15+ Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2023

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Do you wish to increase your cryptocurrency-based revenue?

Are you seeking for bitcoin ad networks that are incredibly effective?

You need not look any farther if you have these worries or similar ones. Here is a remedy for your problems. We will discuss the value of crypto ad networks in this article, and you can also find a list of the top crypto ad networks here, along with a quick overview of each one.

Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in the investment world, crypto ad networks have grown in popularity. Similar to Google Ads, cryptocurrency ad networks act as a platform where publishers and cryptocurrency advertisers can collaborate to promote cryptocurrency-related websites and apps.


Like Google AdSense and other ad networks, cryptocurrency ad networks are also ad networks. The sole distinction is that this particular type of ad network encourages initiatives with a cryptographic focus. Only those organizations and websites focused on block chain technology are approved by the networks.


In order to attract high-quality visitors to their advertising, cryptocurrency ad networks use AI technology to promote cryptocurrency websites, news, and partnered content. Most of the time, you can modify the advertising to fit your geo preference, timing, and other factors thanks to their widespread reach.

In exchange, publishers are paid either in fiat money or cryptocurrencies on a weekly or even daily basis in some ad networks. Joining crypto ad networks enables you to more effectively monetize crypto-related projects and websites, whether you are an advertiser or publishing website.

Best Crypto Ad Networks 2023:

In this article, we showcase the 15+ Best Crypto Ad Networks out there in 2022 and 2023.

  3. A-ADS
  9. DOT
  12. EZ MOB

1. Ad Dragon:

Ad Dragon was just introduced in 2019. In other words, it’s a brand-new Crypto ad network. It facilitates internet ad marketing but doesn’t deal with ad exchanges. In comparison to other Crypto Ad networks, it is entirely different. It is the first DeFi advertising platform in the world and has quickly become the leading online marketplace for advertising services in the world.

The platform is the ideal substitute for Google Adsense or Coinzilla because of its distinctive characteristics. Peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace is the new marketing model that the platform has created in an effort to fundamentally transform the online sector. Moreover, they employ cutting-edge block chain technology to simplify things for the clients.

Like Amazon or eBay, Ad Dragon is a peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising. Still, the distinction is that Ad Dragon offers advertisements from independent media, content creators, and influencers who sign up for the site as advertisers rather than tangible goods (publishers).

The platform emphasizes producing the greatest outcomes by bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers, as well as providing an excellent ecosystem for advertisers to gain significant ROI (Return of Interest). They serve as a middleman between buyers and sellers, improving the security and transparency of the entire transaction.

Publishers can gain access to a host of advantages by signing up with Ad Dragon, including immediate and automatic crypto payments, price management, and answers to numerous marketing issues. You might be shocked to learn that the platform only retains 5% of the earnings made by publishers, leaving 95% for the publishers themselves.

Minimum Payout: 50$

Payment Method: Ethereum

2. Coin Traffic:

coin traffics

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Coin Traffic is a well-known and excellent cryptocurrency advertising network. In 2014, the Coin Traffic Crypto Ad network was founded with the noble goal of serving publishers and advertisers. By publishing banner advertisements and native ads, it makes it easier for publishers, marketers, and investors, which greatly aids the development of your website.

With its network of more than 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers, Coin Traffic generates a sizable amount of traffic and impressions each month. KuCoin exchange and Paragon are two of the platform’s most well-known marketers.

Numerous advertising forms are available from Coin Traffic, however its income model primarily supports CPM and pop-up advertising types. It does not, however, use CPC or affiliate marketing strategies. You can talk about customization possibilities with specialized account managers who will be monitoring the success of your campaign.

Coin traffic began its operation by placing just one piece on a coin, which attracts more people to your advertisement and consequently boosts the amount of visitors to your website. You can request a withdrawal at any moment from the cooperative team members of Coin Traffic Crypto Ad networks because the withdrawal process is trusted.

As a result of Coin Traffic’s scrutiny of its advertising partners, only authentic cryptocurrency initiatives are permitted to join the network. You can get the most relevant audience for your crypto advertising efforts because they are quite selective. The system also accepts fiat money and Bitcoin.

Minimum Payout: 24$

Payment Method: Bitcoin, Bank Transfer

3. A-Ads:


One of the original cryptocurrency advertising networks, A-ads has been around since 2011 and has a flawless track record. A-ADS is really popular right now; their open and transparent statistics show that they receive about 80 million impressions daily. Their primary areas of expertise are crypto traffic and project promotion related to crypto.

You’ll probably select A-ADS if you operate any type of crypto-gambling, exchange, or ICO. The A-ADS network is practical for marketers. The approval procedure moves quickly, and campaign creation is pretty straightforward. There are many ways to modify campaigns for the greatest performance: you can utilize geo-targeting, block undesirable websites, change the campaign’s maximum CPM, and more. A-ADS is a fantastic option for publishers as well.

