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15+ Best Sponsored Post Networks For 2024 – AdNetwork Magazine

Do you write blogs?

Are you trying to generate money by looking for sponsored posts?

If you are curious how to earn sponsored posts for your blog or website then this article is for you.

Sponsored posts or sponsored content are a new means of advertising and promoting, despite the fact that they have been there for a long and are becoming more popular.

A sponsored post network connects marketers with influencers/bloggers who can help promote their brand/products.

Once you’ve registered as a blogger with a sponsorship network, you’ll receive sponsored post blogging chances to submit for. It’s a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with brands while still earning money from your blog!

Let’s discuss the sponsored post networks in detail.

What is a Sponsored Post Network?

The sponsored content network, sometimes referred to as the sponsored post network, serves as a connection point for influencers and bloggers and brands. In other words, it assists in connecting brands/advertisers with bloggers who can create sponsored pieces for the brand or products and promote them.

Sponsored content is designed to blend with the environment in which it is displayed. Sponsored posts are longer because they tell the entire narrative and are designed to be uplifting and interesting. They convey vital information to readers in an amusing or educational manner.

The sponsored content network, sometimes referred to as the sponsored post network, serves as a connection point for influencers and bloggers and brands. In other words, it assists in connecting brands/advertisers with bloggers who can create sponsored pieces for the brand or products and promote them.

Sponsored content is designed to blend with the environment in which it is displayed. Sponsored posts are longer because they tell the entire narrative and are designed to be uplifting and interesting. They convey vital information to readers in an amusing or educational manner.

Best Sponsored Post Networks in 2024:

 Here is a list of Best Sponsored Post Networks for 2023 and 2024.

  1. Linqia
  2. Link able
  3. Real Clever
  4. FlyOut
  5. She Media
  6. Intellifluence
  7. Acorn
  8. Social native
  9. Deal spotr
  10. Izea
  11. Blog Meets Brand
  12. Markerly
  13. Quotient social
  14. PayU2Blog
  15. Activate by Impact

1. Linqia:


Linqia is a leading company that seeks for high-quality material and provides a venue for it to be promoted. It is an influencer marketing company that was founded in 2012. The network  provides ROI to its consumers and serves as a platform for spreading information to a wide number of media platforms, allowing bloggers to establish a vast network.

It provides brand, agency, and company-level campaign management and reporting that is role-based and customizable. The vendor’s team of experts can improve campaigns in the middle of them based on lessons learned to achieve better outcomes. They evaluate all social and blog postings, as well as photographs, in real time to find effective content.

Moreover, Linqia provides a unified location for you to organise all long-form blog entries, social posts, videos, and photographs made by influencers.Use compelling content in stores, web pages, and emails, or repurpose it on native, organic, or paid social ads.

It also analyses which types of content generate the most traffic and engagement and utilise this information to create future content strategies. Unlike most other influencer marketing organisations, Linqia offers goal-based pricing based on each client’s objectives, which may be clicks (CPC), engagement (CPE), or reach (CPM).

2. Link able:


Link-able is a one-of-a-kind platform for website owners that assists them in obtaining high-quality backlinks on relevant websites by collaborating with freelance authors. The way Link-able works is quite brilliant, making link creation extremely convenient and efficient for website owners, bloggers, content marketers, and others.

There’s no need to spend hours reaching out to publishers for links, attempting to produce guest pieces, or utilizing any of the other traditional link building strategies.

Link-able is an excellent tool for publishers to monetize their content. Join the website and search the database for relevant topics to link to in your next post. Publish your work with the links you’ve chosen and wait for money. It may take up to 24-48 hours for the payment to be reflected in your account.

It’s essentially a freelance employment platform, similar to Upwork, but only for link building jobs. You may simply sign up as a client and publish a link building task, stating your goals and specifications. Link-able is a tried and true approach to earn $100 to $750 each link. Many content creators earn at least $1000 from a single article with Link-able.

3. Real Clever:


Real Clever is an influencer marketing network that covers a wide range of themes, including food and beverages, pets, causes and social good, technology, and healthcare. They provide a platform with a well-organized summary of potential prospects that is simple to navigate.

Clever appears to have no minimum requirements for followers or traffic at the moment, so new blogs are welcome to apply. They collaborate with well-known brands such as Clif, California Closets, Kimberly-Clark, Lenovo, and others.

It provides a sophisticated dashboard as well as a step-by-step guidance for each campaign. Bloggers are expected to provide high-quality and engaging content, and the use of copied content is strictly prohibited.

4. Fly Out:

fly out is an online platform that allows bloggers to earn extra money by simply posting sponsored content on their blogs.Every day, new firms and businesses spring up all over the world. Thousands of people start blogs every day all over the world.

