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20+ Best Native Ad Networks For 2024


A third-party agency is a native advertising platform that connects publishers and customers around the world. A native ad network consists of thousands of publisher sites, allowing you to manage native ads across thousands of sites from a single interface. This ad network is developing and established among health care, e-commerce, as well as in-app marketers.

The advantage of native ads is that they integrate well with the content of your website or blog, so it’s hard to call them ads. Even better, this advertising option allows you and your competitors to reach current potential customers who are not converting cost-effectively.

It has more than fifty-three percent more likely to engage users without being intrusive and, more importantly, generate click-through rates (CTR) approximately 9x higher than traditional display ads. This list of native ad networks is useful if you are new to native ads or want to try out other native ad networks.

Best Native Ad Networks in 2024:

Here is the list of 20+ Best Native Ad Networks for 2023 and 2024:

  1. Taboola
  2. Google AdSense
  3. RichNative
  4. Media.Net
  5. Yahoo Gemini Native Ads
  6. AdPushup
  7. Facebook Audience Network
  8. AdCash
  9. Outbrain
  10. Polymorph
  11. BuySellAds
  12. Ad Recover
  13. AdUp
  14. Yieldmo
  15. Connatix
  16. MGID
  17. Nativo
  18. Adsterra
  19. MoPub
  20. Revcontent

1. Taboola:


If you’re looking for a stable native advertising platform besides Outbrain, you’ve heard of Taboola. It can be a great option to increase your traffic and pageviews. The eligibility criteria to join this network requires at least 1 million pageviews. Marketers can also serve native ads using modern advertising techniques such as geo-targeting. This is one of the best options for native advertising platforms.

You can market your Taboola content to many of the world’s top websites and drive quality traffic. Advertisers can use it to display content ads on the world’s most popular websites. If you have enough budget, this could be your primary traffic source.

Publishers can regularly earn significant revenue by adding ad units to their sites. Get complete data to optimize your content and ads. Comes with A/B testing tools for improved results.

2. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is known as the best alternative to Infolinks and the best choice for text ads. AdSense is Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform and one of the most popular and widely used monetization methods for content publishers. Once you have quality content and completed all parameters, you can apply for an AdSense website account. AdSense offers a variety of ad formats including link ads, banner ads, native ads, and text ads.

Moreover, it is seen that Infolinks also works in collaboration with AdSense without breaking any rules. Infolink ads can also be combined with other image-based ad networks for maximum profit. It is run by one of the world’s leading internet companies. You can create different ads depending on your target audience. Ads are more relevant to your interests and the minimum threshold is $100.

3. RichNative:


Moreover, this network is perfect for the media page they are placed on and can achieve high CTR and ROI. By placing relevant ads on popular websites, you can reach your target audience and drive quality traffic with high conversion rates. For any sort of website, context-relevant ads are designed. These ads conversions and increase impressions compared to banner ads.

With relevant ads on famous websites and drive, eminent traffic reach your target audience that converts. Designed to fit in any website context and configure 16 user targeting options. Network services help improve advertising efficiency.

Depending on your target audience and goals, you can choose between web or in-app ad formats. You can create ads of various sizes and formats. This can include components such as brand name, title, main image, and body text. Unfortunately, the cost per click isn’t that great, which can be a big disappointment.

4. Media.Net:

One of the largest contextual advertising networks on the Internet is This fact makes it one of the more popular networks, but it is also a poor advertising network for publishers and bloggers themselves. Get access to programmatic platforms that automate the delivery of text and display ads, including the ability for to dynamically determine the optimal size for your site.

This network appears in several ad types that you can use to monetize your content, including native ads. The platform has gained popularity as a contextual advertising platform that focuses on ad placement without compromising the user experience.

If you have a lot of traffic from countries like USA, Canada, UK, you can use this platform to make money. Media.Net ads are added to your content to optimize conversions and get the most out of your content. It’s a widespread platform with an established record and is easy to sign up for.

5. Yahoo Gemini Native Ads:

natie Advertising

Yahoo Gemini is the primary advertising platform for advertising on Yahoo and its websites. I bought it from Verizon Media, so don’t be confused if you see the Verizon logo instead of Yahoo. This design uses billions of intent signals every day.

