15+ Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2024

There are several platforms for programmatic advertising available worldwide. As an advertiser, you’re looking for a dependable, reputable programmatic ad partner. You need a business that understands the business of programmatic technology and can utilise it to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising budget. But who can you rely on?

You may spend weeks compiling information on the greatest Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) available. You may send your smartest employees to research ad networks and B2B programmatic ad suppliers and still come away perplexed. Even though it’s 2021, there is still a lot of ambiguous information available.

How Do Programmatic Ad Platforms Work?

Programmatic ad platforms connect the advertiser who wants to purchase that ad space with the publisher offering that ad space. They enable real-time auctions in which advertisers place bids on each impression, with a cut going to the winning offer and the publisher receiving the balance.

How Much Do Platforms For Programmatic Advertising Cost?

Platforms for programmatic advertising charge a fee for the sale of each impression. This typically ranges from 10% to 20%.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising

According to the dictionary, programmatic advertising is the automated purchase and sale of internet advertising carried out through software rather than through manual contracts or customary human discussions. Simply put, it streamlines the purchase and sale of advertising space on digital platforms.

It also eliminates the necessity for any previous traditional forms of advertising, such as asking estimates, proposals, or tenders. In programmatic advertising, there are two parties: buyers and sellers. The buyers are advertisers trying to acquire online ad space, while the sellers are website owners or publishers seeking to sell their digital ad space. Through computerized auctions, these buyers and sellers enter the market to acquire or sell digital advertising space.

The use of programmatic advertising in this situation greatly speeds up the process of purchasing and selling ad space (s). It connects buyers and sellers through software, employs algorithmic algorithms to quickly sell and position digital ad impressions, and elevates the entire process of buying and selling ad space to a whole new level.

The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

It has significantly improved, made more sense, and increased transparency in the process of purchasing and selling ad slots. Before the advent of programmatic advertising, buyers and sellers had to manually discover advertising space, appropriate opportunities, and draft contracts.

Purchasing and selling an ad spot required a lot of time in the past. But with the advent of programmatic advertising, the reliance on manual labor is completely abolished, and the entire process of showing ads on the web now incorporates more software and automation.

These justifications are sufficient for companies to devote time and resources to programmatic advertising. The use of programmatic advertising in digital display marketing was quite prevalent in the United States last year. Programmatic ad expenditure is expected to expand at a faster rate this year, according to analysts. It has grown and changed significantly, and it will continue to advance. 

There are several options offered by programmatic marketing that would not have been feasible if ad placement and display were still done by hand. It not only offers the chance to quickly acquire and sell advertising space, but it can also recognize and appeal to specific targets by determining where and when the audience is most likely to engage online.

Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2024:

Some excellent news is here! To assist you in choosing the right Programmatic Advertising Platform for your company in 2023 and 2024, we have taken an effort to assess each one for you. These are them!

If  you would want to jump to a certain one, the list is as follows:

  1. Kedet  
  2. Amobee 
  3. Digilant 
  4. Disruptive Advertising 
  5. Fyber  
  6. Choozle 
  7. IgnitionOne 
  8. Sizmek 
  9. Tubemogul 
  10. Google Marketing Platform 
  11. Appnexus Console 
  12. Simpli.fi
  13. PubMatic
  14. TubeMogul
  15. Sovrn

1. Kedet:


Kedet, our mascot and ad tech platform , was entirely created from scratch! It connects your business to the world of highly effective programmatic advertisements and open ad tech practises using artificial intelligence.

For a more intelligent programmatic solution, you may easily access a huge variety of Demand Side Platforms, vendors, and ad networks through the omnichannel platform. Based on previous research, rivals, and comparative data, it is purposefully designed  platform and agency to surpass marketers’ expectations.

The capacity for hyper-targeting and cross-channel attribution is what sets it apart from the competition. one can anticipate performance-driven campaigns with a fantastic Return on Ad Spend using our time-tested technique, SCORE (ROAS).For superb managed programmatic ad services, look no further.In addition, we provide a self-serve alternative.Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety associated with digital advertising.

2. Amobee:


Amobee is a separate advertising platform that, like us, emphasises omnichannel reach.A DSP that enables their clients to run cross-channel programmatic campaigns is one of their products. It is praised for its rich feature set and thorough ad tracking capabilities.

The only complaint we can find online about this company, which is most known for its programmatic display advertising solutions, is that retargeting should be improved. By engaging your audiences across various media, go beyond traditional demand-side platforms (DSPs). By maximising your reach and frequency across TV and internet, provide compelling messages that stimulate purchases.