Everyone desires high-quality backlinks and referral traffic to help their business or blog thrive. Finding and cooperating with bloggers and companies can be difficult, but flyout allows you to collaborate with users from all over the world who wish to publish their site backlinks on your blogs.

Simply put, advertisers will choose your blog if they enjoy it. You must write a sponsored post for the sponsor and just publish it on your site. That’s it; Flyout will pay you for each post you write for that sponsor. Flyout began with only English blogs, but as time passes, Flyout interacts with Hindi blogs as well. pays all approved users from the 15th to the 20th of each month. Flyout accepts NET45 payments, which means that your payment will be released 45 days following the end of the month. If you reach the $100 level before the end of January, your payment will be released between the 15th and 20th of March.

5. SHE Media:

she media

SHE Media, originally SheKnows Media, is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that provides a variety of ad monetization alternatives such as display advertisements, mobile, video, and branded content.

To work with SHE Media, your audience must be predominantly female (70% or higher). You also need at least 80% of your traffic to come from the United States. Furthermore, you can only apply to this network if you have 20,000 or more monthly page visits.

Bloggers with female audiences have a lot of earning possibilities with SHE Media. SHE Media allows you to monetize both your website and your social media networks. Net 60 payouts are made; the minimum payment threshold is $20, and payments are made via PayPal and direct deposit.

6. Intellifluence:


Intellifluence is a well-known influencer marketing website where influencers and bloggers can get gigs and also be paid to work with brands and businesses. When a person initially logs onto Intellifluence, they are directed to the Campaign module, where they can instantly begin creating a brief. Because this is a platform for small enterprises, there is a reasonable (and appropriate) amount of assistance accessible.

First, depending on the purpose, you’ll find that there are numerous types of campaigns available—you can generate engagement, push information, or design a campaign around product reviews. Intellifluence’s public-facing website also contains a wealth of information to assist brands in virtually any area in understanding what’s possible.

In addition,in-app chat functionality of Intellifluence is excellent for avoiding being lost in a trail of influencer emails. Instead, you can rely on the influencer marketing platform to provide you with all of the relevant details.You may view submitted pitches, completed transactions, exchanged messages, and the time when a certain influencer was last online on the site via their internal messaging system.

7. Acorn:


Acorns is a simple, low-cost passive investing option that is ideal for beginner investors. Although the app’s user interface and educational content are intended for beginners, individuals who are just getting started may find its flat-fee structure to be slightly more expensive than percentage-based costs (competitor Ellevest has a similar problem).

That is to say, Acorns is probably best used by people who need a little push to save a little more, rather than newcomers with low balances seeking the lowest choice.

Acorns’ robo-advisor capabilities are particularly appealing to those who are drawn to the platform’s “round-up” savings claim-to-fame: Purchases in connected accounts are rounded up to the closest dollar, and the remaining balance is kept in an investment account.

An extra $0.50 would be credited to your investment account and charged to your card if, for example, you used a connected credit card to pay $4.50 for a cappuccino. If you’ve had success with this pro-savings gimmick, you might be interested in saving for retirement with Acorns as well. Nonetheless, rival robo-advisors offer more robust services at a lesser cost. Only those who believe they will be enticed to save more using Acorns should apply.

8. Social Native:

social natives

Social Native is ideal for beginning bloggers because it offers campaigns in a wide range of categories. Furthermore, Social Native campaigns (in general) simply require one Instagram photo. There will be no blog posts, social shares, or anything else.

While the salary is minimal, it’s a terrific opportunity to get your foot in the door and start working with huge brands like Lays, Lululemon, Clinique, Sucrets, and others. Social Native is a technology firm that is reimagining how brands think about and create content. Its content engine connects clients with a global network of epic content creators to create high-performing, cost-effective branded content on demand.

Social Native collaborates with some of the world’s most important businesses, including Polaroid, Walgreens, and General Motors. They are another industry disrupting firm founded by veterans of Salesforce, Google, Scopely, and Applied Semantics, whose previous startups have created over $6B in equity value.

9. Deal Spotr:

Deal Spotr

Dealspotr is an excellent site for saving money when shopping online. It was founded in 2015. It offers exclusive deals and coupon codes for large discounts from well-known brands and retailers. Dealspotr also has an influencer marketplace where you can earn money by writing sponsored blog posts and promoting yourself on social media.

To verify, sign in to Dealspotr and connect your blog and social network accounts. Your website traffic and follower strength will have an impact on your sponsored post rate, which will be little at first.

However, it will rise after successfully completing a few Dealspotr campaigns. Aside from monetary incentives, it also allows you to acquire free things from well-known brands all around the world.