You can create and use different types of ads, such as image ads and video ads. You can import campaigns from Google Ads to Yahoo Gemini. Content published through Yahoo Gemini passes through the Yahoo homepage and other Yahoo publications such as Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Group, and Yahoo Lifestyle.

Still, Yahoo Gemini offers affordable pricing and more freedom to create campaigns to promote the riskier stuff like Nutra and health and financial deals. Ads will appear on HuffPost, TechCrunch, AOL as well as Yahoo. You can create ads with different size settings and compare their performance. The analysis function examines hourly exposure data.

6. AdPushup:


AdPushup isn’t exactly a native ad network, however, it is a revenue optimization platform that helps you optimize your ad revenue in several ways and maximize your overall ad revenue. A revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase ad revenue through header bidding, ad placement optimization, innovative ad formats, ad unit recovery, ad tuning, and mobile page acceleration.

It works with major ad networks and exchanges around the world, including Criteo, AppNexus, Google AdX, Rubicon, and more. We help publishers of all sizes access this premium demand, including the world’s top buyers and high-margin campaigns.

We can also help you implement the latest ad serving technology and leverage our industry expertise. It provides various features such as ad layout optimization without compromising user experience, Adblock recovery to avoid revenue loss, Ad Exchange, various ad format options, etc. Average revenue of publisher partners and customers increases by 33%.

7. Facebook Audience Network:

meta audience network

Facebook Audience Network is an ad platform that is effective for monetizing your mobile website with targeted ads on Android and iOS apps. We support businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. It is an extension of the Facebook advertising platform launched by Facebook in 2014. This network is designed to reach non-Facebook audiences, but they sign up with Facebook outside the platform.

Moreover, it also supports multiple ad formats including banners, interstitials, and native ads. It allows us to create ads that integrate seamlessly with our platform while also reaching a wider audience around the world. It is very useful for advertisers to stay up to date with the industry.

The convenient layout of the network allows you to reach more people and access your ads with just one click. Adjusting the reach of your ads to suit your audience helps you create different categories of ads.

8. Adcash:


Adcash is a fully transparent self-service DSP that has dominated the pop-under market since 2007. In recent years, they’ve moved to less intrusive ad formats, launching native ads in late 2017. The best local GEOs are France, Germany, and the United States. However, it works with most SSPs, giving you virtually unlimited access worldwide. This network offers a convenient design for targeting people with discreet ads.

The perfect place to start affiliate marketing is Adcash which it allows you to run, manage and analyze all your campaigns in one easy-to-use platform. As the icing on the cake, it allows the platform to connect with its exclusive publishers and consolidate all media buying activity.

This means it’s easier than ever to manage your various traffic sources all in one place. In total, it receives approximately 10 billion ad requests daily across a variety of ad formats including push notifications, native ads, popups, interstitials, and display ads.

9. Outbrain:

out brain

Outbrain highlights compelling content for your website. By adding a link to your website, you can create an interesting display with more interesting promotional material. One of the best native ad networks focused on content discovery.

The company’s popular service, Outbrain Amplify, allows advertisers to promote their content by recommending it on their site. To reach out to particular viewers across their network it provides a self-service platform for advertisers.

The company partners with thousands of publishers and serve 345 billion ad recommendations each month. It can reach about 60 countries all round the world. This setting allows you to better control the delivery of ads that interest you. This Ads network is considered one of the best native advertising platforms and its main partners are BBC, CNN, and Washington Post. Advertisers can be confident that their ads will appear on well-known and high-traffic sites.

10. Polymorph:


By 2022, more than 9 companies around the world will start using Polymorph (which is formerly AdsNative) as their native advertising tool. We offer more support for creating your ads than anywhere else. Polymorph allows you to create ads with a comprehensive API that allows you to weak all the technical attributes of your ads.

Furthermore, for the monetization of their websites the company enables publishers and apps through ads embedded visually within their content. If you need to edit locally on your website without overcomplicating things, the Universal Editor is for you.