It is useful for bloggers, for both new and tiny websites as well as for established ones with a lot of traffic. You are welcome to join the A-ADS network even if you have human visitors on a faucet or a Blog spot blog. The fact that a site does not require approval to join is one of their distinguishing qualities.

They provide straightforward HTML iframe banners; they don’t include any java script code; and they don’t monitor site users’ activities. The banners are unobtrusive and appealing to the eye, so your readers and visitors won’t find them annoying. The expert helpdesk team is always available to assist with any issues, they answer quite quickly, and their responses are beneficial. On demand live chat service is offered.

For marketers, A-Ads features an easy-to-use interface with customizations including geo targeting and ad placement choices. In addition, unlike most crypto ad networks, A-Ads uses a CPD (cost-per-day) model in addition to CPA, CPM, and affiliate programs. As a result, your campaign’s daily budget is more adaptable. Only bitcoin payments are accepted on the platform.

Minimum Payout: 1 Satoshi or 0.001 Bitcoin directly to bitcoin address

Payment Method: Bitcoin

4. Bit Media:


Bit Media is an Ad Networking business that was started in 2015 and has experienced tremendous growth. Its popularity is a result of all the advantages and services it offers to its publishers and marketers.

When it comes to impressions and site visits, Bit media can boast impressive figures. Currently, the network is being used by over 5,000 cryptocurrency websites to advertise about 20,000 campaigns. It’s difficult to find a better ad network firm to expand your cryptocurrency project with 20 million unique visitors and over 1 billion global impressions each month.

It utilizes AI-based targeting options, such as geolocation, posting frequency, and time. They provide clients thorough verification checks and both CPM and CPC models, ensuring that each seller may be carefully checked. Additionally, there are manual clicks, third-party traffic audits, and impression tracking. These checks aid in preventing paid traffic or bots from tampering with impression counts.

While Bit media focuses on working with cryptocurrency-related websites, they are also open to non-crypto websites that deliver high-quality traffic and interaction. The crypto advertising company also provides withdrawal options for fiat money or Bitcoin.

By becoming a publisher with Bit media, you may increase your earnings through flexible targeting in addition to giving your cryptocurrency website a reliable source of income. Both large-scale publishers and smaller blogs and websites are accepted on the platform.

Minimum Payout: 0.001 BTC

Payment Method: Bitcoin

5. Coin Network:

coin network

With more than 50 million active users per month and more than 1 billion monthly ad impressions, Coin Network is a cryptocurrency advertising network. Coin Network, which is owned by well-known privacy- and context-focused advertising platform Buy Sell Ads, is an ideal fit for cryptocurrency-focused marketers looking to connect with specialized crypto communities and collaborate with more than 20 crypto websites to launch compelling campaigns.

The substantial expertise of Coin Network supports these enormous figures. In 2014, it was the first business to offer Bitcoin ad payments on Reddit, and ever since, it has served as Block chain’s exclusive advertising partner. In 2020, they also sold the first sponsorship for a crypto newsletter.

Because it works for both publishers and marketers, Coin Network is exceptional. The target audiences for an advertiser’s crypto ad campaigns can be determined by geo targeting, industry, and interests. Publishers can decide how cryptocurrency advertisements are shown on their websites. They have the option of Display or Native ads, and they can rely on receiving the best placements that don’t interfere with the UX.

Together with Coin Network, advertisers and publishers can benefit. The audiences who see their adverts can be tailored by advertisers based on geography, interests, and industry. Additionally, publishers can exercise control, decide whether to use Native or Display ads, and choose between programmatic and directly sold. The platform provides a full-stack management suite, and ad administration and campaign optimization are always the responsibility of an ad operations team.

Advertisers need a minimum $5k budget to start a self-serve ad campaign, and publishers need to make the cut with a minimum average number of monthly page views of 50K page views/mo.

Payment Method: USD, BTC, ETH, and LTC. Other crypto are also accepted upon request.

Minimum Payout: They have multiple payout options.

6. Coin Verti:


Like many other ad networks, Coin Verti ran its business using the CPM and CPC ad formats. The company, which is situated in Belgium, targeted several crypto platforms in order to market to them or earn money via display adverts. With a budget starting at 0.001BTC, Coin Verti was a reasonably priced network that allowed us to promote on cryptocurrency websites.

For publishers, we could withdraw our funds whenever it was convenient using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Its key attributes include targeting Sites Hosted on Paid Platforms, accepting Sites with Alexa rankings below 200,000, detailed reports, and customized advertisements.

