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How to Make Money With URL Shorteners in 2024

URL or link shortener can describe How to make money with URL shortener

URL or link shortener can describe as you will deliver the URL of the website to a link shortening service afterward you will get a short URL redirect that sends users to your invited site location. Through URL shortener you can cut down the length of URL link so it won’t occupy more space. You can also rename your URL and modify it to align with branding needs.

Reasons Why You Need URL Shorteners:

  • Mostly URL have random numbers and sign which is difficult to remember but URL shortener is easy to memorize and even share.
  • A short link occupies less space. So you can easily tweet and share in messages.
  • Moreover you can set some factors in a URL shortener to monitor mainmatrics such as place, geography, particular data and different platforms etc
  • It helps you to track the traffic that is coming from a specific link.
  • You can also attach your own custom domain to link shortener as the base for short links. Such as you can use your own branded domain name.
  • URL shortener allow to have statistics about clicks and impressions
  • URL shortener can hide the main URL. You are clinking on the link blindly you don’t know what you will found after clicking on this link that’s why a short link also uses to disguise the target URL.

Key Features To Look For In URL Shortener:

  • Market fully swamped with URL shortener can make you confuse in making right decision, so here are few tips and key features you have to keep in your mind while looking for a URL shortener.
  • URL shortener must have Powerful analytics, so tracking the traffic coming through a particular URL can be possible.
  • Branded domain links: search for URL shortener that provides custom branded domains for more personalized promotion on web pages.
  • Wide-ranging Integration: integration with CRM and other tools will help rebrand and shorten URL proficiently.
  • Domain Managing: look for a tool that helps you to maintain multiple domains such as SSL and 404 etc.
  • Free Plan: if you don’t want to invest your money or you don’t need advanced features, then go for a free account and use a free URL shortener.

Making Money via URL Shortener:

Now you have an idea how to link shortener work, you can earn money each time you click on short link. But keep in mind not all URL shorteners let you make money so we will discuss paid URL shortener.

If you add a promoting cover to a classic shortener, you will get a paid URL shortener. The layer would be added between the targeted page and URL shortener and that’s how money can be earned.

How Does It Work?

  • A user would click on a shortened URL
  • Ad will pop up on the intermediate page and you will earn money.
  • The user would be redirected from the intermediated page to the targeted page.
  • This way of earning money has few benefits
  • It doesn’t consume real estate space of your websites for real estate which is better put to use for enhancing email conversation.

Usually Paid shorteners ads are not of good quality that’s why they are not for everyone. Most websites prefer AdSense due to quality and conversation of ads.
Though Google doesn’t accept every website and some websites are even banned due to their content. That’s why it is preferred to earn money online with a URL shortener.

Here are few high quality shorten affiliate URL Platforms:



it is a custom URL shortening and managing platform located in the U.S.A. it creates recognizable URL shortener very easily. is most suitable for:

  • URL management
  • Customizer branded URL
  • Creating mobile URL
  • Intense analytics.
  • Auto branding
  • Extensive Integration
  • Campaign management

2. Tiny URL:


Another free URL shortener platform that converts long URL into short from. So sharing and tracking would be easy. Tiny URL mostly uses for small businesses free of cost.

  • It provide a cool URL preview to review the final URL shortened to avoid incorrectly redirect.
  • It offers
  • Simple user interface. You just have to click on Make Tiny URL and you will get the URL Shortener
  • Tiny URL offer you three types of URL which include a long URL, short URL, and a Preview URL.

3. URL shortener by Zapier:


one of the best platform to create Automated shorten URL free of cost. It automatically creates the links and saves them and permits have an automated workflow. It also helps to save money on extra text characters. Zapier provides integration with more than 20,000 apps such as to add and google sheet etc. Also, offer

  •  Automated links
  • Extensive Integration
  • Unlimited URLs
  • And free plan


URL shortener can be a great tool to earn money. As we look towards the coming future, there are many possibilities for online sources to make money. Moreover, you can make links to support your brand. Find out Exclusive redirects analytics and run your URL like a pro.

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