Polymorph’s universal reporting capabilities make it easy to see risks. You can create content based on the partners you want to connect with. The SaaS model allows you to schedule when you want your ads to appear. The three main industries that use Polymorph which is formerly known as AdsNative for access management, native advertising; and online advertising.

11. BuySellAds:


BuySellAds is providing its services around for years and it says, “That’s why most ad networks have given up control over their ad space. You can’t approve it, and at worst you’ll only pay what they want to pay, and they don’t disclose it beforehand which is a drawback. The best alternative for this network could be the AdEx network which is beneficial in the sense that it is free of cost and has an open source.

Moreover, to select from a variety of ad formats. You can choose the type of ads you want to run on your site, from fixed-price banner ads to native ads. The platform offers an easy-to-use starter solution and allows you to earn recurring income from the ads served by the platform. They accept sites from all different domains so you can try this platform.

12. Ad Recover:


If your ad revenue is declining due to the increased use of ad blockers, then the best way to save yourself is through a platform known as Ad Recover. This platform allows you to maximize your traffic with ad blockers. This native advertising platform serves visitor-friendly ads and ensures that your ads are not affected by any sort of ad blockers.

Additionally, regular ads will serve as normal and the Ad Recover platform will only use ad blockers to serve ads to your visitors. Easy to implement by just adding a tag. It helps you earn 100% of your traffic. On top of that, it gives you full control over the types of ads and minimizes revenue loss from a security perspective. We strive to find the best combination between users and the user base.

13. AdUp:

AdUp technology

At AdUp, it is believed that online marketing can become even more important. On daily basis, this network builds tools that connect advertisers and publishers and think about what we can redesign and change. The network is primarily focused on the travel industry, but also collaborates with popular German publishers from different industries, such as Spiegel Online, and sport1. Created by German media giant Axel Springer, AdUp gives you priority access to popular inventory.

Moreover, it offers flexible advertising options to monetize your traffic. Serves high-converting ads created on targeted keywords and geographic location. The ads displayed on the page are responsive and relevant to the content, providing a quality user experience without losing interest in reading. The platform allows you to customize your ad units to fit your website perfectly. Ads are responsive, so they look great on any device.

14. Yieldmo:


A mobile advertising platform is Yieldmo for marketers’ ROI, for publishers to minimize revenue, and for users the ad viewing experience. This private mobile marketplace allows marketers to purchase high-quality, banner-free ad inventory on mobile pages and apps from leading publishers in Yieldmo’s easy-to-use, patent-pending ad format. Marketers can buy ads directly from Yieldmo with the help of an agency or through a participating publisher’s sales team. Brands and agencies can target dedicated sites based on context (using data), CPC or demographics, and CPM.

Ad placements typically appear in 100% of a publisher’s mobile inventory, allowing for single-level testing and minimal use of machine learning and analytics. Yieldmo is often considered one of the best mobile advertising partners for advertisers and publishers. Ad layouts created by this network are mostly interactive, placing ads in the appropriate parts of the page, especially for the user’s convenience.

15. Connatix:


Connatix has to offer benefits to those who favor using video marketing. This gives you control over a lot of the content that helps you create. A smart solution for brands to deliver content truly natively across the web and mobile media properties. Content has a similar look and feels to other story items that users can view on the same platform.

Marketplaces allow brands to target relevant audiences while optimizing their budgets for better results. For publishers, Connatix refers to higher revenue from native video ads. Native ad placements are similar to website news feeds, allowing advertisers to display branded content as part of the publisher’s website.

Brands like Lipton, Ford, American Express, and Unilever have adopted programmatic native ad serving technology. Among publishers, Mashable was the first to create a local video syndication platform.

16. Nativo:


Nativo has added additional help for managing content feedback. With Nativo, you can create unique experiences as customers with content designed for specific publishers. Plan Nativo experiences on mobile devices of any size and configuration. The goal is to use technology to reinvent native advertising and deliver content to premium publisher feeds to deliver the most the engaging experiences.