Coin Verti, a cryptocurrency advertising network based in Belgium, was founded in 2017. Banner ads, native ads, in-feed advertisements, and pop-under crypto advertising are just a few of the high-quality alternatives that Coin Verti offers to publishers and advertisers. Regarding the level of quality, Coin Verti had put in place an anti-fraud system to detect bot and spam traffic.

Furthermore, it only permitted websites that were self-hosted and concerned with block chain technology. Additionally, Coin Verti offered real-time performance metrics so we could keep a close check on the reach of our ads. Additionally, we may ask for personal account managers and support with advertising.

Minimum Payout: 0.001 BTC

Payment Method: Bitcoin

7. Coinzilla:


Given that it was only established in 2016, CoinZilla is the best and most well-known cryptocurrency ad network. It is a subset of the AdSelvo advertising sector, which was established primarily to support the growth of the cryptocurrency market by offering a wide range of advertising options.

One of the top crypto ad networks for advertisers is this one. It works with CPC and CPM advertising and offers a variety of ad forms, including native ads, floating banners, standard banners, and banner ads. Since its inception, CoinZilla has supported more than 400 publishers and advertisers in monetizing their networks online by promoting more than 200 companies.

It exclusively targets CEOs and websites from whom targeted traffic is anticipated. To draw in a variety of audiences, your website needs to be both beautiful and professional. In addition, it needs to receive approval from the CoinZilla network with the use of an email verification number.

A website without a domain of three months would be disallowed on this network. The CoinZilla Crypto Ad Network requires that your website be older than three months in order to join. Its performance captured the attention of the audience and earned them trust as an investment because it enables them to become more engaged with real people and a source of income.

CoinZilla also supports deposits and payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat wire transfers with a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC, 0.5 ETH or €5,000, respectively. Payments are made daily, on weekends, or up to 72 hours. CoinZilla also has a referral program wherein you can earn 10% when you bring in eligible customers.

Minimum Payout: 0.05 BTC

Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Flatwire Transfers.

8. Token Ads:


One of the top RTB ad networks, Token Ad is focused heavily on promoting Crypto Network Ads and products. It is one of the best Crypto Ad networks for Publishers. It helps publishers and marketers monetize their websites, blogs, cryptocurrency exchanges, and rankings of initial coin offerings.

Additionally, it may support a variety of ad types, including native and conventional banners that are typically used to advertise your website. It simply permits Crypto ad content to appear or demonstrate how on the page, and it is quite straightforward and simple to use.

Token Ads are special in that they only work with global publishers and advertisers directly, and they occasionally have a tendency to push up particular GEOs. Their top sources of traffic may include Brazil, the Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, and many others.

Minimum Deposit: 10,000$.

Payment Method: Cryptocurrency and flat currencies.

9. DOT:


The leading Premium Crypto Ad Network in the UK is DOT. DOT provides direct access for advertising to more than 150 Block chain and cryptocurrency news websites, premium investor information, and even well-liked podcasts.

With DOT, advertisers can geo target and profile consumers with one click and reach high-quality crypto-relevant people.

There are display advertising of any size accessible, and advertisers and publishers gain complete performance transparency thanks to DOT’s Analytics Dashboard.

Press releases and sponsored articles are also available as content marketing solutions that may be used in conjunction with any advertising campaign. Additionally, DOT enables marketers to incorporate their own tracking links from AppsFlyer, Adjust, and other sources, providing total transparency from impression to conversion.

DOT offers cryptocurrency and block chain businesses a reliable means to provide a return on investment (ROI) for advertising and marketing expenditures.

DOT plans are adaptable, rolling on a monthly basis, and easily halted or terminated if necessary.

Payment Method: Bitcoin

10. Ad Shares:


Ad Shares is a fairly tiny company that has a lot of experience and expertise in block chain technologies. The Ad shares is built on a block chain-based ad network that enables direct transactions between publishers and advertisers.

It offers a fantastic platform for connecting publishers and advertisers with customers directly and without the use of a middleman. Users can access censorship-free, lucid advertising using Ad shares. The Ad shares secure ADS block chain can handle more than 1 million transactions per second, enabling it to cater to the global advertising market.

Another name for Ad shares is “one of the most advanced initiatives.” It assists in resolving a variety of issues in the digital advertising sector. Its primary area of interest is the advertising ecosystem, in which publishers and advertisers share ads and exchange payments in cryptocurrency. Ad shares is the ideal Ad Network for publishers to increase their income because it can assist them in monetizing their Ad block traffic.

The nice part is that Ad shares ads only appear when users have their Ad blockers turned on. It enables their publishers to earn money immediately and get paid every hour.

Payment Required to join: No amount

11. Propeller Ads:


One of the top names in advertising networks, Propeller ads is trusted by a sizably big number of advertisers and publishers. The business was established in 2011 and has established a strong reputation in the advertising sector. It has been specifically created to address issues that publishers and advertisers have with Crypto Ad sites.