3. Digilant:


Customers of  Digilant have the option of using their omnichannel agency solutions or launching independent campaigns on their platform. As an agency, they assist customers in managing their own digital campaigns using the MediaMath platform. When you require an agency to train your staff on how to manage partially or completely autonomous programmatic campaigns online, this brand is helpful.

Delivering significant outcomes in the competition for consumer attention requires more than just technology and data. Digilant provides products and services that unearth original insights and produce targeted, pertinent suggestions. Our method yields useful information on a marketer’s top clients and prospects.

The only programmatic media purchasing company is us.a business partner who provides a comprehensive understanding of the media planning process, including service, insights, and relevance.Digilant is a privately held, independent business with global operations. The firm has offices in Bogota, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Madrid, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo in addition to its headquarters in Boston.

4. Disruptive Advertising:


Disruptive Advertising focuses on PPC advertisements, display ads, Facebook ads, and programmatic video advertising when it comes to programmatic advertising platforms. 

They have hundreds of published successful case studies from their customer base and are renowned for their transparent business procedures and attractive dashboards. The people at Disruptive are dedicated about creating enduring connections based on the success of your marketing and business.

They discovered that, on average, more than 76% of digital marketing funds are lost after evaluating the digital marketing tactics of more than 3,000 businesses. Here are some details to assist you see that we are competent in what we do: 1000+ favourable evaluations . Over 50 national & local awards proving our supremacy in the sector; manage $200M in ad expenditure yearly.

5. Fyber:


You may monetise app advertisements with the aid of Fyber, a programmatic ad business with a mobile specialisation. 

Their platform contains unique technology and was built when 4 ad tech businesses united. They now provide full programmatic management solutions, real-time bidding, video advertising, and mediation. Fyber has distinguished themselves as one of our top monetization partners and has shown to be a strong fit for Musi.

They were able to assist us achieve our objective of moving beyond a performance-focused ad strategy and bringing in brand dollars so that we could surpass our revenue targets.

6. Choozle:


With a well-known set of digital advertising tools, Choozle reaches the list. Choozle makes it simple to run programmatic advertising campaigns across more than 40 ad networks and exchanges. Utilize Choozle’s inventory to expand your reach and run data-driven advertising campaigns across video, mobile, display, and other platforms.

Their programmatic covers a wide range of mediums, including mobile, display, and video. They are well recognised as a beginner DSP platform with limited data insights and for their excellent training materials. Access to 2 million impressions per second across 1 million publications and websites.Run mobile, display, video, and other advertising concurrently in one campaign.

7. IgnitionOne:

ignition one

It is worthwhile to look at programmatic advertising providers like IgnitionOne that have good consumer intelligence. Customers can receive limited omnichannel targeting and personalisation from them. 

The suite has received feedback that it is not the most user-friendly platform and that it is also reasonably priced. It’s still among the best systems available for consumer insights.

IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite offers a wide range of services, including website personalisation, programmatic display, and search. This mobile advertising network, which today has over 17 offices spread across ten nations, is well-known in its field.

8. Sizmek:

sizmek ad suit

A worldwide, multichannel ad server called Sizmek Ad Suite is used to design, distribute, personalise, track, and improve campaigns across several displays. It provides a range of creative writing choices, simplified campaign management tools, sophisticated dynamic creative optimization capabilities, and measurement that has been approved by the Media Rating Council.

Sizmek is now a startup to watch after being recently bought by Amazon Advertising in 2019. As a platform for programmatic ad management, they provide various useful capabilities for customers. 

Their multi-screen capabilities are fantastic, and they offer a superb DCO (dynamic creative optimization) for programmatic creative, for larger firms. They are one of the first digital advertising companies on the market. Sizmek Ad Suite allows clients creative freedom so they can engage consumers with pertinent, powerful advertisements while centralising cross-channel data for campaign optimization.

9. Tubemogul:


The advertising cloud that integrates and automates all of your digital video advertising tasks is called Tubemogul by Adobe. Their main concern is tailoring the customer’s experience with the advertisement. 

The platform makes it simple to carry out campaigns across many platforms and displays, making it an excellent choice for video programmatic advertising. Users complain about a sluggish user interface, which is typical of Adobe product lines.

The Open Video View (OpenVV) consortium was established in May 2013 by TubeMogul and a number of other advertising technology providers to aid in the adoption of a viewability standard for online video advertising.

OpenVV is open-source software that gives advertisers proof that their ads were really viewed by people as well as explanations for why they weren’t. The programme was started by TubeMogul, BrightRoll, Innovid, SpotXChange, and LiveRail; current participants include Nielsen, comScore, TrustE, and VivaKi.

