options for publishers’ integration (including header bidding).

A robust customer support service provides comprehensive and detailed reporting. The app requires 500,000 monthly page views or monthly active users. Build a custom video player and integrate header bidding with prebid.js (client-side and server-side).

12. Undertone:


As an ad network for multiple ad formats, Undertone is popular with publishers with over 500,000 monthly impressions. Despite having higher eligibility standards, you can earn more with Undertone than Adsense or other popular ad networks.

This is a reputable ad network that only allows its own original content and rejects illegal/spam content. Their campaigns are greatly optimized with features including their performance, appearance, and lowest prices.

Undertone can be considered one of the best CPM ad networks for publishers displaying different ad formats in different sizes and categories. In addition to the standard IAB Rising Star format, publishers can monetize their ads and increase user engagement through video, banner and pre-roll ads.

This network claims to offer higher CPM ratios compared to other similar networks. As the company states, it regularly reviews its ad placements to avoid potential erosion of its existing ad offerings.

13. UberCPM:


UberCPM is a global advertising exchange. It works by placing your inventory on the world’s largest Ad Exchange where many advertisers can bid on your website. One of the quick growing CPM ad networks, offering publishers instant site rights and an 80% revenue share.

Ad exchange networks that place their inventory on other exchanges so that millions of advertisers can bid on their domains. Publishers can receive monthly payments through PayPal, bank transfer, or Payoneer.

Its fast approval system makes it the best choice for today’s publishers. It also offers real-time stats and 24/7 customer support. Features include a fixed amount of $10, a subscription fee, and an 80% split of publisher sales. Easy-to-use dashboards with no minimum throughput requirements to start anywhere.

14. Conversant Media:


Before 2014, convergent Media named ValueClick was one of the industry’s leading ad networks. Online advertising agency with over 15 years of experience. Their work only leads to high-quality websites. There are many different ad formats. You have full control over your ads, so you can choose whether or not you want them to appear on your blog. their customer service is great. Conversant Media makes recurring payments with a minimum payment limit of just $25.

A popular choice for publishers to monetize their websites, mobile-optimized sites, and mobile apps. This is an excellent option for media owners working in various business fields. It’s a trusted and proven ad network that has worked with over 5000 brands and tens of thousands of publishers.

They propose numerous ad formats including display, standard desktop, video, rich media, and native ads. It also offers additional features such as header bidding, real-time analytics, and a responsive support team.

15. Adbuffs:

AdbuffsAdbuff is one of the great ad networks and the top alternative to Google Adsense. Ad networks operate across web and mobile channels and have unique and innovative capabilities, expertise and capabilities that many businesses can leverage. Connect with the ad exchanges that matter most.

Adbuffs technology allows major publishers to drive more advertisers to bid on their inventory and drive more sales. It’s also the best AdSense alternative network, with prices that match or exceed AdSense for some publishers.

Adbuffs accepts wire transfer payments via PayPal, Payoneer, and NET 45. Approval typically takes 24-48 working hours, and only the highest performing issuers are approved. A creative and efficient network with real-time auctions.

In reasonable CPM bidding, advertisers and publishers must adhere to strict approval protocols. If you are a beginner, the requirements may be difficult to follow at first, but after working for a while, you will find that ad networks are worth it.

16. is one of the world’s leading advertising networks. They have offices in Dubai, Bangalore, Los Angeles, New York Mumbai, and Zurich. Bing network contextual advertising network. Clients include Forbes, Yahoo, MSN, Kiplinger, and more.

The original is required at the time of application. Content should be reviewed daily. Infringement of third-party intellectual property rights is not permitted. With no special traffic requirements, this network is also suitable for small bloggers and owners.

It is also present in various is a great option for publishers who get around 50,000 monthly views and want to host CPM ads on their platform. It is also known for running the second largest contextual advertising program in the world. You have the option to sign up using a partner link. This will increase your revenue by 10% in the first 3 months.

17. AdMaven:


AdMaven is one of the largest and most popular full-page advertising and push notification networks with over 5 billion impressions and over 250 million users worldwide. We offer multiple monetization options including push notifications, interstitial ads, pop-up ads, banner ads, etc.

Our pricing model is based on the highest CPM in the industry. We work directly with publishers and advertisers. There are over 10,000 publishers and over 100,000 advertisers (direct and indirect).

Push notifications are the finest way to monetize website traffic. When users subscribe to push notifications, you will incur charges over time. Also, the CPM rate for push notification ads is very high, one of the highest in the industry.

They have worldwide advertisers. Getting started with this network is quite easy. All you have to do is register on their website and add your own. Once your Express website is approved, start earning by advertising on your website.

18. HillTopAds:


HilltopAds may seem like a relatively new ad network, but since 2014 it has quickly become one of its competitors. It is one of the leading CPM ad networks that are widely recognized. In fact, it is recognized as one of the best ad networks when it comes to monetizing traffic.

We generate about 12 billion impressions worldwide every month. One of the best things about this ad network is that sites get approved very quickly. And because you pay publishers with NET 7, you get paid instantly.

The network represents the perfect mixture of smart technology solutions and a personalized approach to help advertisers, webmasters, and ad networks grow their online businesses. You can choose from several types of ads including pop-ups, and desktop and mobile display ads.

There are no minimum throughput requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced. Just fill out a very simple form to register and start earning money.

19. AdPushup:


For publishers looking for higher CPM ratios and an ad optimization platform, AdPushup is the perfect fit. Ad optimizer and ad network backed by Microsoft Ventures. Its partners with leading ad exchanges such as Google, AppNexus, Rubicon and Criteo to offer higher CPM rates for publishers. The ad optimizer provided by the company can increase ad revenue by an average of 33% by serving high CPM ads.

AdPushup is an optimization platform for advertising revenue. With layout optimization, automated A/B testing, AMP converters, header bidding, adblock patches, and more, Optimizer can help you increase advertising revenue for your website and website/mobile app.

Offering a managed service, publishers don’t have to worry about optimization and configuration. Publishers should focus on site growth, not ad optimization. There are no minimum traffic requirements, but $1,000 monthly ad revenue is required. This setup is easy to use.

20. SmartyAds:


SmartyAds is a leading advertising network that helps media partners buy and sell global traffic through a real-time CPM-based bidding system. Over 8 years of experience and expertise have allowed us to create an open, direct and co-marketplace serving 60 billion targeted impressions monthly.

Advertisers can work directly with publishers by purchasing premium inventory placements on the SmartyAds network. Publishers can sell their most valuable inventory at the highest price they set.

With globally connected traffic partners (Pubnative, AdColony, InMobi), over 25,000 premium publishers and over 9,000 advertisers, we guarantee the highest fill rates in the world. Other advantages of the SmartyAds ad network: 100% automation, budget control, profitability with premium demand.

Premium Offer; Clarity and Transparency of Overall Pricing for Frequency Caps and Brand-Safe Traffic for Advertisers and Publishers in All Regions. Applies to all traffic and high traffic in your environment. This is especially true for mobile and app account managers.

Final Words:

When it comes to advertising technology, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It can therefore be concluded that different ad networks have different requirements and payment methods and offer different services with the common goal of monetizing the publisher’s website in a way that maximizes revenue.

All of these networks offer great user experiences and CPM ratios, but it’s important to carefully consider what’s best for achieving your goals and where your CPMs are best before making a decision. Experimenting with placements, formats, traffic sources, and types of integrations is the best way to choose the best method. Only real apps can show accurate results to your audience, so you can choose the best CPM network for your business.

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