It had a big publisher network that delivered genuine traffic from numerous websites and gadgets. The Propeller Ads network supported a variety of advertising formats including Pop-under ads, native ads, push notifications ads, and Native Interstitial ads. It was capable of delivering more than 1 billion impressions per day and thousands of campaigns each month.

USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and the Philippines were the key traffic sources from which we could obtain the strongest GEOs. Its payment options are incredibly simple and effective. The required minimum deposit was $100, which was a pitiful sum to begin working with the fantastic network. Real-Time Bidding was accessible on computers and mobile devices. It offered CPM, CPC, and Smart CPA as payment options.

Minimum Payout: 100$

12. EZ Mob:


One of the greatest mobile advertising networks for both publishers and advertisers is EZ mob. The greatest cryptocurrency advertising network is EZ mob. You can buy mobile traffic, set up your operations using a self-serve interface, and control the real-time true intensity of bidding. EZ mob is a complete mobile advertising company with cutting edge technologies and strong strategic thinking skills.

You may value your time and efforts with EZ mob and make the best selections. They can assist you in obtaining targeted traffic from more than 160 nations because they have Premium publishers and traffic from all around the world.

Publishers have been compensated by EZ mob using the CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPI formats. Thousands of publishers and advertisers trust EZ mob since they pay on a monthly basis and are consistently reliable. For publishers and advertisers, this is among the best ad networks to join.

Minimum Payout: 100$

Payment Method: PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Skrill.

13. Bitraffic:


As one of the biggest and best Crypto Ad networks, BitraffiC was established in November 2017 and currently works with over 2700 websites. As a new network, you can anticipate cutting-edge tools, features, methods, and services from BitraffiC. On the other hand, as you can see, the network has been there for a while and has a lot of experience in the advertising sector, so you can put your faith in their expertise.

The promotion of trading, buying, ICO tokens, DApps, casino games, investing platforms, mining operations, crypto faucets, and many other things has benefited greatly from it. So you can attempt this network if you need assistance in any of the aforementioned areas. We sincerely hope you will find it useful. It has an anti-bot system that does several impressions per day.

This ad network’s payment process is incredibly easy and straightforward. The Pay-Per-Click payment model it uses supports a variety of payment methods, including BTC, LTC, ETH, and 27 other cryptocurrencies.

Payment Method: BTC, LTC, ETH and 27 other crypto currencies.

14. Push House:


Push house is one of the best CPC Network out there which will address all of your issues. You can use this Ukrainian-based ad network to make money off of the visitors to your website. On this network, there are more than 500 million subscribers from 180 different nations. They have a sizable network that receives more than 30 million clicks every day. So, if you join this network, your sales will undoubtedly increase significantly.

The fact that Push House has the highest CPC on the market is its strongest feature. Additionally, you can use the various ad forms available to increase sales and expand your company. Creating an account and signing up are the sole requirements for the beginning phase. A straightforward yet user-friendly dashboard is available to let you manage everything with ease.

You can use the affiliate scheme that is also available to further increase your income. This is absolutely excellent since it motivates more people to join and expand their individual businesses. Overall, Push House is undoubtedly among the best CPC ad networks in the world.

Minimum deposit: 50$.

Payment Method: Web Money, Bitcoin, Safe Charge, AdvCash, bank cards, PAYEER, Perfect Money, QIWI, and Yandex Money

15. Crypto Ads Manager:


Publishers and advertisers now have a new opportunity to promote their block chain, cryptocurrency, and Fin Tech ventures thanks to an effective crypto ad network. In terms of cryptocurrency, it is regarded as one of the best ad networks available today.

It contained the optimal collection of data, which largely concentrated on the key demographics of the Fin Tech and cryptocurrency audiences and the innovative website design. It has enough strength to go through Google and Facebook prohibitions and reach a large audience. The term “Crypto Ads Manager” was given to the program because to its unique characteristics, which included highly effective methods that helped publishers monitor their websites.

Due to their primary focus on the development and pleasure of their customers, you can earn a sizable profit while using this network. Its payment mechanism is incredibly simple and effective. It is simple to use, and you may join the network with a low initial contribution via PayPal, a bank deposit, or a check. Due of its distinctive qualities, this is widely used.

Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Bank Deposit.


Here it is, our list of the top 15 best Crypto Ad Networks out there in 2022.

These days, cryptocurrency and the marketing associated with it are getting more and more popular; if you own a business, you need keep a close eye on shifting global economic conditions. You could try crypto advertising networking if you already understand the value of cryptocurrency and want to increase your income. In this highlighted post, we’ve included a few of these ad networks so you can pick one or more based on your needs.

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