10. Google Marketing Platform:

google marketing plateform

The Google Marketing Platform* is an integrated ad-technology platform that gives advertisers and agencies the ability to more successfully plan, execute, and build successful digital marketing campaigns. Google Marketing Platform incorporates top-notch solutions to assist purchasers in managing comprehensive campaigns across many platforms.

In terms of usability and effect, Google is still well ahead of other digital advertising platforms. Although a little awkward, it works particularly well for programmatic search advertising. 

Most people agree that there are superior solutions for an overall DSP. Rich media advertising production, management, and reporting are all handled by the Google Marketing Platform Rich Media system. Google Marketing Platform Rich Media makes it simple to design creative and effective web campaigns that make the most of video and interaction from beginning to end.

11. Appnexus Console:

Appnexus Console

Publishers may sell their inventory programmatically using the Appnexus DSP (Demand Side Platform), also known as the AppNexus Programmable Platform, and the Appnexus SSP (Supply Side Platform).

With its headquarters in New York City and more than 20 locations worldwide, including those in San Francisco, Toronto, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo, Appnexus was established in 2007 by CEO Brian O’Kelly. 

In 2018, AT&T purchased Appnexus, which is now a part of Xandr.The biggest independent programmatic marketplace in the world is run by AppNexus, where daily transactions take place between 90% of addressable comScore 200 publishers and 100% of Ad Age 100 advertisers.

AppNexus, one of the more complicated digital advertising markets available, functions best if you have a dedicated analytics team on staff. The self-service solutions will appeal to both small and large customers. Users generally agree that this firm works best if you are familiar with programming, but it is a reliable DSP for experienced users.

12. Simpli.fi:


Simpli.fi is a top-rated localised programmable platform that is also available in several other languages. It enables marketers to purchase ad inventory across many ad exchanges with real-time bidding. Advertisers have access to mobile, TV, social, direct mail, display, and video channels with an all-encompassing omnichannel campaign. 

Advertisers may filter their audiences depending on the device or OS they use, their browser, their location, etc., as well as import their CRM data for improved audience targeting. With its all-in-one software capabilities, Simpli.fi significantly streamlines the process of purchasing and selling digital advertising space.

13. PubMatic:


Brands and publishers alike can use PubMatic’s products. Through its real-time analytics capability, it enables marketers to optimise their advertising campaigns. There is a premium ad inventory available to marketers through a private marketplace. With the use of PubMatic’s real-time bidding advertising technology, publishers may get the maximum yield per impression.

Advertisers also have access to a media buyer interface on this platform, which is very helpful for organising and administering programmatic direct campaigns across various ad formats, desktops, and mobile devices. Additionally, PubMatic offers a fraud-free service that, in the event that the programme identifies ad fraud, returns a credit amount.

14. TubeMogul:


Brands and agencies can organise, manage, and optimise their advertising campaigns with the help of TubeMogul’s programmatic advertising platform. Through real-time bidding (RTB), TubeMogul provides companies with access to premium ad inventory. Additionally, brands may upload their programmatic or direct deal reserves inventory into the app.

Through the platform, you may run advertising for desktop video, mobile video, linked TV, display, native, and digital out-of-home (DOOH). The inventory may be accessed via TubeMogul’s programmatic TV buying technology, which is often not possible through conventional media buying.In February 2016, TubeMogul introduced the Non-Human Traffic Credit Program, which pays advertisers for fraudulent traffic.

15. Sovrn:


As an SSP, Sovrn provides waterfall advertising, header bidding, and server-to-server bidding. They provide a variety of different technologies in addition to monetization, such as Signal, which analyses user interaction with your website to determine when to deliver always-viewable adverts.


When used wisely, programmatic platforms are a true game-changer in helping advertisers to reach target audiences and publishers to maximise digital revenue, all while providing greater transparency and efficiency. There are many great DSPs, SSPs, Ad Exchanges, and DMPs out there.

By matching their strengths and weaknesses against your goals, you can determine which tool is worth testing. Platforms for programmatic advertising are crucial tools in contemporary advertising. They build a connection between vendors and publishers, enabling instantaneous pricing negotiations for advertisements.

These platforms let marketers target specific demographics and make sure their advertising expenditures are being used on the appropriate advertisements by gathering data from tens of thousands of websites. Working with a strong programmatic ads platform is a terrific approach to future-proof your business and keeping on top of the ever-changing landscape of online advertising.

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