10. IZEA:


IZEA was created in 2006 and has been providing a platform where you can partner with industry-leading businesses to monetize your content, creativity, and impact since then. By interacting with companies, advertisers, and publishers, you may create and share content across your social network accounts in exchange for income.

Simply create a free profile to be considered for partnerships with industry-leading culinary, fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle businesses. Depending on your content style, they provide you with the possibility to collaborate with prominent businesses searching for sponsored posts. Izea boasts over 43.9 million followers and over 1.2 billion likes. Furthermore, if you are a novice, they will give you a self-guided tour of the network.

IZEA’s Links Features is a link customization tool that aids in increasing social media visibility. They give an appealing Dashboard for reviewing your financial reports. Izea will pay you when you have published the content for 45 days.

11. Blog Meets Brand:

blog meet brands

As the name implies, this network connects brands with content writers/bloggers. If you have a large blog audience, simply sign up on the site, provide your name, email, and password, locate an appropriate campaign, begin writing, and earn money. They provide services in the following categories: Food, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Health, Photography, Pet, Education, Finance, and Entertainment.

Blog Meets Brands is used by over 40,000 influencers to generate cash. Furthermore, an experienced support management team can assist you in selecting campaigns and developing various tactics for brand promotion. They also provide superior geo-targeting technologies to reach out to certain audiences.

Blog Meets Brand additionally offers brands a maximum ROI as well as a tracking tool to track campaign performance. You can also utilise the analytics tool to obtain statistical reports on your performance.

12. Markerly:


Markerly is an influencer technology platform that specialises in identifying and tracking influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Blogs, and Pinterest.Creator of a network for influencer marketing that links consumers and brands.

The platform of the company aids in the development of a marketing network by providing full campaign management capabilities and influencer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, allowing clients to generate authentic experiences and convincing repurposable content.

After you join the network, they will assist you in selecting campaigns that match your style and interests. They analyse your content history and audience to connect you with businesses you already enjoy. The site focuses on giving the most up-to-date tools for increasing your influence. So, sign up for the network, look for possibilities, and start making money. Furthermore, they expect high-quality and entertaining material from you.

For brands and agencies looking to outsource their marketing efforts, they provide full-service campaign management. Markerly also provides tracking and analytics tools to help you efficiently monitor campaigns and measure your earnings.

13. Quotient Social:


If you run your blog outside of the United States, you may feel as though your options are limited.Fortunately, Quotient Social, a massive network with a plethora of accessible options, is eager to work with influencers from all around the world. You will receive offers depending on your niche in addition to browsing opportunities through their dashboard.

Through high-quality creative and advanced shopper targeting data, Quotient Social generates demonstrable sales impact for advertisers. Its full-service model offers advertisers flexible campaign execution as well as industry-leading media expertise to drive outcomes while seamlessly integrating into the larger digital omnichannel strategy.

For Advertisers: Its industry-leading promotions and media empower companies to plan, execute, monitor, and expand the effect of every interaction on the consumer’s purchase and loyalty journey.

Quotient for Retailers provides the technology and demand that fuel the performance media and promotions platforms of leading retailers. Retailers may use their own sales data and digital properties to provide brand partners with unique retail marketing solutions that reach scale and measurable impact—all while providing an amazing shopping experience.

14. Activate By Impact:

activate by impact

Activate is a popular network for both blog and social network sharing options.

It allows you to work how you want because they give possibilities with flat rates as well as those where you quote your own and negotiate fees.

Activate is happy to have worked with major brands such as Tinder, H&M, Olay, Soylent, Reebok, Ketchum, and others.

15. PlayU2Blog:

PayU2Blog is an excellent place to begin for all newcomers. This is because they welcome bloggers from many niches and do not have rigid membership requirements. It was established in 2006 and recently it was updated with new features in 2021.While they may not pay well, they can assist you in getting started and cooperating with brands from the United States and Canada.

When you create a post for your PayU2Blog campaign, you are paid to publish a link rather than particular content, making it even easier to locate chances that can easily fit into your regular content.

To Sum up..

 This is a list of the top sponsored post networks where you can interact with large worldwide businesses. You can create sponsored articles for businesses and receive cash using these networks. You can join any of the networks on the list, make sponsored posts, and earn money.

Depending on your niche, you can find a wide range of items and services to promote, and there are a plethora of chances available to you, allowing you to pick and select ones you actually believe in. The specifics are determined by the agreement you reach with the brand or the sponsored post network.

However, before you join any network, make sure to understand their requirements and policies. Some networks demand a popular blog, while others ask a fee to, we are hopeful that after reading this article you will be able to choose the right network according to your needs.

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