It does this with a unique interactive and immersive ad format that stays prominent as you scroll through the publisher’s content. One of Nativo’s biggest selling points is its cookieless ad serving technology, future-proofing your campaigns in a privacy-centric era.

Even today, Nativo boasts that advertising isn’t the only thing that makes Nativo shine. It also provides an intelligent analysis mechanism called Native IQ. It provides insight into campaign performance and uses standard engagement metrics to evaluate your content versus your competitors’ content.

17. Adsterra:


Adsterra is a globally well-established brand with a solid status acknowledged by many of its affiliates as well as bloggers. Their main target is to help advertisers improve their ROI and to achieve their KPIs. Publishers, meanwhile, can maximize their eCPM with advanced, easy-to-use traffic solutions.

The network offers multiple ad formats such as video, native, and push, as well as a fully customizable social bar, all of which can be tracked, including conversational feeds. Adsterra’s main categories include Utilities, Contests, VPNs, Subscriptions, Dating, Gambling, and much more.

Moreover, the advertisers partnership with Adsterra ensures a smooth workflow for advertisers to choose from a range of solutions, including a personal manager and an intuitive self-service platform with automated onboarding and live chat support I can do it.

They take fraudulent traffic and fraud very seriously. All websites and all campaigns are thoroughly checked using Adsterra’s internal security software, trusted third-party solutions, and human reviews to detect, prevent, and prevent fraud.

18. MoPub:


A Twitter company MoPub with average monthly revenue of $100 million, provides monetization solutions to advertisers, mobile app publishers, and developers worldwide. Joining the Twitter suite offers many benefits, including access to shared resources, advanced infrastructure, data, and privacy.

With this web orchestration solution and the best mobile programmatic media and exchange with years of mobile app advertising expertise, publishers can maximize their ad revenue and improve the experience of users. It offers this service to agencies, marketers, and ATDs through its demand-side platform of over 130 partners.

It provides a calculable, accessible, high-performing opportunity for brands and performance marketers looking to expand their video strategy around a wide range of robust ad formats. This is where mobile video formats come into play.

The in-app video format is full screen, with sound and autoplay, which fits the user experience and is more likely to engage users. In addition to videos, banner ads, native ads, interstitial ads, and this network also offers rewards.

19. Revcontent:


Another high-performance native ad network is Revcontent which has been widely used in the past to promote arbitrage sites and affiliate products. In recent years they have been stricter about their approved offers and advertising campaigns (hint: they hate health/nutrition). It has an excellent publisher on various websites and claims that the minimum traffic a publisher needs to sign up for Revcontent is between 50,000 and 100,000 monthly users.

In addition, it is not clearly stated that this is on their platform, so if you have a well-designed website with good traffic, you can apply it to your network if you’re looking for an alternative to AdSense. When ad serving and campaign planning on Revcontent, always keep in mind that there will always be bot traffic and malicious website publishers trying to manipulate the web.

20. MGID:

Founded in 2008, MGID is an innovative pioneer in award-winning native advertising. The platform helps publishers maintain their audiences and monetize their traffic. Drive brand performance and awareness by connecting your brand to unique audiences with the right content at the right time.

Despite its global presence, it has the largest traffic share in the European region. Advertisers can leverage native video formats to create compelling content or focus entirely on smart widgets that deliver personalized messages throughout an online journey of users.

Data can be analyzed regularly within the platform to optimize campaign activities and track performance. You can also access bidding options here to tailor your CPC for specific placements or targeting options (excluding publishers). The platform is member friendly. While the native ad networks mentioned above have very strict compliance policies, MGID allows you to monetize and promote across a wider range of services.

My Final Words:

I would like to say at the end that choosing the right native advertising platform for your marketing needs requires doing thorough research before signing up for one. If you’re just starting, signing up for a native advertising platform or using different traffic sources with a limited budget can seem like overkill.

A basic advertising platform that meets all your promotional needs, ideal for easily showcasing your work in a variety of formats. Create compelling premium content and add a nice touch to all your promotional needs. Moreover, if you want to, check these platforms in action. These options are suitable for many needs, such as promoting new products or other unique features where you want to highlight your location.

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